Dr. L.D. Britt elected to National Academy of Medicine

[MUSIC PLAYING] It is with great
pleasure that we offer Dr. Britt this
well-deserved tribute in celebration of his latest
exceptional achievement. The first physician
from EVMS ever elected to the prestigious
National Academy of Medicine. [CLAPPING] This award that
L.D. has received epitomizes the
ultimate achievement in the practice of surgery. The National Academy
of Medicine is an extraordinarily prestigious
Academy to be invited to join. Of the more than 850,000
practicing physicians in the United
States, fewer than 1% are ever elected to the Academy. I look at it as an
award for the school. I don’t think there’s
any entity that has made, as an entity, more
of an impact in the community, in the last 50 years than EVMS. And so when they
recognized me like this, it was almost like
the Hall of Fame. You have to recognize
the environment that obviously supported you. And I can think of
no one more deserving to be elected to the
National Academy of Medicine than my colleague and
friend, Dr. L.D. Britt.

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