Dr. Milton Mills Responds To Joe Rogan & Other ‘What The Health’ Claims

hey this is clouds from plant-based news and I’m honored to be waved of the Milton Mills thank you so much my pleasure over here so I just want to talk about the the what the health criticism in regards to that specifically I just want to talk about what somebody said joe rogan he’s a massive podcast host he said the doctors in that film a lying what would he say to people like that well first of all what did he did he elaborate what specifically was he referring to because you know it’s very easy to make an unfounded claim but if he doesn’t back it up with specifics what I would say to Joe Rogan is Joe Rogan you need more fiber in your diet because you’re full of it because unless he can come up with some specific instance of how we were lying and me specifically he’s just full of crap now let me say this there was one specific criticism that was leveled at me by a nutritionist by the name of yes Messina what she tried to take me to task for was in what the health I said that only plants make protein and she alleged that animals make protein all day long so I did a very concise Facebook post and I said to her if you can demonstrate an animal that is able to take atmospheric nitrogen split the molecules apart reduce it into a form that it can be incorporated into amino acids and then take those amino acids and string them together in proteins I guarantee you that you’ll win a Nobel Prize but you can’t because animals cannot make protein only plants can make protein all we do as animals is we take plant protein amino acids and proteins are synthesized by plants and we recycle them but we do not make protein so that was a ridiculous attempted criticism because I was absolutely correct only plants make protein did she reply to your face no she didn’t and I don’t think she will because she ought to be embarrassed when he hear people like Neil Bernard or dr. McGee who were these great plant-based doctors they talk a lot about the clinical trials that have been done that show plant-based art is really really healthy when they don’t talk about the anatomy and the fact we’re designed to eat plants yes my specialty is and absolutely because I’m glad you asked that question because that’s kind of where I see myself really putting in the missing piece in this the whole plant-based effort I mean we know as you as you just mentioned from studies that plant-based diets are best for heart disease diabetes hypertension cancer and so forth we know that plant-based diets I cause you to have a smaller footprint carbon footprint and are better for the environment but the question is why why is that so because the issue that I always address was if in fact human beings are omnivores meaning that we’re supposed to eat both meat and plants lose why is it that eliminating the animal food from our diet makes us healthier makes us live longer reduces our risk for developing disease well it’s because we really are not I’m divorced we are true herbivores we should not be eating animal food at all and that’s why when we eliminate it from our diet we are healthier it’s better for us better for the environment and clearly better for animals that we aren’t killing well do you say to the people that say we’re not true omnivores we aren’t when you look at natural omnivores like bears raccoons and so forth their anatomy and physiology is completely different from ours they’re their teeth structure is different from ours we do not have the dental structure we don’t have the jaw mechanics we don’t have the intestinal structure of an omnivore or carnivore we are classic herbivorous by design and that’s why for instance 90% of the people who die from choking every year die eating me they’re choking on me and that’s because our teeth jaw structure and throat mechanism is not designed to handle the stuff why isn’t that this kind of spotlight on this fundamental issue right part of it is the fact that it’s tradition and and the traditional misinformation about what humans are supposed to be eating part of it is the fact that people have misplaced understanding about the importance of animal food people seem to think that animal food is important and and there’s this kind of a reason for that again when you look back into the mid to late 19th century as sort of the scientific method was starting to really get developed people were starting to really do research into nutrition one of the things that they found was that at that time people who ate a primarily quote plant-based diet tended to have deficiencies and tended to not have as robust health as people who ate animal food diet but the reason for that was that these people were eating a restricted plant food diet they were eating like say that an in Ireland they were eating mainly potatoes or in the American Midwest they were eating mainly wheat crops right exactly so they were eating a limited diet and they found that people who were eating animals had you know better sent more vitamins less deficiency and that’s because the animals had already done sort of the gathering of the nutrients that they should have been doing themselves but nowadays we know that when you compare someone eating a healthy varied plant-based diet to someone eating meat there’s no contest it’s the plant-based eater whose healthiest and who has the lowest risk for disease and who has the most robust health mentioned me a few times can you talk a little about dairy absolutely is easiest to communicate I mean it’s absolutely ludicrous to think that we’re supposed to be sucking on the teats of a cow I mean we’re not cows we’re humans and you know the the institution or the the practice of dairying that is using cattle for their their mammary secretions is only about three thousand years old and the human race is clearly much older than that so we absolutely do not need Dairy Foods for anything furthermore studies have shown that dairy protein actually correlates with higher risk for a number of diseases including cancer such as prostate cancer some as the China study pointed out some cancers and children but the lactose in the dairy foods is also suspected of raising the risk in women of ovarian cancer and some other problems and then of course the saturated fat is absolutely unhealthy the protein in cow’s milk if a very young children are exposed to dairy protein before their year old it markedly increases their risk for developing type one diabetes so it should be avoided altogether light of the US government recommended because love the dairy lobbyists pay a lot of money for I mean we all call 125 dihydroxy Calcifer all vitamin D and it’s not a vitamin it’s a hormone our bodies will make it if we expose ourselves to sunlight but because the dairy industry started putting it in milk and calling it a vitamin they have got everybody referring to this hormone as a vitamin it’s not a vitamin and shouldn’t be called a vitamin and no more which you recently and ye said that by the US