Dietitian Reviews Old What I Eat in a Day Wedding Diet

hey everyone I'm a teacher welcome to Abby's kitchen today we're gonna do things a little bit differently in my what I eat in a day youtuber review and I'm going to review myself yes this was actually something that a lot of people have requested and I thought it was a really good idea actually because I definitely have changed the way I eat since then so this video was taken right before I was gonna get married it's essentially my pre-wedding diet so to speak and I think it's really funny now looking back three years later because things have definitely changed so let's take a look it's just a little bit stressed but this is a good stress reliever so there is no skipping workouts at this point in the game and and again I get you gotta get going so I'm gonna go make a little coffee after this brush my teeth and so first of all music hasn't changed in three years haha maybe we should do something about that but the coffee definitely has I cold brew nothing really to see here it's just coffee almond milk whatever I don't really love cold brew any more I find it upsets my stomach so I'm more of an espresso girl now but I guess it was working for me then and it was really easy for me to kind of grab and go and take to the gym I remember when I liked spinning things have definitely changed so I'll catch you and I'm really hot ready hey guys so I just got out of my spin class this is what a badass work it looks like really red really sweaty I'm exhausted but I feel great and I'm so ready for a little post-workout snack so come back to my kitchen and I'm gonna show you what a good eat so I I'm not like I don't think I can smoothies I honestly haven't made a smoothie of protein powder in a really really long time I actually cut out any protein powders and artificial sweeteners or things that have artificial sweeteners in them when I got pregnant a few years ago just because they're not really well regulated so a lot of the times doctors and experts don't recommend them for women who are pregnant and since then I honestly just kind of like guess I forgot about the protein powder in my pantry it's just been kind of like sitting there for a really long time probably should get rid of that but I just haven't really felt the need to use it I've just kind of been focusing on Whole Foods and whole sources of protein like eggs and and yogurt and and and other things like that having said that I do really like sour cherries after workout there was a reason for that research has found that sour cherries can help with muscle soreness after a really good workout and I like sour things so anytime I see sour cherries in the freezer aisle at the grocery store I do try to pick them up they are delicious but yeah just not really like into the smoothie thing right now also I mean one thing I will say about the smoothie is it's so fast and convenient and a great thing to just kind of grab and go after the workout I was really paying attention to my pre and post workout nutrition when I was about to get married and it definitely does help to have a source of protein pair with a source of carbohydrates about 30 minutes after your workout you want to aim for that 20 to 30 gram protein mark that's the kind of ideal scenario because that's going to help elissa an insulin response which will drive the protein into the muscles to get them refueled after that hard workout so that is why I think smoothies are really popular after a workout it's just something that you can have that's really easy and accessible that you can quickly get into your system but I guess I just kind of got bored of them [Applause] so I know that looks like really really weird but I think I learned it from my trainer and I've seen lots of people at the gym do this basically just like a really efficient way to bulk up your oats and adding in some protein so you kind of get that that protein combination with the carbohydrates but I've since figured out a way better way to do this rather than cooking them separately and then adding them together which is a little bit strange and also dirties to pots or pans I make something that we call pros and I've got a whole video in my on my channel for protes and I also have some my favorite prout combinations right here in my book the mindful Glo cookbook but basically what I do is I wit the egg whites until they get really really fluffy almost like a meringue and then I whip them into the oats so that you end up with this like really light airy fluffy bowl of oatmeal that's packed with protein now I have nothing against egg yolks I love egg yolks and I actually save them and nowadays what I do is I I cook them in my son loves egg yolks I also am a big fan of a runny yolk but they don't really work in this kind of recipe because they make them too savory and they don't give it that kind of Airy fluffy feel the same way we wouldn't add egg yolks to like a meringue so it's just kind of a recipe thing but I'm definitely all 4 egg yolks do not waste your egg yolks and now I eat a lot of eggs from my hubby's farm so we have the best eggs and the best beautiful orange yolks now I actually still do make protes sometimes but I usually add some hemp arts or some nut butter in there for some healthy fats just to bulk it up a little bit more and make it a little bit more satiating so I just finished up my weight training session with my trainer I try to see him about three times a week on the same days that I do my spinning on my cardio so I'm