so when I make bananas no when I make bananas with wina hey guys it's Candice the edge and I thought it'd be super fun today to try and copy someone else's what I eat in a day video and I chose Rose she plays a vegan she's just like a real down-to-earth vegan chick like I think if she lived in Toronto we'd be great friends like she's just like realistic in terms of her recipes and her outlook and I love that so I thought that I would try eating like her per day because I do love her recipes they're always quick simple easy cheap I guess that's why she's called the cheese please don't I'm going to follow this what I eat in a day vegan simple and healthy meals what I eat in a day video from her I'm starting off with my coffee the first thing she had was a glass of water and coffee I had my glass of water I'm not drinking this coffee this is just coffee I made in a mocha with so I'm gonna Here I am Candice welcome to the edgy veg make sure to hit that subscribe button and bail notification so you concede I face twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. and let me know in the comment section below if you have another youtuber that you want me to eat like I'll leave your comments and if their suggestion if they're bad well probably tell you I kind of wrote down everything that she eats which is a lot actually her breakfast is like a huge smoothie and then also toast with humus and alfalfa sprouts and coffee and water it's a lot lot of food I barely eat breakfast ever like I never eat breakfast so this is going to be a bit of a struggle but I'm going to try and follow as much as possible her recipes depending on what I have in the house I might make some minor substitutions if I don't have some of these products let's start making this smoothie I have making it roses like 45 ingredient breakfast smoothie no shade Rose I think it's great that you add so much stuff to your videos I just I'm not as prepared so I have some spinach in there and add some frozen banana just they don't have to add any ice please I am I grow some fruit too I mean a banana what am I talking about I don't know apparently any straight works when I have leftover bananas I like to cut them up and put them in a container like this to keep them in my freezer so I always have bananas on here's another frozen opportunities my berries of choice are raspberries because that's what I have we're adding our frozen berries apparently as much is this the content you came for okay protein powder I'm using the pro/5 protein powder it's just you know I only like to do half a scoop because I'm not like a big bodybuilder and um the logic there makes sense in my mind don't come at me in the comment section then we are going to add some hemp hearts I'm going to do like a tail with it yeah I don't know how I'm going to eat toast after this black seeds the last longer if you keep it in the freezer fun tip for you today you've got chia seeds chia oh no good she's eating rice really on my sofa Harley that's gonna stain okay she also adds spirulina I don't have spirulina but I have this which is just like blue-green algae it smells like the ocean she also adds a like greens powder I got this at a trade show I never know how to use these things now some almond milk so she also adds some fresh ginger and one date along with roses smoothie she also makes toast with hummus and sprouts Jesus elfelfa sprouts the store that is near me was out of that so I'm using broccoli sprouts which I believe are a bit more like they have a sugar flavor I made toast now I'm adding humus said toast oh this is the content you came some sprouts and bla time for the smoothie oh that's a good watch ah ah stand up straight let's try this very nice actually you can't really taste any of the superfoods I'm mostly just a single raspberry and banana I never would have thought this is a breakfast food more Michael ends like I've done like a how much sandwich was sprouts and like tofu on it once actually quite nice for a breakfast food both on Rose thank you for lunch Rose put together this like it's almost like a tofu steamed vegetable stir-fry thing with a spicy cream sauce so that's what I'm going to eat she had Chinese broccoli the store near me didn't have that they were out so I just got no broccoli I realize that they're not baby bok choy here some tofu oh and someone get off alright so I'm just adding the veggies right to the pan she's seen them with just a little bit of water so I just have these on medium-high I'm going to add some water and let these veggies do their thing Rose sees in her veggies with some maple syrup some garlic salt because she didn't have a garlic powder so I'm going to do the same thing some maple syrup go in with lemon garlic sauce really simple way to season your veggies it's simple and super yummy I do something similar with my veggies when I couldn't mr. fry just the one I'm going to remove these from the pan and just fry up some tofu in her video she had left over medium tofu I have blocks over firm tofu not a huge difference alright I have half a block here it's just me so I'm just going to hook up four pieces there's a little bit of the sauce left over from the veggies I'm just going to use the same pot I'll season with a little bit of garlic salt and I'm just cook them like three four minutes on each side until it's nice enough I have some camu and buckwheat pasta soba noodles I'm going to cook up enough for one person that's me say we're right in the pot and I'm going to cook that for about eight minutes package says yes eight to ten minutes Hey seven timer for that I'm going to whip together her quick sauce it's like a spicy noodle sauce I have some soy sauce in this bowl here how many times can i say sauce she adds some Korean red pepper paste I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce this properly that yes what he said go choo-choo go to jail gochujang I'm borderline offensive trying to pronounce that some apple cider vinegar into this sauce splash of water I need my tiny wonder body I miss my tiny blender the silver noodles are cooked and drained she rinsed hers under cold water I'm going to do the same I'm now adding the sauce to the cold noodles and I'm just going to mix it all together now I don't usually have coat noodles I'm more of an the warm noodle gal myself but I'll try anything once some prep the greens Oh No right away broccoli okay and then she tops hers with sesame seeds there we go lunch is served noodles alright first foray into cold noodles oh it's real spicy good thing I like spicy ones a quick simple meal and then the next time I make this I would keep the noodles warms because the whole cold noodle and warm tofu things throwing me off but they're pretty tasty alright I'm going to go eat my lunch do some work and I'll see you for some time hi Harley first snack Rose ate some blueberries so I'm just eating some blueberries hanging with our Lee Rose sucker vitamins now I don't take a daily multivitamin but I do take antidepressant I don't take like my ancient antidepressant isn't super high dose it's for a situational depression and also the anxiety that I've been having been a part of like two and a half years I decided after two and half years to medicate it was a decision that I made with my doctor and my therapist and it changed my life if you are going through something really difficult and hard you know ask for help okay so I take one of these every day definitely helps with my pressure helps with my anxiety immensely like it's completely changed my life my anxiety if you guys aren't arresting learning more or want me to do something like I don't know mukbang about like anxiety depression I deal with that book it's dinnertime so Rose wanted to make this charred cauliflower situation so I'm going to try and make that I'm heating up a pan over super high heat adding some olive oil and because I'm cooking for just me it's just a little bit of cauliflower so I'm cooking it on super high heat because we want the cauliflower to char she cooked it in the oven for like 12 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit I'm going to cook it in the airfryer the hardest let's see if I can char the bottoms of this cauliflower right I'm adding in some garlic salt and thyme as well as nutritional needs chop up some tofu into cubes all right and then we are going to pan fry these I'm transferring the cauliflower which is chard now into my airfryer and I'm going to put this for like we'll start with five minutes along with her cauliflower Rose also fried a bunch of tofu and tossed it with barbecue sauce all right so here is the dinner I added the cauliflower to the pan just like she did with the funky tofu and then magically just like hers appeared we have some edamame and steamed corn jobs are back hey doggies hey no handle all right so I'm going to eat this probably you know watch some beef on crave or something I love roses channel she really makes veganism super approachable for people make sure you go check her out I'm going to leave and link to her original video in the description box below she can go give her some love subscribe to her give her some thumbs up and tell her that you were sent by me Sammy's getting a corn somewhere oh ha

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  5. Oh me, i’m sorry and please don’t take this personal. You need to get off your meds and find a doctor in your area that could help you get on some natural supplements. My daughter suffers from anxiety and my sister put her on a regiment that has completely changed her life. All natural . Your body will require that medication eventually that will not work and I’ll put you on something else.

  6. Super fun video! I would love a video on anxiety/ depression. It's a reality that many of us live with daily, and having it more normalized would be great, especially with tips to help out the "newbies". Lots of love!

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