100 thoughts on “Does Science Support the Carnivore Diet?

  1. Paul is my hero! Calmly asking for a chance to defend himself while everyone is yelling and attacking him. I guess we know by now how hormonal unstable these uneducated doctors are not on a carnivore diet lol

  2. This is thee worst Doctors episode I have EVER watched. Worst. Horrible way to treat a guess. Not open minded at all. They all just freaking lost their minds. Why even have this guess on if you were all just going to yell at him.

  3. I saw only one Doctor acting professionally and a bunch of other's attacking him and trying to discredit him b/c of his dietary beliefs. Yet there are tons of examples of people doing this for prolonged periods of time and healthy as can be….

  4. These doctors and lawyer are using the appeal to emotion fallacy. Their inability to remain calm and respectful by being loud, interruptive, and cunty is to hide their ignorance and disdain for something that is working for a growing number of people against diseases they as doctors with what they do know can’t fix. It’s impotence of their own mind and an education that has failed them to conclude this on their own that makes them so angry. They are being proven as idiots and they know it and their narcissism can’t stand it.

  5. I went carnivore. It kicks ass. The crazy lady needs to eat more steak baby. The doctors can keep murdering their patients. I don't care. But I have a problem with authoritarian doctors. They will look stupid and be embarrassed in the future.

  6. What the hell is this shit, do the audience get told to clap? I'm a big Paul fan I think he handled himself well there I'd knock them children out one by one if I was in his seat.

  7. Hollywood has been pushing veganism for a good 5 years now, but this takes the cake, embarrassing… They had to yell and throw obscene gestures because had Dr.saladino had the chance to thoroughly refute their argument, he would have made a fool of them.

  8. Wow, I can't believe that these "Doctors" are screaming at a guest. How can anyone listen to these rude people? How childish.

  9. Groupthink. No use of logic or first principles. Reading thousands of articles and analysing data makes him an expert! Clinical experience and anecdotal evidence is level 5 evidence (the lowest)

  10. This was embarrassing to watch and this "panel" of Doctors and one overweight pathetic lawyer should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of having a professional discussion we get a Jerry Springer episode.


    Oh yeah? Why are so many people in this country with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and so on???

  12. Wow, don't think about anything critically at all. I understand trying to gather data, but just screaming and yelling at each other is not how you discover scientific truths. Buuut, that's why television is gonna crash and burn, because you people think eyeballs are more important than the truth. You asked him for studies, he actually cited two. Whether they were credible or not, oh well, you "doctors" didn't vote a single study backing your claim. Just had some lawyer who looks like she's borderline hypertensive rant and rave about how this guy is a psychiatrist, therefore is not an expert in nutrition.
    Psychopharmacology is more related to nutrition than one might think considering monoamines produced by synthesis of nutrients we eat are what keeps our brain functioning.
    You can argue that I don't have a medical education, and you're right, I'm just an everyday simpleton, but I did manage to lose 115lbs in one year, reverse metabolic disease, correct my cholesterol levels and probably save my own life by eating a high-protein diet for ONE YEAR.
    All while the conventional advice you "doctors" continue to give your patients makes people sicker and sicker. You want a study? Go ahead and look up the correlation between how much money is spent on healthcare every year and how people continue to get exponentially more ill. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that something is probably wrong with the advice most patients are given when it comes to what is healthy.

  13. When the Germ Theory was hypothesized by Louis Pasteur, he was ridiculed, outcast and shunned by the definitive medical journals and societies at the time. Just as Doctors would say and 'confirm' cigarettes were safe all those studies were funded by CIGARETTE COMPANIES. In history, meat was for the rich, grains, plants etc were for the peasants.

    People see this woman getting loud, rude, and not letting the guy speak to silence him, they see the deck stacked against him with supposedly professional doctors acting like screaming children because their beliefs are challenged, and they can't calmly and persuasively debate it right then and there. This is a scripted show with an AGENDA. When you can't win an argument – you don't allow one to take place. Think about that when you hear various political topics you can't even question "what if?"

    If a Carnivore Diet is safe and actually healthier than any other diet, that means everything they've read about, learned in school, the way they've lived there lives has been a lie, at the worst case. Like cigarette companies pay for safe smoking 'studies', mammoth agricultural companies do the same thing. Deforestation of the amazon is primarily due to PALM OIL harvesting to replace animal fats. Look up "TED talk reverse climate change" its the first video – ANIMALS made deserts into lush environments. There is rampant disinformation going on.

