Doi Maach – Fish with Yogurt Gravy – Bengali Cuisine Indian Recipe

hi welcome to show me the curry calm I'm hit oh I'm Volusia and today we're going to show you a very famous Bengali fish dish though much joy is basically the heat or yogurt and Marches fish so it's a very easy preparation and of course then golly it's got to be good and you know it has such little spices it's amazing it really lets the flavor the fish come through without being overly masked by other things so great recipe let's get started so for this recipe we are using Roe who also known as we in Bengali we've cut it and we have for this recipe we're going to keep the skin on and this particular fish has a bone in it it has a middle bone and some other little bones and and like we mentioned it is traditionally used but if you want to use any other fish just make sure it's a foam fish so here it is we washed it and cleaned it and of course drained out the water and we will do marinate it so far about half a pound of fish you're going to use a quarter teaspoon of haldi or turmeric and a quarter teaspoon of salt then use your hands and just rub it so that all the healthy and the salt and all this is well so while a ninja is doing that I'm going to grind a mat of half of a medium onion basically you want approximately half a cup of onion paste and you want it into a smooth paste so I'm just using my spice grinder and I'm gonna grind this so over here we have three tablespoons of mustard oil heating up and like we'd mentioned we had already marinated the fish and you know it doesn't need a whole lot of time so about five ten minutes till you get everything else ready is perfect so we just wait for it to heat up so while the oil is heating up I'm going to prep some of our whole masalas that we're going to use we have 4 whole cardamoms and four whole cloves and we have a mortar pestle here I'm going to pound them down and make sure there's not really big noticeable pieces because you don't want to bite into those while you're eating you're enjoying your fish and one important thing is you must remove the covering for the cardamom shells once you start pounding kid oil is hot I am going to fry the fish it depends on how big your fish is you might want to do separately or a couple of them together we're just going to fight very very lightly and this already gets a very light coating and then you flip it around proximately a minute on each side flip it now perfect now the reason why you put the fish a little bit is just so that but you put it in the gravy it doesn't all fall apart it kind of hold shape and it gives a little different flavor as well so a big question for us especially is that when you go to the Indian store to buy mustard oil it always says on the packaging that it's for massage or external use only and that used to freak us out because you don't wants to use that for consumption but after some research we found that I you know it is ok to use that oil a long long time ago they had done some studies on mustard oil and they found that it was it was tested on rats and it was humpin to the rats so they just kind of labeled it it kind of got a bad name but recent studies or actually further studies showed that it is not harmful to humans right and in fact Bengalis have been using it for like years and years and generations so and they all find you know it's all okay yes it is it's good to know yeah so this is done just to pull it out and put it on a paper towel and carry on flying the rest of the fish so once you've finished frying the fish and it's taken out from the oil the same oil is still in our pot in our pan and it's still being heated up so perfect we're going to use the same oil and continue on we're going to add two to three bay leaves 1 inch piece of cinnamon our ground cardamom and clove mixture 1/2 a cup of onion paste and a few slit green chilies that's to taste and quarter teaspoon of salt so we're going to mix it and we're going to cook it for about 2-3 minutes so the onions have been cooking for about three to four minutes and we're going to add one teaspoon of ginger minced quarter teaspoon turmeric powder quarter teaspoon red chili powder or to taste and a quarter teaspoon of sugar so it just helped balance out the flavor so now we're going to cook this and until the oil separates from the masala this is done and now we going to add some yogurt now before we add the yogurt you're going to take this either you can turn off the stove for just a minute while you're adding the yogurt or you can just take it off the cream so I'm going to turn it off and I have two tablespoons of yogurt and I mixed it with two tablespoons of water and just smoothing it out and rotten apples like that I want to keep mixing it so it doesn't separate and once it's mixed you can turn the stove back on and we're going to add one teaspoon of golden raisins now the raisins are an optional step but I think they would give a wonderful again the balance to the dish and a little bit of authentic sweetness okay now we're going to cook it again till the oil separates the oil is separated I'm going to give it one more mix and we ready to add the fish to this now any time you adding fish back in or using the fish please the very gentle and very gently turn it around and we'll allow the fish to not cook for about a couple of minutes on each side okay I flipped it around one more time it's got a little coating it looks fantastic we are now ready for the water I have two cups of water here and we just heated in the microwave you don't want to add cold water into this so a little bit warm too hot is fine and it looks like a lot of water but it's going to cook there for about 15 minutes so it will reduce quite a bit now one of the things you want to keep in mind is you want to put in enough water to submerge the fish you don't want it to dry out so you want to use a part that is just right for this amount of fish because otherwise you'll end up using a lot more water and you know the flavor of the gravy will not be there so I'm just going to very gently mix it so that the onion paste mixes with the water and I'm lowering the flame now and you're going to cover it and allow it to cook for about 10 minutes covered so it's been 10 minutes and let's check on our fish its swimming I'm going to gently again mix it so I'm going to crank up the heat to a high and just allow the curry to kind of pick it up and to evaporate to get to a point where we think it's perfect for rice now one thing to note about fish we're using frozen fish because that's all we have available here and it takes significantly a longer time to cook it but if you're one of those people in some coastal area and you get fresh fish you'll definitely will not have to cook it as long as we're cooking it now and therefore the amount of water you use will have to reproduce you might a bit also so it's something to keep in mind so we uncovered the fish and we allowed it to cook on a high for about seven eight minutes and I think it's perfect we want to have it with rice and of course Bengalis do have it with rice so that's the traditional way so really good and plus it'll pick it up a little bit more so when we turn up the flame and if you do want to have it with the like breads or chapati or roti or something you can you know cook it a little longer just be again be gentle with the fish and it's actually ready to serve so that's a pretty simple recipe actually the other thing to remember while the fish was cooking it's fully cooked really so you can take a little bit of the gravy and adjust it for salt or chili powder or whatever you may need to adjust it to your taste it can be done any time while it's cooking at last bit and for this particular recipe we have to thank Shanthi Chanda and she was a patient yes and give us the recipe and we just love it so thank you very much for that and join us again on another episode of show me the curry com adding a pinch of spice to your life

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  1. you don,t know how to cook fish curry, not every fish hash same preparation, and one more thing you do not use in general fish curry,you guys only use Dahi in every fish curry, Dahi only use when you cook Hilsha fish not in curry but in Hilsha Patari. you guys may live in England ,do not have any knowledge about Indian cooking and giving lecture about Indian cooking. Good luck!

  2. nice & yummy fish recipe….wanna try this very soon…you are doing a nice & fantastic job….

  3. This is not Bengali cuisine. This is North Indian style cuisine. We have far better taste in Bangladesh.

  4. u always cook until oil is seperated, hhahhaha . always do the same way ….. though fish is not cooked in this way at least in Bengali style

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