Dota 2 But Spells Cost Health

yo what's up everybody how's it going today we're playing dota 2 but spells cost health it's really straightforward it works exactly how you would imagine it works and we just gotta see how it goes rob was just gonna see what we can do here they have been a few pants just gonna go ahead and say that right away mostly along the lines of like storm spirit he's invincible as infinite mana and less shocked because turns out that abilities that need a maintained mana costs you know like the shark ulti made or witch doctors mana drain or winter vivan Dagenham they just kind of like break the mold a little bit and they don't use that mana cost so that's also why this winter violin is actually not allowed to buy agonist like that's the one condition under which winter buy one is allowed in this mode just like your your cool to play winter wyvern just don't buy agonist alright so I think that's us he's testing he's testing if it actually uses mana or if it's broken oh man or like if it like wait no no he is testing if it's broken in which case it would use man or if it uses HP the mana shield that is which is gonna be interesting but if this just uses HP does not just mean it takes like more damage terrible so we have shadow fiend we have played a few matches of this by now and my general plan here is to just come fly Q's shadow fiend for the early game with shadow races we're gonna be using shadow races to just try and like half infinite mana with shadow races all right like that's just kind of the thinking it's not that complicated and then later on we're just gonna try to right-click stuff I know it sounds a little bit lame but like you just kind of end up killing yourself otherwise it turns out that heroes can't really take that much damage and all that and you just kind of like annihilate yourself a tad bit if you have to you know constantly pay the the HP cost for your spell's so yeah that's kind of the thing we'll see how it goes right I wanted to mention something really quick somebody brought this up in child early on I thought I would say it would be best if I say this in a video as my life I believe I said it before but I'm actually going to the gamescom so if any of you see me at the games come you can come and say hello how certain is this because I know that I like a few months ago I said I was going to twitchcon I actually had 100% plans to go to twitchcon it's just like I wanted a ticket for Mickey as well and I emailed them and they never got back to me so that kind of sucked and that's why I didn't end up going because I didn't want to go on my own anyway point being that for the gamescom I already have my ticket making already has our ticket and we already have like a low apartment booked for the you know the the of our stay we have train tickets pop booked everything is already taken care of like we have 100 percent definitely gone because if we don't go now we just wasted a bunch of money that would just not be very smart so we're definitely going and yeah so if any of you see media and you want to say hello or any of that don't be afraid to write like don't think that I look busy because honestly I I look busy a lot of the time even when I'm not busy and the thing is like honestly I am actually busy most of the time but that shouldn't really like stop you because if I am busy I will just tell you right I'll just be like hey sorry right now it's just kind of bad but totally like it's going to take quick picture or whatever you want all right but if I'm not busy I'm super happy to like always hang out with people and all of that stuff done that plenty of times before and it's always a lot of fun so anyway just wanted to say that if you see me there although I do also kind of like feel like I should mention that I'm actually I'm planning mostly to hang out in the business area I do want to go go into like this the general area as well but my main goal is actually to be like in the in the business area because I am actually kind of like trade visited like that's that's actually officially it like I am NOT going as like a youtuber because turns out you cannot it used to be the case that to the games come you could go as like a youtuber or streamer and you know kind of like be a trade visitor that way but actually now it says on the page that if you're trying to be a trade visitor no youtubers no streamers not something they accept anymore but I'm not actually going I said I'm actually just going it's like a trade visitor somebody that has worked in games you know like that's how we had to apply it like I had to send in hey he is our you know he's our official kind of like entering a trade registry asked like a game company so yeah Amy oh stop it it doesn't actually drain any mana wait does that mean it deals more damage how does that work and confused right now does it drain HP instead of mana no no it doesn't right like no now that would be insane it's not how that works do we get hard just to beacon like race around the map crazy it doesn't heal damage based on that I know it doesn't but it steals Nana right like that's what I'm saying and because it steals mana and in this mode HB is mana right oh really gets Manas HP shouldn't the snake steal HP instead or not so much the HP but like burn my mana and then I take HP and damage in the stomach sense I don't know about making sense here okay like but like that's my thinking and honestly that sounds a little