[ENG sub] [TWICE Private Life] Tzuyu, the Expert of Bowling Stress(?) EP.04 20160322

– I’ve never been to a bowling alley – Really? Anyone who never bowled before? I never bowled before I don’t know much either Me too Me neither I bowled once Just go with the flow Just throw the ball I’m really bad at bowling We don’t need to stretch beforehand? Your wrist! Wrist stretching! Or are they dancing? Who goes first? Did you choose? Player No.1 come out in 1, 2, 3… Ji Hyo, Sana, Da Hyun I can’t throw it while walking You need the extra speed! It’s confusing! You’re a dancer! I’m nervous! A game that will determine their free time!! A clean…. fail! It’s okay you can go one more time One more time! What do I do! Ji Hyo’s pink ball leaves her hands! 9 points! Great job Ji Hyo! How good is Sana at bowling? FAIL Her walk is funny too And she fails again We shouldn’t have trusted her I think Da Hyun is gonna break something How did she do? Thank god she didn’t destroy the floor… Did you see that? My power? Everyone is failing Is this all you got? What do we do? She looks serious… She picks up the ball effortlessly You can see her determination! Such a big reaction 7 points! She’s good! Look at her posture! Come here~ Compliments make her happy Look at her graceful pose Jaw dropping She got all the spares! Running towards Mina Wow – Didn’t Mina have good posture? – Yeah She was like a professional She said ‘Weren’t I pretty?’ Ha ha She says stuff like that now! Hey Tzuyu! Tzuyu’s specialty is throwing balls Oh right! Throwing them really far I have a target now I’ve never done this before It looks like she’s throwing seeds No! I thought she was good Her specialty is throwing balls, and her hobby too Still doing the same thing You look like the best player! All of her attempts end up in the ditch She’s not as good as she looks I’m doomed Her legs and arms are so long She needs to lean forward a lot What about this time? I did that! It looks like they’ve already won But in the end I… got all… umm I… stress…? Stress? Are you stressed? Anyway, did you see what I did? Don’t cut out that part!

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  2. Look at them so passionate and their actions restricted back then but now they are relax and can easily diss each other without too much care of their image. XD

  3. この頃のTTの大ブレイクで日本で有名になる少し前の雰囲気が好き。韓国では有名だったかもしれないけど今ほどではなかっただろうし。あとミナって体全体の使い方が凄い上手だから、他のメンバーがガター連発な中でスペアが取れたんだろうね。ツウィのはまあ奇跡かもしれないけど奇跡を持ってるのが凄い。

  4. Daebak my all little girl👍👍👍….saranghaeyo twicee😍😍😘😘…#once #twice ..love you tzuyu my bias and my angel😍😍…he is cute when she wanted to say strike but say stress😂😂…like my comment below pleasee👇👇👇

  5. Mina,Tzuyu, and Sana are my bias in Twice. Mina and Tzuyu are the quiet ones and elegant looking ones.

    PS I Love All Of Them.🥰

  6. Too cute she is kinda stressing when the ball goes in diff. direction 😝😝😝
    Tzuyu is too cute

  7. Jeongyeon was already laughing at 3:30 but when Tzuyu said stress 3:37 ROFL 😂💜. No one's gonna talk about SaTzu moment? 😕
    Sana said did our Tzuyu got stressed

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