government recommending very products that is a form of institutionalized racism oh there’s no question that it is and the reason is that the government is well aware that the majority of people of color are profoundly lactose intolerant ninety-five percent of agents are lactose intolerant 73 to 75 percent of blacks are lactose intolerance in the americas up to 53 percent of hispanics are lactose intolerant and about 70 to 73 percent of native americans are lactose intolerant meaning that when they eat dairy foods they are going to get sick because they cannot digest the milk that’s in the dairy foods but the government still recommends that people eat those foods not because there’s any health benefit but because the dairy industry wants to sell product now what is the main reason that people recommend or doubt that we should be very foods they say calcium right well number one cows don’t drink milk but there’s plenty of milk calcium in their milk right where do they get it from green leafy vegetables the same place that we can get the council from but it’s even is even worse than that because the studies have shown that there’s so much animal protein in a glass of milk that an animal protein actually causes our bodies to lose calcium in our urine that if you drink a glass of milk you will actually lose more calcium in your urine then you can absorb from that glass of milk so you don’t and you don’t get ahead by trying to get calcium from Dairy Foods Harvard Nurses Health Studies showed that the women who drank the most milk had the highest risk for hip fracture worldwide the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture correlates with dairy intake dairy foods are a lousy way of giving calcium because there’s so much animal protein you end up losing more calcium that you can then you can extract from those foods what do you think of the backlash after the film there lot of articles written a little blog some doctors saying that the information was false we expecting that was I expecting it you know I let me just say I wasn’t I’m not surprised by it I mean anytime you step out and try to push the the frontier of truth there’s going to be pushed back and the sad fact is that what you know Western physicians are Western people and they are as addicted to these crappy diets as everybody else and they don’t want to believe that these things are unhealthy but the science is so sound and so incontrovertible that you really can’t dismiss it in fact Kaiser Permanente which is one of the largest health organizations in the United States is now training their physicians to promote plant-based therapies with their patients and to encourage their patients to change to a more plant-based diet because the evidence is so strong and I don’t think it’s because Kaiser has certainly grown a heart and wants to you know promote plant-based eating it’s just that they know that if their participants switch to a plant-based diet they’ll be healthier and it’ll save the organization money what about the mainstream medical model that makes money from giving people pills and stuff how do we change that rate it’s gonna have to be changed from the ground up I mean we cross reefs activism is more important absolutely absolutely well I mean no no a med school reform is essential but there’s going to be a lot of inertia and a lot of resistance and and part of it is just that you know med school is typically four years the curriculum is already crowded and jam-packed and trying to make room for you know even more information is gonna be a bit difficult I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done because it should because it’s most important to help people understand that they can avoid heart disease that can avoid high blood pressure they can avoid diabetes to a large extent and even as I said reverse and cure these diseases and and people need to be armed with the knowledge of how to do that but it’s just that trying to get these professors who who have been sort of trained traditionally to re-educate themselves it’s going to be a chore I mean we have to so I’m so the reason I’m laughing is because I frequently use a rather unsavory analogy that I don’t know as appropriate for for for this interview anything’s appropriate man well I say you have to be like an energetic hooker you got to work both sides of the street we have to do the grassroots thing while we’re trying to you know get the reform from the top we got to do both what he makes excited about that’s this plant-based phone movement and people knowing the truth about this you think change is happening quickly it’s what I’m most excited about is the fact that I became plant-based I became vegetarian when I was 16 and this was over 30 years ago I mean and at that time nobody knew about this right first of all vegan if you said vegan to somebody they would have thought you were speaking Klingon and even vegetarian was considered bizarre and weird and there was no such thing as going into grocery stores and finding vegan and a fuzen and that sort of thing so just in my lifetime I have seen the landscape change dramatically but especially since what the health has hit the impact it has had on people in terms of raising their awareness making them realize that if they want to be healthy they’ve got to change their diet and lifestyle it’s been so tremendous it is really exciting to see this I mean change is really happening you now have major companies that are starting to invest in developing you know vegan protein products vegan plant milks and so forth so the change is happening and to me that is really exciting personally I am working on trying to get a book published that is going to lay out the scientific argument that human beings are complete herbivores and to me the reason I feel that that is so important is because I said said before that’s the missing piece right that’s the missing piece once people understand that everything else makes sense everything else makes us it makes sense why avoiding meat and dairy helps us cure heart disease helps us avoid autoimmune diseases helps us reverse diabetes and why so much better for the planet because like all large social mammals we are herbivores and and if we would stick to that we would have a much smaller impact on this planet well again I’m still working on trying to get the manuscript written the title that I’ve picked for it is diet and design awesome thank you so much to the SP why can people find out about your upcoming book any other information well again the book I’m still working on looking for a publisher if there’s anybody out there listening that wants to support me in that regard please contact me but I have several videos lectures that are posted to youtube that are very informative and I would encourage people to check those out gives you a lot of information a lot of good teaching and if people need to reach me they can reach me through PCRM PCRM org slash dr. milton mills right thanks again my pleasure [Applause] [Applause]

