Dynamic Warmups You Can Do Before Exercise

[Intro Music]>>JOWAN ORTEGA: The dynamic warmup is an
important part of a training program prior to any athletic performance as it uses movements
to prepare the athlete for trainer competition. The movements should increase the body’s
temperature, range of movement, blood flow to active muscles and be geared toward their
particular sport or activity. Here’s an example of a dynamic warmup. Knee pull. Knee to shoulder hip stretch, grab knee and
shin. Quad stretch, knee underneath the hips. Hamstring and calf scoops. Opposite hand, opposite foot kicks. Jog ten yards, jog back. Side shuffle ten yards, shuffle back. Butt kicks. Low karaoke. High knees. Spider lunge with rotation and reach through. The dynamic warmup should prepare the athlete
for upcoming activity, but not induce fatigue. [Outro Music]

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