    In the trades they like to say professionals have "legacy and specialized knowledge", that same knowledge you can now find online in 5 minutes thanks the internet. Do not be a sheep, if you don't master and control yourself, bet on it someone will do it TO YOU. God Bless.

  14. What a bunch of lame ignorants. Paul is the healthiest looking of all and they dare to confront him with idiotic arguments. That fat faced lady should look herself in the mirror. Good job Paul… you handled yourself as a pro!

  15. Hysteria vs arguments, shouting vs reasoning, smug grins of an audience enjoying the spectacle, embarrassing ..

  16. The loud, fat lady sure knows how to show she has nothing to counter with. Yelling at a calm person sure shows her expertise on the subject. Who needs facts and logic when you have a loud and shrill voice?

  17. This show is a disgrace and just propaganda for the left I feel. Maybe I’m wrong but all those hosts need to be ashamed of themselves. Nice job being calm cool collected and have civil discourse, the Drs are full of shit

  18. I've been doing Carnivore exclusively for seven months and reversed diabetes, heart disease, Chronic Fatigue, IBS and losing weight. These people are so unprofessional and showing there lack of knowledge attacking Dr. Saladino I would never watch the doctors in life again! They are trying to keep people SICK!

  19. Been carnivore for over a year. Feeling better than ever and stronger than ever. And I have been omnivore and vegetarian.

  20. "The Doctors" *MD as a guest vs a retired court judge on the panel. Lol the only doctor on "The Doctors" is a guest

  21. Apparently vegetables make you mean, and insensitive and close minded. The chunky doctor is too hangry for television.

  22. I used to respect the younger male doctor on the left. Until the end of this clip. JC dude… as unpro as they come!

  23. uhhh aren't all doctors meretly trained about the research in their fields? They don't ALL go on to do research. That yelling lady is a moron. What is she an expert in?

  24. When the "attorney" asks a question only to tell at him to answer the question as he is already answering it. This is beyond pathetic. Also, how do doctors become professionals without reading scientific articles? Where else does the information for our textbooks come from? Furthermore, none of the other main show hosts specialize in nutrition, yet they have the right to talk over Dr. Saladino and criticize him?

  25. They sound like a bunch of playground bullies not getting they're way and not even giving him a chance to talk. The ketogenic and carnivore way of eating has proven to be quite healthy for an increasing number of people including myself.

  26. If this was a long-form proper discussion / debate, Saladino would SHRED this entire panel. Who would want to see that happen??

  27. This is the worst episode ever. The judge is a terrible, the yelling was unnecessary, no one let him talk. What the fuck was the point????

  28. Can you imagine if you went to see any doctor and they acted like this?
    Also, why are they allowing that bulldog woman to yell and scream at him like that?
    This is so unprofessional it’s laughable.

  29. 4:25 – We're supposed to actually trust what this man has to say when having a temper tantrum of a 3 year old? This show has zero credibility when the hosts act like this. The Jerry Springer show has more credibility.

  30. omg all of the people on the panel are unprofessional rude and angry? why ar/ they so angry about people wanting to eat meat. I eat only meat most days and I can tell you on those days I feel better more awake lighter not hungry. my blood pressure last month was 180/101 179/99 158/98 167/96 my doctors where really trying to get me on Bp meds. I refuse of course
    I went back to eating ribeyes every day one steak in the morning one steak at dinner. I been checking my blood pressure once at rite aid it was 156/89 then it was 147/88 then at the doctors It was 137/97 then I checked again 121/88 it hovers between 134-136 so I ask you if eating meat only is so horrible why then did my BP go down? I eat salads I love salads but I eat them now maybe only a couple of times a week. I have not lost weight I am mostly keto but there are times when I don't want to eat veggies. what about this life style makes these grown ass "Doctors" act like this? unreal

  31. These are the people we are supposed to go to and trust when we are sick.I will never watch this childish nonsense again.

  32. This show is so dangerous. Dr. Saladino is the best. They are so disgustingly rude. They are afraid this is going to wake everyone one up to their scam. Because carnivore works for all ages. Their worried about their pocketbooks. Carnivore really works and makes people feel better. Carnivore gets rid of meds and doctors. Their scam is up. I know more people HEALED with CARNIVORE than any other diet ever.!!