not doubling up on the weights and I'm starving right now so I'm gonna go make myself a little something further I love that I was able to workout twice in one day who has time for that definitely not a woman who has a child that's for sure but that was the joys of having very few responsibilities in my life I guess but yeah I try to work out most days now at least kind of get in some activity whether it's going for a walk with my son or going to the gym or kind of doing some some time on the treadmill or whatever but just I do feel so much better when I move but I definitely do not have time to go to a spin class in the morning and then do another workout midday not happening anymore [Applause] [Applause] I have like a mountain of vegetables I'm gonna totally make fun of myself right now because that's a lot of vegetables I don't know how I fit that many vegetables in my belly honestly and today I still eat a lot of vegetables I'm a big fan of getting near five to ten a day at ladies and gentleman but if I were to kind of redo that meal I probably would cut back on the amount of vegetables or like split that into two meals maybe and then pair it with some kind of you know whole grain like like a quinoa or brown rice or whole grain noodles or a starched like sweet potato I think I would feel so much more satisfied and not feel the need to enjoy this like huge huge huge portion vegetables it's like like a platter that should be for a family that I consumed all on my own so that also I'm impressed that I like made like cooked myself a lunch meal I know I was like big on that back in the day before about the hood but now of course I usually just like pick up a salad or have leftovers or for recipe testing that day I'll just like eat whatever we've made so there really isn't such strategy and planning going into my lunches necessarily which is for better or worse but yeah I just realistically don't have time for that anymore to set up for another one so this is all the time I need a quick little bit of energy a nice little snack to get me through the next few few recipes so I'm going to get to that right now [Applause] [Applause] again tans have been a change in folks I like never eat low-fat or fat-free yogurt anymore even Greek yogurt which is really high in protein which I love just I find the full fat yogurt so much more satiating and it's not as sour so you don't need to add the kind of sweetness from like fruit yogurt or sugar or anything like that I also like totally forgot about that high protein cereal I think a brand sent that to me is this like most of the random things that I end up eating so yeah that was probably just like something I had randomly that day it's definitely not like a regular part of my diet and I haven't even seen that in the past like few years but if I were to like have a snack like that today I probably would have like full fat plain Greek yogurt for the protein and the fats some berries on top a little crushed nuts or hemp hearts or some kind of seeds action and that would just be so much more satisfying I also I love cereal love cereal any kind of cereal but yeah I'll occasionally have like a bowl of just straight-up cereal with my son for breakfast sometimes yeah we're just cleaning everything up and getting all the food put away but I need a little quick something something to get me through the rest of this cleanup so I'm gonna go make myself a quick little snack I that's really unflattering shot right there of the the celery fibers shooting out of my mouth but in all honesty still up on and better still love putting it on everything in my oats and on my toast and vegetables whatever and celery is great – it's great crunchy little snack do I want to pay $20 for an overpriced glass of celery juice no I would way rather to my food and it's a great vessel for those healthy fats fiber and protein that is found in not better so can't complain about that so I'm gonna make my little meal here and I'll see you soon [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so that like zucchini little Bolognese situation seems like something like super lazy that I would probably would do today and if you're gonna make zucchini noodles you've got to really do it my way I've got a whole video on how to nail this and master this right here but yeah I still don't eat like a lot of carbs at dinnertime usually it's not a hard and fast rule sometimes I have like just a big bowl of pasta nothing else or a big pizza nothing else because sometimes that's what I feel like but I just noticed from a sleep perspective and a digestion perspective that I feel my best eating more fats and protein at bedtime and having more carbs earlier on in the day when I'm buzzing about or working out or whatever but yeah sometimes I listen to those signals and and my body's telling me and sometimes I'm like that pizza looks awesome I'm just gonna have that and that is totally okay too so whether or not I like listen really intently I don't judge myself for those food choices I don't make a fuss over it I just kind of put that to bed and I move on eat quick snack and I'll get it really enjoy I like totally forgot about baby bells baby bells are the best and I'm gonna definitely go out this week and buy baby bells because I think baby II would love them so that's going on my shopping list hey guys so I'm just getting ready to finish up my last snack of the night this is a little cottage cheese with tons of almonds on top as we toasted coconut such a great snack it is loaded