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  2. Ok Dr. Joe Rogan, let me listen to your advice over Dr. Milton Mills. Oh wait, Joe, you are not a doctor?!? Imma holla at you, Joe, when I need advice on starting a podcast.

  3. Keep in mind, Rogan is a shock jock. His purpose is to be outrageous and to create confusion and chaos. No one expects him to bring any real educated or scientific knowledge to any topic.

  4. I'm no scientist or doctor, I don't work in Healthcare, but I thought it was long generally accepted that humans physiology is herbivore and it was only through learning that ancient human ancestors began supplementing their diet with animal products like meat, eggs, and milk.

  5. He is wrong period ,the problem is how the animals are being killed and raised and treated and the conditions ,these animals are almost all unclean and not taken care of …another thing Americans especially African Americans eat toooooo Much meat ,people eat meat in every meal ,breakfast ,lunch and dinner , sometimes snacks slim Jim’s ect lol ,most diary he’s correct is because OF THE CONDITIONS OF THE ANIMALS OVER MILKING ECT , if we go to these small countries or islands and eat the animals there it won’t taste the same or have the same effects .

  6. This man is truly American Gold. We have to rap him up in bubble wrap and protect him at all cost. He's putting out so much truth, Big Pharma and The Meat and Dairy industries might try to put a hit out on him

  7. He is absolutely incorrect. White people should eat lots of meat and lots of dairy. They should indulge in it.
    Hopefully blacks wake up and follow what he says.