  33. I agree with most of the comments below relating to how appalling the unbalanced setup and tribal attack was. I would like to add something. I guess the blond woman was placed behind Dr Paul Saladino to react in a mocking manner to every point he made to try and further convince your audience that the crowd opinion was the one to back. Do you really think people are that stupid?? Programs like yours are so cheap, so manufactured to engender an emotional response, and transparent in its intentions. It’s ‘reality’ TV. Entirely plastic. You should all be ashamed.

  34. I would never listen to a word from these nut jobs. I have no idea how Paul kept his cool AND destroyed them at the same time🤯

  35. I’m very disappointed in this show after this episode. You are all doctors and “lawyer” acting like animals towards your guest. Very very disappointed

  36. Shout over people when you can't prove them wrong, classic. I'm going to try the carnivore diet for a month, then i'll know myself.

  37. I'm quite surprised that this was posted on the channel because it's just a showcase of how offensively posed and closed minded these people are. Saladino can hardly get a word out before one of them berates and yells at him which is COMPLETELY unwarranted.

    P.S. I'm a one year in carnivore that's solved my low back pain from a car incident and completely gotten rid of my arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

  38. These Doctors should be ashamed of themselves. They are so unprofessional with all the hollering and attacking what they don't understand. So closed minded.

  39. Wow. What is with the shouting? Unprofessional…. this is embarrassing to watch how they treated their guest. The judge would benefit from his psychiatry background because she seems unstable…. and the guy at the end too

  40. I hope “normal people” who can see how these stupid “doctors” attacked and yelled at Saladino when he was being very calm and composed prove that these doctors were in the wrong in the way they conducted themselves.. people don’t like their illusion shook up… ps. I know a carnivore who is 80 years old! He was dying 12 years prior, and somehow came across realizing that his diet was killing him.. he went carnivore and his entire body healed over a year and THRIVED the years after.. you wouldn’t be able to believe or recognize this 80 year old man who looks better off now then he did 12 years ago. Honestly, I’m just waiting for the day that people really see how amazing this diet can be and will aim to reap the insane amount of benefits you get from getting away from trashy food. Have a nice day 🙂 I know I will feeling healthier than I ever have in my life!

  41. This was so convincing, I'm now going to become vegan…….YUM can't wait to eat my beyond burger and salads!!! YAY 😍

  42. This show is the most class-less, creepy ensemble imaginable. Paul Saladino is light years ahead of all of them, in intellect and civility.

  43. Wow, what a waste of space show this is. There was nothing professional about these idiots. Shameful. Dr Paul Saladino, you're doing an awesome job. You and other enlightened doctors helped change my life and health issues I've struggled with for 15+ years.

  44. Too many neurotic females concentrated in one location. Enough to make a man go Conan the Barbarian and start laying the smack down.

    Who needs studies when it comes to diet? Words on paper mean Jack. . Eat nothing but good animal products for a month and see how you feel. Study concluded.

  45. Omg, you don't give this guy any chance! Why all the shouting? Maybe he's wrong, maybe not, but how would you know if you havent even try to listen? This is so sad- it's like watching debate programs becoming Kardashians type show- pulp for masses.

  46. That woman is nasty. The condescension of some people. This is like saying only a doctor can know what anatomy really is, even though artists study it just as much. Same as artists who discredit anyone's opinions of art, who isn't an artist. This is such a toxic, arrogant, mindset.

  47. these people are straight up scumbags, i feel bad for Saladino… they just want to bash him all the way instead of having an open mind and discussing the subject

  48. Dr Paul Saladino is the man. That judge woman is disgusting. She apparently has brain inflammation and could benefit from eating carnivore.

  49. These doctors are cringeworthy. And that loud ass judge. Even Judge Judy would be like “Put a sock in it, lady”

  50. The hosts on that show will be doing some major back pedaling on their past history of treatment protocols. This was set up as a witch hunt and Saladino did a great job keeping composure and standing up for his beliefs and the science that backs him

  51. I'm horrified by the yelling hypocrisy! I honestly couldn't watch more than a couple minutes. How are you supposed to have a rational, intelligent conversation when someone is yelling the same thing over and over and not listening to a word that's said. My heart went out to Dr Saladino.

  52. They tried hard to tear Dr. Paul Saladino apart but only succeeded in making themselves look like a bunch of disgusting clowns….most people are waking up to the fact that the standard western diet is garbage and it's reason that obesity and diabetes is becoming an epidemic.These so called nutritionists time is up.

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