Eating Out – Best Food For Muscle & Fat Loss (Chinese Cuisine)

what's up guys welcome to the video we got curry session right there what's up guys today is day 5 of project transformation I am kicking ass I hope you guys are I am extremely exhausted but just normal the first week is freaking tiring when you put a sudden change in your diet you are going to feel like smash the thumbs up but I'm about to start the video today it's a diet hack i'ma show you guys how to do it so let's go she likes ass currently we are in this area called Peru it is you see that's plenty of restaurants here which is hobby it's basically like a Chinese place guess the thing is I get my fruity most of the time but I always hear people say like you can't die by eating out or you can die in Malaysia because the food here is just too good I totally agree view Curtis I can agree you both can agree you it's definitely true by slightly impossible one thing that I realized is that most people don't know what they're eating also what I feel that people eat based on their feelings and because they eat based on your feelings they think that one big meal means they eat a lot which is complete I want to debunk that today and just show you guys what kind of food that you can eat out how you can come out and eat and still get the result that you want there's something that I like because it's very flexible you don't be to Street where you have to eat boy chicken and freakin solid without further ado let's go because you see this place is pretty packed and we try to find a place that we can fill because I'm not actually gonna order by Allah who kind of show you guys what food are people to eat and what put out your cell phone chicken and was the father one two four six seven sixteen seventeen dishes I mean this is including drinks and off and spending quality here so this mashup thumbs up button one I'm gonna see some good food but I'm gonna dye it I'm going to show you guys how I do it and the rest go to Bob oh you're gonna eat all the food deficit yes ready for this you guys ready for this boom as you see we order a ton of food in my opinion which is malaysian flavors of what they were actually even right here we have what we call rice noodle another word this one is called hop on what's the difference in this one and this one because it's an oily rice which is obviously a lot more oily so the calories is a lot more higher there which means higher fat right here we got some veggies I separated the sauce then we got our proteins guys lots of different proteins we got a duck talked in the frightful there's a more protein as a protein you got some eggs right here lastly we have some bread do some butter and what we call kyuh kyuh there's some green sauce and some green sauce made of like south leave the secret to eating out guys is actually this first kill empty plate and a lot of effort in order to know what is the accuracy of the food i have to go and measure the food right so that's 210 grams of whites 210 grams here to attend girls here has 400 grams of rice already so rice is normally mistaken as this fat is you know you eat cops you get fat complete you need carbohydrates because it is into energy which is used in the gym in life like whatever they do you need the carbohydrates so don't be fooled by people I said only your carbohydrates I'm having two bowl of rice I'm still able to lose weight but a difference about this one the rice noodle is that is covered in a lot of sauce now sauce is actually a lot more harder to track because we don't know what sauce they are using these sauces as their home carbohydrates inside you know sugar and all that and that's something that I would like to avoid that's why you guys now that we know about the carbohydrates the more cleaner food that we can actually eat I like eggs but you can order these these are really clean these are like the choices our preference for most people that comes here why because the case can get like guys if I am NOT cutting right now Oh ate all of this man like I just can't do it man you just can't do it no discipline so my choice of protein when I normally eat out is always the chicken breasts here's the thing most people don't know this but you can actually ask for no skin and separate the sauce this one is a lot more easier I might not get an accurate result but my choice of preference always a steamed chicken sometimes I would eat a little bit of these can actually ask for the lean part so you don't have to get a fatty part it's not as lean as the chicken obviously veggie so is good I don't normally track my veggie now pay attention sodium is not bad for you but too much of sodium is that for you just want to keep against a better attention this is a sweet barbecue sauce and small that pop right there and this one is the soy sauce they're both high in sodium but a difference that this one and sugar sugar is hot right especially when it's in sauces he has to see she's kneading the oily more calories or I'm having a white rice because it's a lot more easier to try it get my chicken man all right so I actually did a bit of the chicken already I measured it was 140 grams of chicken breast I took a bit of the char siew and I remove the fats that were a me about 60 grams of pork to deliver the duct 30 grams I'm avoiding the fluoride so I'm not gonna have this we need some condiments I don't really try to mark that you really really do same to these horses as well just a really really little so yeah enjoyed it and I'll see you get it I am bun and coming up bomb here man McClung eats everything bring a set of fuel good good okay she likes a hat girls always stand in the shade I'm full smash it times up button ah oh come on you know what BOM do the outro for me please guys don't love that bomb alright this is first time doing this it's not your total bomb alright so for me guys so if you enjoy the video give a thumbs up and subscribe see you soon yeah before I go I was just questioning why was there no one taking this spot apparently love but

15 thoughts on “Eating Out – Best Food For Muscle & Fat Loss (Chinese Cuisine)

  1. I somehow found your video through my recommendations and I’m proud to say I’m glad I did. Love your sense of humor and content. You have a new subscriber!

  2. For RM90, which equivalent to $30SGD… you can never find those amount of food without any promotions/discount here in SG. Envious..

  3. do one on vegetarian food!!sidenote:vegetarian diet does not affect your muscle growth etc.go read more about vegan athletes!!it's a misconception that u nid meat for muscle gain!!

  4. Measuring your food outdoors just looks dumb. Just eat in moderation and not over do it. Unless you are joining a bb competition or man hunt, there is no need for such extreme measures. It’s not feasible long term.

  5. Great video! Would love to see more videos like this showcasing other hawker food from Malaysia/Singapore for bulking/cutting 🙂

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