Easy Steps to Improve Your Mental Health

Recently, we see more and more celebrities
talking about depression, suicide, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. Actually, we have never heard so much about
mental related problems as now. It’s a fact that technology came to help and
improve our lives, but somehow, we are swayed by it. And, many times, when we realize, we already
show symptoms of mental diseases we had never heard about before. So, in today’s video, we will talk about mental
health. Both mental and physical health are two essential
ways to achieve health. That’s why we have that saying: Healthy mind,
healthy body! It’s estimated that around 30% of people suffer,
or will suffer at some point of their lives, from mental health problems. Also, around 12% of people have a serious
mental disease, and 1% of the population suffers, or will suffer, from schizophrenia. Have you ever asked yourself: why nobody talks
about mental health? Many times, we don’t even think about how
important it is to take care of our mental health. In certain ways, it doesn’t mean that we don’t
care about it. However, paying attention to our minds will
result in healthier relationships. Being open to new friendships and knowing
how to cultivate the ones we already have is essential for us to feel good with ourselves
since we are social beings. Isolating and not adapting to people with
whom we live will result in feelings of loneliness. And it doesn’t help our minds. According to many studies, longevity and health
are directly linked to our socialization throughout life. Besides that, having good mental health is
important to our relationship with ourselves, before anything else. That’s why, when we can’t keep our stress
and anxiety under control, we may end up exploding for no reason. Symptoms can appear with no signal, and make
us feel awful, as if a part of our lives got weak. Looking for a therapist can be very positive
to solve or find solutions to this unbalance. Some parts of our life, like teenager years,
menopause, old age, unemployment, divorce, loss of a loved one, and many more, can trigger
symptoms of lack of mental health, as is the case with anxiety, stress, depression, alcohol
or drug dependence, schizophrenia, mental handicap and even dementia. As commonplace as it may be, these symptoms
may last a whole lifetime if not controlled. Keeping these feelings under control will
improve our mood and make us feel better. Not to mention that it will also affect in
a positive way those who are close to us. One of the symptoms which can trigger mental
diseases, and that we haven’t talked about yet, is pressure. We feel increasingly pressured by life. It can be the hush of work, corporate goals,
children and a partner who want attention, social media who push us to be what we can’t
be and go where we can’t go, etc. Our self-esteem ends up being left behind. So, if we learn how to react to this pressure,
we will get mentally stronger and with a bigger self-esteem. Trusting yourself, and making sure not to
sabotage, mislead or deceive yourself will improve your mental health. Did you know that? To keep good mental health, remember to not
isolate yourself and strengthen your friendship and family bonds. Besides that, try to find a hobby, read about
new things, keep yourself active, and, more importantly: look for a psychologist or therapist
to help you control these feelings. If you have gone through something like this,
share with us what you did to improve your life quality, and what advice you would give
to other people.

20 thoughts on “Easy Steps to Improve Your Mental Health

  1. I feel like someone will slaughter me when i go outside. Is that mental disease? What i have to do to get rid of that feeling?

  2. The only thing you need or will ever need in life is meditation.
    It is the key to success, happiness, peace and good health in life.

  3. The term mental health needs to be eliminated, you either need a hug or a kick in the behind as well as techniques like coping skills brain health is primarily related to nutritional deficiencies as well as the toxic buildup of processed and chemically preserved food as well as environmental toxins there are easy solutions to detoxify the brain and clarify your mind the teachings of morals and values needs to replace the term Mental Health because you either have a disease brain or a healthy brain and you either have good morals and values or bad ones I have studied this all my life because of my brother who has Down syndrome

  4. โ€œIt is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.โ€ โ€” Jiddu Krishnamurti

  5. 1.go to a psychologist or therapist and get advices from them
    2.stop junk food,eat fruits and vegetables in your diet.
    3.excercise is very important you can feel the change.walk,jogging,yoga,gym
    4.read,positive book
    5.skip and delete negative things from your life
    6.stop overthink practice mindfulness
    8.get some sunshine from morning and evening.also get some moon light
    9.write your negative thoughts on a book and through it on a waste basket.
    10.express gratitude you can also write it on a book,how greatful you are like you have eyes,ear,health.there are 1.7 million people are blind in this world
    11.stop smoking,drunks,drugs,porn,masturbation
    12.practice positive thinking,mindful

    all people have mental problems in small way or large way.we can overcome it.dont worry.nothing happens.hope this article writing by me is a veteran of anxiety,depression,ocd,social phobia now i overcome all.its takes time.move on

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