with TC yes I'm gonna finish what a be over there had to say yeah gosh uses a great before us bad snack I totally kind of forgot about it but it's because it's loaded with that casein protein which is a slow digesting protein so it keeps you full and satisfied all night and you don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night which I hate so yeah I got for a lap back in rotation it's a good snack having said that nowadays usually smite time snack I go for something a little more fun like an ice cream bar or like a homemade muffin or popcorn I love popcorn I'm kind of obsessed with popcorn right now it's probably my my favorite snack so if there's popcorn in the house and there is right now I'm probably having popcorn as a bedtime snack but you know cause she's is great I can't criticize myself for that so good choice Abbi mmm love it alrighty folks well let's bring up the macro something that I definitely don't look at it anymore but I'm gonna gonna pull these up for you guys so I calculated that I can seat about 2300 calories the carbohydrates is about 33 percent fat at 37 and protein at 35 percent that was my daily calories okay so that's like a normal amount of calories for someone who's who's being active as I was two times a day working out some days and from a macronutrient distribution I'd say that constitutes like a low carb higher protein high fat diet definitely way less carbs than what I consume today I would say and so even though I was you know I had a goal for my wedding and I was eating in a way that made me feel great I definitely think I was being tempted wellness and Diet culture in a way that was not good for my mental well-being diets don't necessarily need to be about weight loss they don't need to be making you feel hungry to be problematic and even though I wasn't going hungry I was probably very satisfied and very full I was eating a lot of food as you can see that restrictive mindset is not healthy because it's just not intuitive it's not about trusting our body so yeah that was three years ago and I've definitely come a long way in my relationship with food definitely enough to know and recognize this kind of clean eating movement as just another alias for diet and the fact that you don't need to be going hungry to be dieting in a sense to me to be succumbing to diet culture and that's ultimately what this was about you know following meal plans weather or you know following a specific way of eating whether that's veganism or keto or you know paleo or whatever you might feel like you're eating enough food but it's just simply not necessarily intuitive when you're having to constantly think through every single thing you put in your mouth so I I definitely see that now as you know someone who's come a really long way in this journey and not like that's not an overnight fix that's not like a like a 30-day program that's something you need to commit to in your life every single day but I I would really you know urge people to try to to try to find it within themselves to just love themselves unconditionally however they may be you know I have a lot of empathy and understanding for myself back then three years ago as I was about to walk down the island for so many other women out there who are about to take that step because there's so much pressure on us women to look a certain way on this very special day its position as the most important day of your life there's a million photos that are we going to be taken of you you're going to be scrutinized as you walk down that aisle by every single person that you know not only at your wedding but also has access to photos and video content alive stream online so yeah I think that that is definitely part of the problem beauty standards in general but also specific to women and definitely specific to the cone kind of wedding experience and wedding culture I definitely was susceptible to kind of pulled into that whole world and that promise and you know wedding magazines and and wedding websites the whole industry is totally but if I were to go back today and redo it all and and to kind of give myself advice I would say Abbi you know choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful exactly how you are where you don't need to worry about if you ate something that's a little makes you a little bit bloated or if you get your period before the wedding and you don't feel like a hundred percent or you know just just choose something that you're going to feel like a superstar in no matter your shape or size and yeah that would be my recommendation to other women as well basically where I'm at now where my body is not like where like I'm not like I don't feel super comfortable like this is the body that I that I I don't know how to describe it but like I don't look in the mirror every day and say oh my god I have a rock and body and especially now that like I've gone through pregnancy I've gone through breastfeeding I've gone through a ton of hormones but like I wholeheartedly and like I'm not really happy with where I am at and that's like that's enough for me okay so let's talk about what I like about this video number one is lots of good variety I don't cut out any specific food groups I've got dairy I've got protein I've got you know your your brains in there I've got fruits and vegetables all the things are represented okay number two these recipes are pretty accessible I mean all these recipes are basically like throw it in the pan and just like make something happen which is really