Digital Wellbeing: Unplug more often

[ Music playing ] One of the last things I do before bed? [ Sighs ]
Check my phone. Watch some videos from my favorite channel. Usually I check the weather. “Okay Google” [ laughs ] I’ll read a book. I really want to say that I read, ’cause I tried it, but— The ratio of wasting time increases I think, when I’m tired. If I happen to like, hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand, that’s going to keep me up, I’m going to have to check whatever just popped up on my phone. I’m on my phone pretty much for an hour before I go to sleep [ laughs ] every night. [ Background noise ] When people are using technology right before bed, they want to keep using it. It’s activating their mind, rather than shutting down their mind, and allowing them to unwind. And what’s often happening is patients are not able to unplug, and so there isn’t kind of a natural stop time, unless we put those parameters down. So we actually can use digital technology to nudge people or remind them to do things that they want to do, that are related to their personal goals, and you can do that with sleep as well. It really should be this idea of digital mindfulness. What meaning are we getting out of our usage? Is our technology enabling us to achieve our self goals, or is our technology distracting us, and taking away from us? It’s really just about how do you balance all the different activities in your life in a way that’s meaningful to you, and that feels good to you.

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