  8. Saying animals don't make protein is like saying humans don't build houses. Sure we don't make wood or rock but we use these building blocks to build houses. In the same way we use amino acids as building blocks to synthesize proteins.

  9. Dont we have an organ thats specific for digesting raw meat? And arent our canine teeth designed to help with ripping and tearing meat? Im not implying anything beyond the mere question. Before agriculture was known to man wouldnt it have been advantageous for us as a species to be able to eat whatever was available even animals at times?

  10. Thank you. I'm almost plant based ..cut out meat, pork, .we are the originals of this planet. I see that more lies are being exposed..I have heard of this before but now awaken to the lies. This meat eating cannibalism is all from white Europeans…dr sebi right on point and proving …..I don't drink milk or any dairy…

  11. Ill stop eating meat when all other animals elvolve to stop eating meat as well. Let me know when wolves and lions change their dietary habits. 👌

  12. "You gotta be like an energetic hooker, you gotta work both sides of the street!". Eloquently put yet real Doc, well said.

  13. Dr. Mills is the best. He is so logical, he paints such a mental picture and I don't see how anyone listening to him, can argue with him as he is telling the truth.

    The fact is that the reasons why pharmaceutical drugs don't get us well is that they are only designed to keep various conditions under control. But they are made from chemistry, which is not what our bodies even know how to get rid of and so the drugs, taken long term, don't work as well in the long run in that the toxic load they build up, makes the person taking them, feel worse.

    The only way to feel well is to make the body healthier by eating foods which the body can digest firstly and has a variety of foods, cycling in seasonal foods and eating fiber which are naturally occurring in the foods. It takes some time to learn how to cook and how really to make the main dishes. Most vegans are using more beans and peas to supply them proteins, but all plant foods have proteins and we don't need as much as we have been told.

    Quinoa is a grain highest among the grains. Easy to fix half and half with rice in a rice cooker. This is great mixed with canned refried beans. Add some garlic and onion or salsa and you have the basis of a lot of Mexican foods like making burritos or tacos. So long as they are not fried, they are healthy foods. Serve that up with a salad or some fruit, and you have a meal. You can use a little grated vegan cheese, if you want, and it is delicious. Morning Star Farms makes black bean burgers and they are just delicious, sometimes I stick half of one in a taco along with some refried beans. Easy, quick and delicious.

    Learn a few recipes you cycle through and you can transition into going vegan. Many people are better off transitioning as if you all of the sudden start eating vegan completely right away, you may have so many BMs that you get sore. Recommend probiotics and substituting plant-based milks for your breakfast cereals and try some without added sugar, you get used to it, and eat it with fresh strawberries or blueberries. Oatmeal is wonderful, just not the instant kind loaded with sugar. Add peaches. Lovely.

    Don't give up. Here's the list of diseases my husband and I got over: arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, healed a broken bone by eating Kale, cured asthma in both of us, no more migraine headaches, no more insomnia, no more foul smelling gas, no bad breath, much milder body odor, better skin and hair, looking younger, we both lost 50 lbs. By going vegan you can also prevent breast cancer as my mother and sister died of this and Alzheimer's which my father died of. Vegans have much better brain health as they age. No more bladder infections in me. My arthritis was so bad at times, I was in a wheelchair, I have robust energy and I do not even need to walk with a cane any longer.

    My husband had had cancer, he has gotten back bloodwork now that a man in his 20s could be proud of.

    Did I mention, the food is really delicious?

  14. Sucks we still get classed as two people. People of color in thee Américas are the same as Native Americas.. Great Interview ☝️

  15. Our diet has too much meat in it. But most Vegans often are deficient in B12. Meat gives a high concentration of B12. So being I'm an Aluminate" that believes in One Humanitarian Truth Under God I believe there should be a little bit of meat in a person's diet. Even God sent birds for the Children of Israel. I believe a diet of 75 to 80 percent whole food plants and 25 to 20 percent meat.