bit too complex and that's oh no likelihood not how this is gonna work but hey that was just kind of what I was saying and yeah actually looking forward to the games come it's been a while since I Man used to go all the time but haven't gone in a long while and it's always enjoyable though like always really I had a lot of fun looking forward to the indie boof that's always the biggest thing to me if you are going to the games come go to the indie booth like honestly like people always go to the big gaming conventions because they want to look at the big triple a title and like whole Nintendo and shit like fuck that go to the indie booth any boof is really true for sad like honestly I'm not even joking because like at the amiibo few will actually just find tapes that are willing to like totally hang out because they've had like one visitor and the entire day and it's you you just can't like sit with them I talk and it's fantastic I love it you know like one time I went to an indie boof and to do any boof and I talked to a guy dear and the guide like had like this really small really really small section of the big large in a booth and he had this is like he was kind of showing off the second game he had made and it was funny because turns out I was the first person he had met in the entire convention that I had actually played the first game here and me and I was nice you know that kind of like was like just a cool conversation to have it's just kind of like you know he's like oh I made this game before but you know it's not really very well now and I'm just like oh I actually played that so yeah any of its going in the keynote these creeps we're managing our HP pretty successfully I think yeah we can start racing down these these mid creeps as well which is nice you know be pretty aggressive for our man I use such now I don't know if I should go for hard I you know like when I when I started buying this it just kind of made sense but like I know maybe it's not needed maybe it could just go for satanic and just like use that every few seconds you know for all the satanic heal up just from use it on creeps like went on for now I guess I'm just gonna stick to taking down general population of crepes that we can't find you call yourself a racecar in this match I would call myself a racecar in every match dude I go at 100 million miles an hour absolutely just speeding fruit is no problem thank you very much nice nice nice oh damn didn't get that lawsuit all right yeah we are still dropping in low but it's not too bad and our farming speed is just sick man just feels so good it doesn't it doesn't it just feel so good oh man okay let's grab all of this and then there's another camp up here I really don't actually think we need the hard so I guess I kind of wasted some money on a ring off to Ross but like it's like you're not that big of a deal I mean it's a fine item to have gives me a little bit of region I'm okay if it doesn't bother me too much I honestly fought the morbid mask wasn't gonna be performing as well as it is like it's actually doing super well it's kind of incredible really all right hello oh damn you got him you got these creams I was hoping to get him but you got him I'm f—ing balmy got my palm I did get your pond the race car this shadow race I got it I got it of course I'm a race car all right definitely time to you get this tower just make sure you know we secure that wait I guess I could get a heart it's like first item hard and shadowfiend super wack that's just is that just shitty or you start next double whoa – now shitty or next level dude that should be like a game show you know it's just like weird stuff in a specific video it's denied shitty or next level hey Roman Renton you you thank you my man that's nice to hear thank you so much glad to still have you around my friend oh man made one I was still looking at him all right I got an X that's a problem you know if I had a hard right now think about that I was not exactly the right button but it doesn't really matter what if that anyway dude if I had a hard right there in that specific situation [Laughter] I'm gonna listen to anybody say anything else all right I'm gonna have infinite mana because I have infinite HP that's how it works these are the facts that's the strategy nobody can't handle it you know if I could play music right now I would play brain power absolutely but no music force on YouTube everybody go like everybody watching this video go to youtube right now type in brain power open up this song and play it there we go now we've got no now you have an accurate representation of what's happening in this match all right thank you all right we have I'm so good at shadow feed man Oh actually like a world-class number-one shadow fiend I think this is this is the build you can expect that the next international all right the people play shadow fiend at the international please tell me people play shelfie and competitively hey Arkham oh wait you can't burn mana oh also I have a heart [Laughter] okay there myself crescents of the Dark Lord yeah yeah ah queue moment for I thought you were gonna be able to burn money yeah they have some like wacky heroes on their side with the Medusa on the anti-mage but it turns out you just can't lose mana at all grab ourselves all of these thank you very much and I think next up we're just gonna get TP boots so we can like zoom around the map quicker I mean we are shadow fiend