Environmental Wellbeing: Featuring Packers Tour Guides

(all speaking at once) – Hi, we are Green Bay Packer tour guides, and we are lifesavers. Jack Wigman: Okay, here’s the visiting team’s tunnel. When they come out, they
have to come out one-by-one, and they go and sit on the
east side of the field, facing the sun. And their locker room is not
at the end of this here tunnel, it’s up where it says 138. So they gotta come down
24 stairs, up 24 stairs, down 24 stairs. We wear them out before the game starts. That’s what we call home field advantage. Diane Lahti: I told my husband, many
years before I retired, that when I retired, I was going to be a Green Bay Packer tour guide. And he said, “how do you expect that you’re going to do that?” I just said, I don’t know. I’m passionate about the Green Bay Packers and I love people, and I
think marrying the two, is a good choice. Jack Wigman: I started working for the
Green Bay Packers in 2004 and I’ve given over 10,000
tours, over all this time. Rob Hankwitz: I would guess, by my recollection that, probably done over a thousand tours, and I look forward to doing 5,000 more. For me, it’s a great privilege,
and it’s a great joy. – [Diane] For health
purposes, the happier you are, the more it comes out,
and it just permeates with all the people around you. If you’re happy, they’re going to be happy. It’s hard to be sad around
somebody who’s happy. – [Jack] Well I guess I’m a happy guy. And I just think it’s important
for people to be happy and I try to make my tours happy, happy for people, and joyful. And when I get done every tour, I say, do you enjoy the tour? I want to make sure they enjoy that tour. And I think it’s very important
to have happy people around. When I was superintendent of the schools, when I was principal, I wanted
a happy work environment. Productivity goes up when
we have happy people, happy workers. -[Rob] When you’re laughing,
you’re on the same side. You’re on the same team, and it can help you
move through your shift, move through your day. – [Diane] I think you feel
closer to the people around you when you’re having joy. It’s just healthier for everybody. Everyone’s having a bad day,
no one’s going to have a good day. But if at least one person
is having a great day, then I think that’s going to
rub off onto others. – [Rob] To be a lifesaver,
I would say, first of all, don’t take yourself so seriously. We’re all imperfect people. You know, join the rest of us, and acknowledge your mistakes to yourself. Admit them to others, and move on. – If you’re going to be a lifesaver, you have to deal with other people and make sure that you have
concerns about other people. You have to love other people. I do, I just love everybody, and you gotta be thankful
for all the gifts you get. – To be a lifesaver, I think, you have to have a positive attitude, but I think joy comes from in the heart. And if you’re joyful about who you are and what you what you want to accomplish, and in my case, it’s helping
people find joy themselves. If somebody is, having a bad day, maybe you don’t even know it, but if you can do one little thing. Pat them on the back. Shake their hand. High-five them. You never know when
you’re making a difference in someone’s life. (playful music)

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