  16. LMAO at Mills' totally bat sht crazy comprehension of protein. This whacko MD totally doesn't get the diff between amino acids and proteins.
    Every animal makes protein. What does Mills think collagen is?

  17. If you had to live on your own no whole foods and grocery stores. You would starve to death. Trying to only eat plants.

  18. Finally someone that can tell the truth about humanity and nutrition. Doing this doesn't help his wallet because anyone how tries to tell the truth always are hard to find for a reason.
    Thank you
    Great interview

  19. This Dr. is not fit, so no thank you, not listening. next. Also be careful listening to someone speak such bold words like we aren’t truly omnivores. We are truly omnivores. And saying people get better on a plant based diet is completely subjective too, because after being vegan and then raw vegan eating non processed foods, getting B12, iron and other supplements, I was seriously anemic and my face showed, smoothies and salads and high iron foods would not save me, but after eating meat again and animal products my face looks better, dark circles re gone, face is plumper and my muscles and energy are more better. Question your body and also anyone stating such bold statements like this

  20. We ate dairy, animal meat and organs out of necessity for survival as a human species. We were in a dark age of a universal cycle so we did not have enough etheric energy available. That’s why our life spans shortened. The etheric energy was in higher concentrations in the animal products. Now we were not designed for this of course so it was not the ideal diet. Originally we were designed only to eat fruit so even plants are not the ideal source of energy. We are at the end of the dark age moving into another age with more energy available so we are going to be able to move away from animal products to more plant based diet. Eventually though we will wean ourselves off of plants to only fruit, then air, then pure light. This is the progression from dark to light. As our bodies can harness more etheric energy as it’s available we will have less need for external sources of energy. I hope this helps to understand. 😎

  21. All proteins actually come from STARS! Stars take hydrogen and fuse the protons together to make the nitrogen needed for proteins. All plants do (with the help of bacteria which he did not mention so he should be ashamed) is recycle that nitrogen in the atmosphere that came from the stars. ALL PROTEIN COME FROM STARS.

    How far back do you want to take it? And this guy wouldn’t hang on JRE

  22. I find it hard to listen to people that promote health when he himself ie. Dr. Milton is not all that healthy. Hes over weight yet he tells us about health.

  23. My wife’s grandmother is fighting for her life as we speak. Terrible heart condition and the people who are taking care of her aren’t listening to common sense. They are feeding her things that is making her condition worse SMH brained washed people who don’t evolve

  24. This guy knows what he's talking about. That said – you can't beat a steak sandwich, with cheese (a smidgen of green leaves) on a buttered (not margarine) rye bun.. can't be done! Maybe a Ghanaian beef n fish tomato stew. Why do you think MaccyD is killing it??

  25. Dr. Mills I agree with you 💯 on everything, but you really need to get into better shape my friend! Your message about plant based diet will be that much more effective if people see you looking trim and healthy. Keep up the fight and good work otherwise and keep educating the masses

  26. Guys Guys Enough with the teeth B.S. All mammals eat both Meat and Plants!! Mammals that are biased toward plants have a larger stomach in order to get enough calories. and Meat eaters have a smaller stomach, which requires food that is more calorie dense!! Also Cows have two stomachs and Apes and gorrilas can process Cellulose unlike humans so enough with the comparisons!! This whole Vegan crap is politically driven, because it sure doesnt benefit us Humans biologically!!

  27. Why did they get him started! He is not done fly by nature nutritionist but rather a well trained physician and specifically on this very topic… Arguing with him is like sticking the have in a garbage disposal😩

    Great job Dr. Mills

  28. Where do the big cats e.g. Lions tigers jaguars (maybe hyena but theyre more dog than cat) get their protein from? They are big social mammals that don't eat plants.