after all that's what we do they run around the map and we go nuts Oh something else really quick um so we've been kind of like running the new thumbnails for like a few days now right and I wanted to mention that the the guy making the thumbnails has actually been very actively kind of like looking for feedback like he's actually reading the comments and all of that stuff something is very very interested in so it's good that you guys are providing feedback I want to thank you for that and I wasn't wanted to encourage you to continue doing that alright Papa Papa I think we get all sorts the persons or effects built yeah oh no I don't even think I'm over the cooldown reduction let's get +5 pressing Sora let's take down some buildings all right let's go hard with that they actually a head-on kills which is somewhat impressive but that's alright because I feel like I am ahead on farm hey butterfly that's all right you know you can you can go hide that does not bother me because I'm just gonna dance my way to victory thank you all right get TP boots so we can't go quick nice look at how fast we are now that's some proper shadowfiend movement speed and we've got the – our mo over breaking down these towers like it's nothing nice all team in all right cool cool cool there's some creeps in the midlane so we're gonna do what we do you know that's what the TP boots are for that's DP thank you nice nice nice me do we start building damage now like maybe get a cache hold Desolator and like a soul cross so we can push or do we just keep tanking tanking up tank you fiend a Medusa alright I'm chasing her down is she just not taking damage like she just does she just have like 60% damage reduction not how that hero works that she looks like she's not taking that much damage I'm not exactly sure how that mana shield works damn because if she can't lose mana you know all right so we do is us actually gonna be really scary like game I mean she's gonna be insane because she's just gonna take 60% less damage right or is it 40% no at 60% what's the temperature direction are not pink I'm not entirely sure I know that there's a 0.6 on wolf at some point but I don't know at which point just there's definitely one in wolves I can't guarantee dad so you're taking 60% damage that's still a very significant decrease that's very strong all right here's a bounty hunt as well bounty hunter of course not so much reliant on spells voice fighting power cool got that shadow fiend is shirk I love shadow fiend I wish shadow fiend worked a bit better for spark you know like shadow fiend III as much as I love shadow fiend as a hero he's very much a dota hero he doesn't really work outside of toda and he's not really a great hero for spark also be totally totally poured him over ten would 100% happen but sadly no no no doesn't go that way I mean he's great don't get me wrong but not everything works for every scenario all right get this thank you I know there's a duel happening and that's very unfortunate for my team that seems mighty might be fine whoa deny all right coming minute I don't know if I can't fight that sir that's just kind of like slowly forming up yeah that's gonna be the problem you know like he's gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and just like eventually what do i do oh I by the way I just have to give myself so much credit for buying the greatest item on shadow fiend that has ever been bored frankly speaking what would I do without that hard it's just oh man it's just making my life so easy one hundred and fifty dollar damage easy life all right clear that out no problem no problem at all okay take out some more of these that's a bit of a creep a Finn a top right but seems it's already to being taken care of no we're just having a lot of nap pressure right now you know oh hey dude yeah I think at this point we really just want to like attack who did that hit no it's that enough no it's not no it's not it's invisible all right I'm gonna just assume it's not in there but we have a duped us I mean uh I found he's out he's out he's out I want to believe we can still get that but we can't still get done yeah we do so much tower damage I look forward to level 25 and my soil crust you know at that point how much tower I'm a reduction in we have 714 and number 1024 whoa that's a lot it's gonna be cutting for everything very very quickly oh hey you got him nice get that cheeky law bounty hunter you know I want yeah yeah here here here here here here let me let me talk about something really quick all right so really like super dolla related but whatever in on the lords tidehunter was just turned from a hunter to a warrior I saw people kind of feel like her but he's called tidehunter and I just want to say everybody that's a stupid argument and you know it all right first of all bound Tiana to nobody saying that he should be a hunter and secondly they gotta keep the names because they have the same names and dota right it's for recognizability but doesn't doesn't mean that the hero is now gonna be forced to always be a hunter that's stupid I mean we can fix it we can just like rename the hunter class to Ranger that would make a lot more sense than yours our drow Ranger ring Ranger to fit India already look at that problem solved I deal no damage to you how to ideals so little damage to you i hit so fucking hard look at me i to shot that nerd until no damage to the Medusa this is absolutely nothing yeah I