Dog Suffers From PTSD After Past Physical Abuse (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Bokdeong seems like your average, happy-go-lucky dog Sit! He even listens well Good boy! Come here, Bokdeong~ I’ll give you a treat! But he’s actually a very sensitive dog It’s been 5 years Whenever I try to touch him, he runs away Has an extreme fear of physical contact Let’s see.. (meets his eye level) Put your hand down Flinches (would lose James Corden’s ‘Flinch’ game immediately) Any hand movement will make him run away He must’ve experienced some unimaginable trauma, possibly abuse Although he loves his owner He still has trauma from his past owner’s abuse Hence the fear of human touch He’s afraid of flies on his body He suffered from bugs while having skin disease He’s very sensitive to skin contact A fellow dog to the rescue So cute~ To show that being petted feels good And that the hand is not a scary thing I need time.. Owner walks boldly into the doghouse Whoa A newspaper? We’re attempting physical contact without the hand To get him comfortable with any form of contact This is a fake hand Lemme upgrade u Even a fake hand gets him nervous It’s okay, it’s okay Sweetie~ Not the foot. Slowly but surely.. So pretty~ our Bokdeong~ I love you

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