  29. 95% of asians are lactose intolerant lol…i cant take anymore of this crap. This fool is pulling stats out his ass now. And another thing…we eat animals…only morons eat animal food. Get it right doc….lol

  30. I still find it ironic that- that Dr. Is all about veganism and all that but yet hes fat. Hes obviously not practicing what he preaches..

  31. Eating vegan and getting all of your daily nutrition is expensive and hard to do. I've seen people go vegan and look like starving anorexic fiends. A guideline on how to affordably get all of your nutritional daily needs would be nice. I would also like to do it in a way that maintains my strong build in order to deal with the rigors of my job which is heavy construction work.

  32. Even if you don't understand where proteins are synthesized then you would at least have learned in school that plants are at the beginning of the food chain…lol

  33. Dr. Milton is not like most doctors in usa; he is really knowledgable in his field. Majority Droctors in state don't care about patients; they only care pushing drugs; only few who has the knowledge that he possesses; I am really impressed by him. I am waiting for his book. Thank you Dr.

  34. Being of Maori decent(indigenous to New Zealand) our people were hunter gatherers who lived off the land of Aotearoa since the early 1300's. I eat in accordance to my decent the best way I can in this day and age. Everything I eat is gathered or harvested in the best possible way or manner in regards to today's ethical and personal standards. Rough diet ratio, 30% grassfeed red meat, 30% fats and 40% fruit and veg. Fast for 18hrs everyday and only two meals a day. My blood work is optimal and I always feel very vital and full of life! It is a treat to listen to this man convey his message in such a articulate way. I guess that is how it sounds when it comes from someone who is tried and true. I personally do not identify with any moden ideologues because the water seems to be muddy. For me home is where the heart is and what makes the most sense to me and it shows. In NZ a good friends old man who is in his mid 80's, still hunts and carries 80kg pigs out of the bush on his back and has always lived of the land! What ever example you follow in this life, I hope it brings you great health and wellbeing!

  35. Veganism is not answer. changing the way we produce our food including plants back to natural systems is the answer. Also our ancestors did not have groceries to buy meat on a daily basis, they either reared or hunted what they ate so were conservative with consumption. We eat too much meat fattened on junk food. Likewise our plant grow in unhealthy soils.

  36. The question is how much plant you need to consume to get the protein the body needs, especially depending on individuals on their routines.

  37. Seriously if that was Dr Milton's response to Joe Rogan then that was lame and corny because everyone is entitled to their opinion and personally that documentary was full of propaganda rubbish.

    If you want to use doctors who are well versed in their field also maybe he should say the same to Dr Gung, Dr Eric Berg, Dr Haymen, Dr Berg etc… is Dr Milton now your top Vegan Crusader?

  38. I am trying to find information on Dr Milton Mills, his nutritional credentials. I know he went to Standford to be an MD but that's all he is a regular doctor. Where did he specialize in this area to write books in the field of nutrition and how is he supporting his views so please sign post me to the scientic journals or publications he is referencing from. Also what research has he personally conducted to support his own thesis. Let's start with even a wiki page, his age his background where he has practiced because when I do any search it just takes me to vegan websites I would like an objective prospective if someone can send me any links about why we should be listening to him. Many Thanks

  39. Why is that nutriton expert tend to be over weight and lack the healthy glow? if they pratice what they preach he should look amazing for his age.

  40. It's not racism that the USDA recommends milk even though so many race groups are lactose intolerant. As you said, it's the dairy industry that pays activists and lobbyist to do so. Please don't bring in racism to a vegan diet.

  41. @3:36 can you see 3 6's sign he throw up on both hands saying no animal food now I'm suspicious how we even know all these Franken fruits n veggies actually good for us and not leading to more cancers.

  42. Humans are omnivores. Our bodies can digest meats,nuts, fruits etc… Humans are not suppose to eat excessive amount of meat! Especially the dead meats we buy from the groceries store. Its best to eat meat as soon as you can as our ancestor did! You killed it that day and you ate it that evening or the next day.

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