am hello are chemo so how come Oh also tried something cheeky but I feel like it's cheekiness isn't gonna be working quite as nicely hmm I dunno renamed to Tide warrior no it's just like you know that you gotta understand that it's like dota is no longer just a game dota is a franchise right like I know we nobody actually considers artefact to be a real game but out of fact exists alright that's the second game in the dota franchise or dota 2 franchise and under Lords is the third game in the dota 2 franchise so I'll I gotta cherish this artefact law no but like artefact exists kind of I mean like hello it a little bit I mean like a law so anyway let's go and get this right it's it's it's how pokemon the the the video game and Pokemon Trading Card Game part of the Pokemon franchise hey that's a we deal enough damage to BL any damage isn't it – it's not gonna be killable okay yeah that's something we really need to figure out a solution for we're almost level 25 then I want to start pushing I know I've waited a bit long but it's very much intentional I just wanted to wait to get myself you know a maximum – all we're going up high it's gonna feel so good I wants a toy going for the – five seconds presence or like I don't give a shit whatever I know that the elbow talon is better it is but I just want to maximize my – all more because the things gonna be cool hey Aki mo nice try look at that's what happens to our Kimo he doesn't stand a chance hey dude look this guy doesn't stand a chance none of them do and I do no damage to the Medusa just none hey maybe we can get ourselves a quick little rashon kill I mean we deal plenty of damage there might be no bounty hunters dead okay you have immediately know I'm doing this I mean they just have vision on it but I don't know if they have anybody here to try and prevent it so I'm not too worried about it arrows Shawny boy oh come on man thank you very much councils and address all right coming in we are big we're strong we're gonna push towers you know I think I'll actually just go push a tower I mean like they're fighting over there's great and all but like whatever alright how much damage we've killed 200 tower damage alright nice altimeter idea I honestly that whole situation was just a bit far removed from me you know that makes it hard for me to get in there I we have so much – all more going on than like we can actually take these flights really well alright hey Kirby come here Kirby nice alright that's oh shit that's kind of bad I'm gonna be missing my heart for a second here alright so let's do it wait I didn't miss my heart all right oh they got me hey I got one more of them them I got one of them that's fine so I think next up we're just gonna get em KB and then probably gonna replace our heart with just a satanic and I would like a butterfly or crits or something not entirely sure would actually the best item is it's kind of rough okay I suppose at some point a desolator doesn't really make that much sense anymore we do I already have a lot of – oh my I feel like we want to keep this old cross for pretty much ever let's all cross that just feels really good here so they are you make a lot of money in this mode so I don't really mind too much just selling some stuff right stone for maximum – long oh man I forgot about that but I feel like we might be better off actually going for something that could help us potentially win the game is this is not over at all that's just the Medusa is gonna eventually get to a point where we can fight her anymore right anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video so far if you did don't forget to leave a rating on the video will definitely appreciate that and I will be fantastic we should try to end it yeah we should try to end this like the Medusa will eventually get to a point maybe we just can't win against her anymore and we just need to like try and prevent that this Medusa she's absolutely terrifying so let's sell this it also slam KB's and now we actually hit really really really really hard you mean time my team is doing very stupid stuff alright we can't get butterfly bounty hunter alright it's invisible all right we got the bounty hunter hello yeah well the good news is the Medusa doesn't do any damage the bad news is that she doesn't take any damage either the good news is I do like 250 tower damage damn that is very good news hey are you alright yeah I guess get us out of here damn which one was real oh no they all died so quickly and wasn't sure man they all seemed like illusions to me okay all right just go ahead and keep getting this um next up next up next up next up maybe we should go for the satanic right now I feel like I want to get more damage but the promise the only way I can really fit more damages by dropping the heart or dropping lifesteal I think life steals better then heart though so we got our upgrade to satanic before we can really get any more damage alright so I do actually hit her pretty hard even though I only hit for 60% and is this we're having a winter buy bond Agnes will be so sick but no no it's bad it's bad after about six years of dollar fine stop playing because of ears they don't enjoy playing it and sold all of my items got a hundred fifty euros and steam money I wasn't summed up how much I spend on dota more than 400 years damn that's a lot that's a lot of money man but hey you know what well it's gotta kind of sound like a little bit weird because