how I like to cook nowadays as well it's just so easy and simple and with the exception of course of the protein powder which i think is mostly like a lot of people can find protein powder now but I don't even use that really anymore all the ingredients are things that you probably already have in your fridge Pantry a basic grocery store you don't need to go to any fancy health food stores to get the that I put on my plate that's for sure and finally lots of antioxidants and fiber I got in tons of veggies and fruit without going overboard on the fruit which we see a lot of here on YouTube so that's great so based on the chronometer and my analysis of micros I was getting a little bit too much calcium and also too much fiber like 52 grams not the end of the world but if you're chronically getting a ton of fiber it can cause digestive distress so something to keep in mind and because I was eating so many fruits and vegetables I was definitely getting adequate amounts of vitamins A C and folate my vitamin D was apparently a little bit low that day however most people are not getting enough vitamin D from food alone and and that's totally normal and that's why I always recommend people take a vitamin D supplement which I definitely was that I didn't mention it in the video so that Audi bad bad bad ABI and it's you know I just think it's really important that us youtubers call out when we're taking supplements and what elements were taking just so that we're being transparent in everyone can get kind of a full picture so I'm telling you now because I that went up three years ago okay so now let's talk about the things that I don't like so much and definitely things that have changed since then number one as we've already talked about the restrictive nature of my pre-wedding diet I definitely think there was kind of this overwhelming diet culture radiating through the video even though I wasn't on a quote/unquote weight loss diet it was still a restrictive non intuitive way of eating that I've really really tried to shed since then number two so many vegetables again love vegetables don't want people to think that the dietitian is saying don't eat your vegetables eat your vegetables but I would say that there's just so much fiber and and veggies going on here I already talked about clearly I was consuming a lot of fiber an excess of fiber and so many vegetables can of course cause digestive distress even if they're cooked so it's good that both of them were we're not raw but I think if I were to just kind of cut back on that and add some kind of whole-grain like quinoa or brown rice or or whole-grain pasta I would have felt so much more satisfied and not need to consume an entire farmers market of veggies so one thing I like to do now for example with nine zucchini noodles is I do have Cikini noodles and half whole-grain pasta so I'm getting the satisfying element and also the fiber from the and the antioxidants from the veggies but I'm not overdoing it next I definitely eat more plant-based protein now I don't haven't cut out animal products that's for sure I usually have at least one meal or snack a day with like eggs chicken or fish but nowadays I definitely try to incorporate more beans and lentils and legumes into my day sometimes I kind of do a little bit of both so I do a much smaller portion of my animal protein supplemented by you know beans or pulses or legumes and that also helps to cut back on cost as well I call it condom meat so you guys can steal that for me and use it condom me like condiment the meat should be a condiment like a just on the side really guys condom meat like condiment like a like a ketchup okay we'll just cut the condom and finally I batch prep a lot more I don't have time to make myself a beautiful meal for one in the middle of the day I barely have more than 20 minutes to put together a meal while my kid is begging to be picked up without him throwing all the contents of the Tupperware container drawer onto the floor literally that happens every single night so nowadays I do a lot of batch prepping on the weekend I use my slow cooker my inst pot I make freezer meals and then I kind of just like assemble the components during the week so I make a lot of stir fries and and it's just so much easier and when it's not easy for me I'm really lucky that I have the privilege that I just kind of will order something and I her eats it because for me it's just so much more important that we sit down as a family that is that I'm worrying about how many grams of fiber is in my dinner so that's kind of how I roll I just don't really worry too much about it I try my best to put a balanced meal on the table as many nights a week as I can and sometimes it's just a hodgepodge and that's okay too so guys I think that means I'm gonna have to do another what I eat in a day video at some point and the reality is with my Whataya dates is that every day is gonna be so different it's not gonna be a very good indicator of my diet because there is no really such thing but I'm probably gonna have to do it anyway at some point so until then I would love to know aside from me who do you want B to review what diets out there are interesting to you that you're seeing on YouTube that you'd like to see a dieticians perspective on I'd love to hear your comments leave me one below give this video the big thumbs up subscribe to the channel and share with your friends and I will see you next time on Abby's kitchen bye

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