Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

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  1. Thank you Chris, all your workouts (even they may look simple) always works for me tho it hurts AF at first… it doesnt take too long to see simple results, better than I did on gym..

  2. 1. Low plank to high plank – 45 secs
    2. Burpies – 20 no. (@1:47)
    3. Side plank – 25 each side (@3:01)
    4. Explosive push up – 25 no. (@4:50)
    5. Mountain climbers – 45 secs (@6:08)
    6. Leg fluttered – 45 secs (@7:15)
    7. The boat hold – max out (@8:06) |

  3. I've got an anterior pelvic tilt that I know can be bad for gymming and should probably be focused on first when getting into shape – but should it though? I want to lose body fat but idk if I should I focus on doing exercises like these to lose that body fat first? Or should I first focus on fixing the anterior pelvic tilt first? Would be cool to get some advice

  4. I'm kinda scared to do this because I don't want to start doing exercises and then my mom is like, "Wow you FINALLY start exercising." I just don't want to be shamed for my lifestyle and shape

  5. Did this nigga just say four rounds? Here I was knowing that I was gonna die just attempting to complete the routine once. Lol. Sir I'm a big dude. I'm a try it once and if I survive. Move from there lol.

  6. Could you make a video showing how to build muscle at home with out equipment please it would be really appreciated as I’ve stated at a gym but I want to do more at home too but I don’t have equipment at home

  7. Man thank you for this man I'm going to try this out. Ever since my kids were born its been hard to go to the gym so I've been looking for another way to workout.

  8. Even he seems tired after doing all of those exercises, now I’m terrified to even think how I will turn out if I did those..

  9. Dopey myth: "Dieting is 80% of bodybuilding". I hate when stupid exaggerations and obvious nonsense like that is pushed and puked like Gospel. It's more like 50-50, or actually 60-40 (pumping iron being the 60%). Proof is that YOU CAN EAT PERFECTLY EVERY SINGLE DAY AND IF YOU NEVER LIFT ONE SINGLE WEIGHT YOU STILL WILL NEVER HAVE MUSCULARITY, BULK, MASS, OR BUFF, AT ALL. But if you eat SO SO every day, BUT WEIGHT-LIFT NICELY EVERY SINGLE DAY OR EVERY OTHER DAY, PUMPING IRON, CABLE FLEXING, CRUNCHES, CURLS, AND PRESSES, with heavy poundage, and good form, you'll have lots of muscularity, mass, and a chiseled toned buff body. This "80-20" (food diet being "80") is HORSE SHIT ON ITS VERY FACE. (Even if it's said constantly by lying misguided silly propagandist or self-deluded body-builders.)

  10. im currently done with round 1 at 5.45am in the morning. I can tell it woke me up for good but its also hard as frick!!!!

  11. Hey Chris. Big fan of your program. I have the THENX app and I absolutely love it. I've always wanted to see how you would do with the current 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test. The test includes max push-ups in 2 minutes, max sit-ups in 2 minutes, and a 2-mile run as fast as you can. The scores are based off of your age. Again, I think it would be pretty cool to see you smash this test.

  12. I've been sipping on my can of Coke did about 12 burpees while watching the burpee segment, I'm going to be ripped! Remember when you drink your can of Coke breath in through the nose out through the mouth.

  13. Look at me with no shirt I’m cool I’d like to see him shoveling hot blacktop in 95 degrees I’ve seen his type drop in the real world of hard labor LMAO!

  14. Hey Chris if follow this routine to get shredded but I still eat pizza and some other delicacies I will see results still?👍

  15. 1. Low plank to high plank – 45 secs (0:39)

    2. Burpies – 20 no. (1:47)

    3. Side plank – 25 each side (3:01)

    4. Explosive push up – 25 no. (4:50)

    5. Mountain climbers – 45 secs (6:08)

    6. Leg fluttered – 45 secs (7:15)

    7. The boat hold – max out (8:06)

  16. I'm gunna start doing this everyday after with 2 days off a week. I work over night shifts so I get home in the morning then sleep till late afternoon. @Pranav Kulkarni inspired me to document my progress and I would like to update you guys just as he did. I was a skinny child, growing up I got chubby when I lived in the states. I went on being skinny again for a year or so because I wasnt eating much. Then I got chubby again lool, starting playing sports. Basketball helped me lose weight and football helped me shaped my body. Then I got into weights I never wanted to be a big guy but that's how I ended up being. I just want to get lean and cut.. I look bulky right now at 262lbs. I was at my best after highschool in 2015 at 195lbs slim. Let's get this work together guys! I started eating better lately and I stopped going to the gym months ago so now im focusing on body weight exercises/ home workouts. I always wanted to post and document my progress over the years but I always gave up but this time around if ppl want to follow my progress let me know and I'll make daily videos during and after this workout. And show what I'm eating during work (I'm a Security guard)

  17. I wish someone could upload the video doing all 4 sets without a rest….just want to know how low ones BMI should be to effectively do all 4 sets without rest….its seems nearly impossible..and I am not kidding.

  18. Did only 2 sets with 30 seconds rest in between exercises…finished with regular planks….he is insane….but I will try my best to do all 4 sets without rest after 30 days or maybe 40…wish me luck…by BMI is 31 ..damn this fat.

  19. I've read through these comments and I feel inspired! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 22, black, and 6'1. I'm 192lbs and I'm looking to lose fat in my stomach since I've started getting a belly. I just started intermittent fasting where i only eat from 11am – 6 pm and i eat 2 meals one high in proteins and vegetables and at least one consisting of grains and fruits, it varies but i'm trying to get the proper nutrients, not just lose weight. So I'm going to start doing this exercise every morning, gonna have to wake up early like 5am after break ends since i teach, since I'm doing this about 12hours after my last meal i'll be in the faste state so I'm hoping my body burns it's fat. I'm gonna stick with this routine for 60 days and see where I'm at. Please give me your support!! I'll update with my progress

  20. this is pretty much all core, you will get a great abdomen from this, but the rest of your body will be just alright

  21. this is only good for thin or already somewhat fit people. if ur overweight and or have a percentage of body fat do not do this. eat right. lift weights

  22. Yikes, haven't been able to do one full round without "stopping", I'm taking small brakes in between because i can't go on more.
    Although my body contracts like hell after one full round, day 2 passed, and going to try to do it every morning.
    Crazy workout, but probably gonna be worth it.

  23. yeah, right, without a little warmup , there's no chance I could do this straight out of bed in the morning……….

  24. I have a week doing it! First doing 1 round was hard! Now I handle it well! And do once round in the morning and second in the evening! Next week I'll start doing two rounds in a row! 🔥

  25. What are you?! One Punch Man?! 4 tunes, I died after round two. I might still be dead. I hurt so bad I started cussing in multiple languages just to reconfirm to myself how miserable I am. Do I take any breaks between rounds? You know, other than likely being dead still. I'm lying on the floor, just wondering what it will feel like once I can do this routine without dying. I heard you can literally fly for about 1 minute, is that true? Okay, I'm either gonna finish this or die trying… Die More? What evs.

  26. OMG GUYS!! I just did the exercise 4 times! I took about a 20-25 minute break after I finished every time. Man it feels GREAT when you finally finish it!! 😃😃😃

  27. I'm 55 but I know I can do this all I have to do is do a little each day and I will be at your level.
    I know this work out will work for me.

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