you know we're playing dota yeah but good on you for stopping to play dota I feel like a lot of people play dota and don't actually enjoy playing dota right now if you like that Sun even just dota exclusive that's like people of a lot of video games do they feel like more they have an obligation to play a certain game because that's what they do you know like I play this video game green and honestly if you don't enjoy the game anymore just play a different game there's so many good games out there seriously quick shoutouts to war foeman's wished our game had more players because that game actually is kind of sick it's a small little card game on Steam it's free-to-play you can try it if you want it's called war foments like this this is not sponsored or anything like that but like those people frankly speaking that game is so in need it probably couldn't afford to sponsor me but damn they got us but yeah it's like actually like a really kind of like cute sick little indie game it's a card game it's it's really interesting to play it's got like 20 concurrent players so I can test the multiplayer which is you know I want a child to multiplayer but I'd legit just can't because it just doesn't have any people playing the multiplayer hello yeah hello you diagnose with damage we definitely getting an agonist at some point but not now I don't think so eventually we definitely have to get one though cuz that's actually give us more damage yeah case you're wondering why it's not because of the stats be of course a neat magnums doesn't provide any stats but increased so many souls we can have in the Souls give damage so that's nice cool cool cool get some people from here to get a multiplayer match oh it takes a little bad that that's the problem with the game something I actually don't like very much about it is that you have to like play like a bunch of single player matches of our war foeman's before you can actually play multiplayer at all so even if I wanted to just like kind of do a stream it's just like a guy's you you get more fun once we place a multiplier you guys need to like kind of prepare because it takes like an hour and a half right and then during that hour now off I wouldn't really have anything to do but you guys know my general bitterness in regards to like the state of digital card games so the fact that I'm recommending one should really tell you something about about it it's not like the world's greatest card game but it's definitely quite interesting quite unique and something again I would like to play the multiply off sometime but it's just no people playing it all right cool cool cool let's go so snooze thank you very much so we have uh satanic now I think next up probably crits or butterfly what do you guys think it's better very crits right you want those big swings I think the big swing is always more valuable all right so much – I'm gonna be half right now we've got 24 right that's 12 and then in our 12 year 24 so we need to kind of like check how much or more people have whether or not we want to drop the Desolator because like it really depends if people have more than but if people have more than 24 hour yeah you see this right here like on her it's actually super effective on anti-mage probably – all right that's our key mode on nice hey Kirby hey sparkling eye slime thank you so much man appreciate it uh I'm good bye line all right girl so is this boy the tax beats lowest brutal I just don't have that much a tax for you but I hit pretty hard so their barracks goes down now let's see if we can get the maggots really quick like I don't think I can't just finish but I can probably just get Megas oh maybe not I need more attack speed ah that's the problem I just takes me so long to get these hits out I really need more attack speed I guess it's butterfly I guess it's butterfly hmm hmm hmm okay oh no do people have MK be so ready no it's no I'm Kitty here this is probably gonna end up being about a flight oh yeah she does also have 15% evasion but I mean I got a man and Kitty already also you're probably count 5 more misses 5 that's true but like in dub 1vs5 I was really weak I feel like I maybe could be a bit stronger than odd that's my whole whole message here you know another thing I should win the 1vs5 but I feel like I should perform a bit better okay hello yes rashon okay how much is this worth twenty six hundred four thousand eight nine it's not enough for a butterfly yeah wish it was I could come in and like actually do some damage all right whoo all right so that's good haha let's try let's try I don't think it's gonna be enough we can't drop it all to me just to reduce damage output it doesn't actually do anything but like whatever oh my god may do saw look at her oh oh my god she's insane is actually insane oh all right try and stay on top of this one ah damn hoping we could at least kill a legion commander as well that's another scenario where I really feel like having more tax people to make a big difference ruff ruff ruff hello anti-mage it is the push I wish we had Megas I will make you and like I'm a mild push a lot more difficult oh the gee thank you so much my man absolutely they'll never catch us it's no way this goes wrong I want to encourage everybody to go to the area 51 raid it's no way that goes wrong and yeah just it just seems like an oval success for natural selection that's all I'm saying that's you know okay like it's for the betterment of us all