[EVENT] How To Get the Treasured Cuisine Egg – Roblox Egg Hunt 2018 – Easterbury Canals

okay so as soon as you spawn you want to talk to the mayor right behind you to get the treasured cuisine egg if you don't talk to him then you won't start the thing but basically he tells you that you need to set up a tent there's two tents here one of them is complete and then one of them is not so basically you have to go back and forth and grab all of those dishes and make the second tent on the right side look exactly like the tent next to it basically you grab one of each item and there's a specific spot where it goes on the table and if you need reference just look at the tent right next to it and that'll show you what you need to do then go talk to the mayor again after you talk to him you're gonna the chocolate factory so just run right across where he's facing basically and then go to this Chocolate Factory and talk to Billy banca and then he says that he needs Sub Zero ice cream so he needs like super cold ice cream you leave the chocolate factory you take a left and you just go way down the road because you're looking for this pink building that is the ice cream shop so it's just down here see this pink building I'll talk to Isaac in there after you talk to him you want to make sure you grab this sub-zero ice don't grab the other ice you have to grab the correct ice there in the corner and the milk and then sugar and then whatever flavor push the green button and then you've made yourself some ice cream and you're gonna go out of the ice-cream shop take a right and head back over to Billy Bunker's Chocolate Factory and then you're gonna basically bring this ice cream in and put it in a little spot to check cool down his machine so once you've got the ice cream you can go inside of the door after you talk to him and once you go inside the factory stick to the left try to avoid the mist or those spills on the ground or you're gonna end up I'll show you here so basically if you get into this where you're tipping it you want to move your mouse away from where that thing is pointing if if the thing goes in one direction just move your mouse and then you can just save it otherwise you're gonna have to go make another ice cream cone and then dump it in this thing and then you don't have to worry about the mist or the spills anymore just go back out there talk to Billy banca one more time and then he says go tell the mayor that everything's good to go and then you can just hop across over here and then talk to the mayor and then after you talk to him he will give you the treasured cuisine egg all right it's pretty straightforward but I mean there's a lot of stuff that you have to do and you have to do it in a specific order in order to get that egg

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  1. The slipping part isn't fair I keep trying to put my finger in the other direction but it sends me back to the ice cream shop 🙁

  2. the ice cream parlor guy is broken at least for me, I will explain, the guy is only saying "Welcome to my ice cream parlor!" and then the chat bubble disappears, without saying anything about the mission, can someone please help me?

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