100 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore Season 2 ‘Diet’ Struggle Was Real

  1. OH MY GOD! The one thing you DON'T do. Even if you are 90% sure is ask a woman if she is expecting. I'm 30 wks preg. Very visible and my neighbor comes up to me and is like " Do you know anyone that could use diapers?". I was like "Ooh, yeah, what size?". Then she was like "OHHHH are you pregnant?!" Lol.

  2. i love this. we all let ourselves go here and there. being able to pull it together and getting back on track is the hard part. hard but doable!

  3. What an utter fucking freak! SC Diet…This show is beyond disgusting and immoral. But the Zionist propaganda whore Barrymore, loves to promote Israehell's zionist satanic beliefs. They hope to get everyone involved in eating people. The NWO is fucked in the head. Satanic rituals include, rape and torture of children, human sacrifice and cannibalism. NWO satanic fucks will be wiped off earth! CHILD TRAFFICKERS!

  4. Diet…It's not a comedy but a freak show for you satanic illumaniti pedo's and cannibals of hollyweird! To even agree to be apart of that show, you have to be fucked in the head. You are promoting a bizarre satanic ritual event. Hollyweird has to be arrested for pedophila, murder, cannibalism, and snuff films. These people are so crazy it's unbelievable that anyone watches them! Justice is coming to the satanic NWO pedos & murderers!

    Who did you sacrifice to satan Drew? A friend or someone in your family?

  5. somebody needs to make that moment of "no, i'm just fat right now" a meme this instant! can soooooo relate to that

  6. People should stop talking about a woman's body in front of them. Whether you think she's pregnant or fat, just don't say anything until she bring that up herself or not at all.

  7. Drew Barrymore is AWSOME!!!!!!! As a mom YOU REPRESENT!!!!!!! I love how REAL you are being such an Icon!!! You have NOTHING to prove Drew you are DREW BARRYMORE!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG i love Drew!!..She has me in stitches! lol… I 100% agree with her! How can people be so rude???? Why would anyone say that? ffsake!!….. As a woman in my 40's I can so relate to everything she says!! Shes such a good laugh and lovely person arrrr..I wish she was my friend :O)xlol

  9. I will never forget the day I saw her in person on a jetblue flight from Long Beach to Austin. I wanted to say hello, but was too shy. Lol.

  10. Drew is fudging gorgeous, she is so talented and funny. There has not been a single movie, so far, that I have not loved her in.

  11. Drew keep up the great work…like you in SCD I wish all women took charge once in while so us dads could set back a step!!!!!!

  12. If Drew knew me she’d like me & id love her haha I’m an Aussie 44 year old who has always loved her but we share tan open outlook

  13. But…..the….woman only said she looked like she was expecting. She didn't say Drew was ugly.

    Truly, James and Drew must think being fat is ugly, otherwise why draw the conclusion??🤔💁🏾‍♂️

  14. I love this!! Absolutely love how honest she is, especially when she lives in a place where expectations of being slim are high. Amazing woman

  15. reaction to this Sendung of my bro hannes, is that she is REALLY CRAZY THIS DREw; and than I asked and immidiatly vorkaut in the moment that, yes she had blonde her hair, this was in schooltimes, like Birgit-gmeindl-oser
    the organizor of aso Orchester (no mit for JM; S) 1998, yes as i remember, but this had been in schooltimes as i remember; stefan had been like her in us, this appears here to all this now

    also und mit ihm habe ich aber mittlerweile Kinder, na ok, das findet sich doch noch hier, Wahrheiten zu meinen Gedanken, die sich allgemein einsammeln jetzt na Gott sei dank; INFORMATION IST IST JETZT FOLGENDE, WER UNS BEIDE KENNT STEFF HROMAS UND VERONIKA KÜCHLER; H I E R U D JETZT

  16. The writers of this show are amazing. Like oh my God, I love every single one of the characters. Extremely talented!

  17. Happens to me too. During my fat times people have accused me of being pregnant. I don't hate on them I just warned them graciously. I tell them I don't want you to feel bad and it's okay I understand I'm fat right now but I'm not pregnant. They usually want to go run hide and dig there head in the sand. I said it once to someone. So it happens and that's life.

  18. I love, love, love Drew Barrymore and she is so great in this part. We need at least a season 4, don't leave us hanging!!!

  19. I dunno I find it hard to believe that Drew Barrymore thought that losing 20 pounds wearing high heels and getting her eyebrows waxed was what empowerment should look like….

  20. I’m so mad at Netflix for CANCELLING THIS SHOW! It’s incredible and hilarious! But Netflix couldn’t see that.

  21. love her so cute is she still with her man ?? the father of the children?? shes funky!!! – she did change a lot

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