let's see Oh everybody guava juice here welcome to gummy food versus real food part 36 I actually don't know what part it is but it's really simple there's a gummy food and there's a real food version of it and now we're just gonna see what happens it's gonna be a surprise gonna be a treat let's give this via big thumbs up if you want the series to continue it's been a while since I've done one of these so let's do it all right so let's do gummy food number one oh we have a gummy waffle with some butter on top hmm Wow think oh that's cool right I say inspect it if you see on the back of it it looks like a circle looks like a target so looks like an eggo waffle so let's see the real food version of it it's probably gonna be an eggo waffle that's so cool all right so the thing about the gummies is each of these gummies that i present to you today or on this video it's going to taste different from one another so this one i'm assuming is going to taste like butter does it taste like butter let's find out nope it does not taste like butter matter of fact it tastes more like syrup at the end of each round how I usually do it is I usually rate what is better what tastes flavorful the gummy version of it or the real food reserve so let's take this real waffle with some delicious butter let's just that mix the butter up let's just eat it like a sandwich because butter is not good for you guys gotta eat like a sandwich so pretty good all that butter good hmm Mia alright so let's try something else let's put everything all together okay since this won't taste like syrup and I do need some syrup for this waffle maybe it'll taste better with it nope Nolan alright so I'm going to conclude round one really quickly so you guys know how the other round will go as far as flavor I'm going to give the winner to the real food version of this waffle with butter prepared good also you can throw this like a frisbee let's see how far this one goes alright so let's take this gummy waffle are we gonna try to stick it in the wall over there we go let's see if I could stick this wish me luck nope see that window behind that drum set let's see if this waffle will stick in that window here we go welcome to round two make sure it's thick till the end because the very very last round is disgusting I don't know what it is I was informed it was disgusting so let's move on to round two so any guesses what it is here I'll let you see it before me what is it let me know in comment down below what you talk if you said watermelon you are so there's a gummy watermelon and then a regular watermelon obviously I've had this one before and this one tastes amazing if you ever have those watermelon Jolly Ranchers imagine that except more in a gummy formula you can smack someone wants a good bite here take a bite let me know what this tastes like hey it's hard ok let me know what this one tastes like this one says really good I don't know how this regular wall moans don't be have you look at this this thing is so heavy I'm pretty sure if I drop it on his plate don't break watch now alright here we go let's try this one look at that one okay now I'm doing this new thing where if I combine it what will it taste like i enhance the flavor of the gummy and the real food nope okay so I'm gonna get the winner to the gummy watermelon for this round you guys agree cool did you see that go back to the timestamp 1:22 let me know in the comments what you see ok so let's move on to the next round all right round three um obviously it's a flower cause this let's open up this flower oh look at that look at this book it is so colorful Wow I wonder how much food coloring these flowers drink during their time in the earth that's pretty cool all right so we have some colorful flowers here and then on the other side we have colorful flowers here wow isn't this great you know I'm a little bit Daisy from all this smell from these flowers you remember that one days wee-wee Daisy Wow okay so let's move on and I'm really bad up do you have punch let me know in the comments down below if you have any daisy puns cuz these are daisy alright so let's I guess we shrub I hope I'm not allergic it's amazing so let's try it out sorry okay sorry about that I thought I could handle it cuz obviously at the plant so this is a vegetable so I was thinking this would by taste a little more like lettuce okay oh yeah butterfly Wow usually I can eat this but I guess I'm older now and my taste buds have evolved so I can't really eat anymore I'm so sad well the meantime let's open up these daisy gummies hopefully this is a little bit better alright let's open this up oh no I got some flowers for you alright alright so comparing the two I'm pretty sure if you put the gummy right here it makes this flower even more decorated isn't that right see this is like more free alright so what does this Daisy taste like I mean there's a whole bunch of flavors here I mean this different color so I'm assuming different colors equal different flavors so let's try this okay so the outside are more marshmallowy which is pretty good marshmallow weed gummies are actually in my opinion taste better than like normal gummies hmm look at that there's a heart in the middle oh yeah so let me know what coverage how do you do your heart you like this like this this this this I guess nowadays yeah it's all in my opinion after eating the Daisy and the Daisy gummy a lot better by the way I have some flowers for you enjoy alright welcome to the fourth round we have ourselves we have pizza that looks like very delicious I feel like I could eat this and it'll be tastes exactly like a pizza Wow let's take a bite mmm mmm Wow Wow I mean I can't just this is this is the most flavorful out of all the gummies I've tasted what kind of tastes like fruit loops and it's like super super stretchy regardless of everything look at that Wow we're gonna flip it all right okay so that one tastes really well I mean obviously I'm pretty sure this one tastes even better because pizza is delicious regardless of where you are and why you're born mmm yep so the regular pizza obviously it beats the gummy pizza but it's pretty close flavor-wise I love this gummy pizza right pretty powerful depending on like to see how far you could stretch it like kind of like dough so let's say you make pizza and you like flip it and flip it again but my question is what does it taste like together so I've been doing this mmm pretty good all right just like that the waffle gummy let's try the same thing with this pizza gummy you see this window right here will it stick to the window let's find out three two what bet throw a leg face burns it'll stick watch three two one okay there you go so if you stick around till the end of the video I told you earlier that the last round will be a disgusting round well no that's not poop that's definitely some kind of meat of some sort I was like Nick liver or something is that liver I'm so scared I'm so scared what does the gummy version of this look like here we go count down with me ten nine three one Oh what is this look a frog it's a frog tadpole it's like a half a frog you know when frogs become tadpoles it's the other way around you don't want tadpoles become frogs and this is like they're halfway point okay this goes back and keep original shape alright probably tastes good like why would they mmm nope okay this OH honestly this one tastes like handles I don't know why people would make gummies that taste like candles if you make all this make it taste like strawberry is there like mangoes or something delicious nope so let's try the real rub let's try the real version of this agency

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