of us all hey call the girl sell some souls we're just nice girl sauce this Thank You girls has a butterfly nice and next up probably just gonna get a moon chart that's even more attack speed right now we a lot squishier I mean hard gets a whole lot of health but at the same time we did get it's not as simple as just being squish you know you know edges of the immortal but isn't it supposed to track drop cheese or something up not cheese um magnums I guess it was only to the second kill but we already had killed it twice guess not okay into the mid we go let's let's see if we can make this happen oh yeah look at my massive increase in DPS and yes Madhu's are being Medusa all right just just keep fighting I'll be out yeah but did you see what I mean like right there that fight now I'll just III hit so much harder now so actually not even comparable really problem was it was not enough she got her old oil for stuff I mean honestly we just need to disable her for long my team needs some hexes and such because if we just take them we do sit down for another second right dear all right one more second of disable and I think we get her and that seems manageable that seems doable hey dude oh my god did I just op he'll miss with mkb that's a big ooh alright it's a bunch of creeps up here I'd even up amiss with mkb well you gotta get really unlucky alright and it's a 25% chance tool up Amazon no 25% chance to miss with mkb so total chance should be something around once it's a fourth no no four so it's like 116 all right so nice caught the Legion kamana shame I didn't get any dual image for that but hey finishes up my my attack speed here you know get myself that moon shot going on so that's nice feels good 0.625 yeah that's a 16 isn't 'ln about 6% 16 yeah seems about alright and low on the capito you're getting ready for our salt on the bottom line and I really feel like we should push right take down 300 300 damage to a building that's that's difficult to do man that is very difficult to do and not I asked so much attacks me now I should be able to kill the buildings really quickly as well all right so that's a dual used at the very least I mean when tomorrow ultimate is incredibly useful but at the same time oh you missed well that's very unfortunate I'm stoned I'm gonna just run nice whoo brutal again so I think Ritz is probably better than Desolator all right I wish this kind of way I could do the knife really quick but you know it's funny I do actually have a spreadsheet I can do tomorrow if you like I do actually have a spreadsheet I can do the math on this that's actually kind of funny but it is not prepared for this it doesn't have to write values in it yeah so I've kind of like showed it before but I brought like I made this really big complex spreadsheet to like calculate spark values and prepare values for the Alpha and it's funny I could actually take that spreadsheet and just like make a dota calculator and it would be very accurate I mean it would be a hundred percent accurate and very complete like you could do pretty much anything you want with it right there's a boy behind me that's fine I'm not too worried about that boy I think I'll just go back I'm definitely selling this now and get all sorts of Daedalus Daedalus is a very high damage item even more so than desolated and we already have a lot of miners armor I really don't think we should ever give up an hour so across it's just a lot of armor that goes a really long way okay so let's see have we should Oh – ah chemo those are the big swings that's what I want did you see them big swings right there yeah yeah you guys get around me look we can do this let's just push down bottom make sure we have racks I mean I really we all see if we get India at all I can probably just get ancient in about a split second all right the bounty of the Yangtze no no smoke boss yeah look at that instantly broken that's always a big of a nerve a bit of a news all right oh that was the real one y'all never get over how much damage did afine does all right I am just gonna hit this hit this building hit the sake mode oh my god the double bash no we're fine don't cancel cats accounts together oh shit all right no we can't get stuff so he can't know oh he's got satanic never mind we should enough counsel damn it get us out before we get the barracks no my shouldn't have canceled Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby oh man oh it's fine we got barracks uh I thought we had her already used how does she have to site annex what Oh for cooldown reduction no cooldown reduction for status or systems I assume and the lifesteal does stack whoo man we did get mega so knowledge is kind of like trying to actually finish this I do think make us actually matter yeah just because this is similar to daughter in a way that you have to like fight for position and the late game is actually we are not that much more powerful in the late game I cannot win against this Medusa and the only hero that is much more powerful in late game here's the Medusa holy crap she's so strong all right we've got a Megas coming in though no oh my god 428 two old image no youyou no no oh God us damn damn what a game though man what a game that was fun well I hope you guys enjoyed the video all right if you did don't forget to leave a rating anybody would definitely appreciate that and I hope to see you guys tomorrow good bye

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