Everyday Men Take The FBI Fitness Test

(light music) – I used to do a lot of
athletics in high school but that was 10 years ago. – I exercise a lot because I eat a lot and so I exercise so I
can eat whatever I want. – I am doing CrossFit about
five to six times a week and weightlifting one time a week. – I run about two miles once a week, maybe twice a week. – I don’t think I’m quite
as fit as an FBI agent. – I’m afraid of throwing up on camera. – I’d like to pass but I’d
like to be top of the class. I want to beat all these dudes. – To attain a passing score
on the physical fitness test, you must earn at least one
point in each four events and at least a cumulative
score of 12 points. Do we have to fight a
criminal while we do this too? (exciting music) – I think I was 30 for 30 and then the second half I slowed down. so that sucked. – I was trying to do a
sit-up a second but not quite so I’m a failure. – Puking might actually happen. – I had good momentum up top and then the last 20 seconds, my stomach just wanted to eat. (exciting music) – Thought halfway through, oh yeah, I’m just running and I was like, oh, if this was a serious situation, I better turn on the jets. – My legs are on fire. I was just imaging that he was a murderer. – That was the fastest I’ve ever run. Oh my God. Can’t believe I was five seconds off. – Oh, I failed. Fuck. (exciting music) – My goal was 60 and
after that I was like, you met your goal, you’re done. – I got 40 which is respectable. – Hung up on the failure. Can’t see the success. – If I had longer limbs, I’d be killing it right now. (exciting music) – My whole body hurts. It’s all fire and sweat. – I stopped probably twice. I started seeing stars and I didn’t want to push it so hard that I might pass out. – I got 11 minutes and six seconds which actually was faster than I expected because I was kind of gassed
out at the end of this. – I came in at 13:10 which disqualifies me because I got zero points. – I’m really glad to physically be able to get into FBI. – I’m surprised that I
was able to pass the test. – I got 13 points but I failed. – I’m pretty stoked that I was able to pass half of the test. – I think I would take my
physical fitness more seriously. I mean, this was fun. I feel like I got a good workout. – And I guess I’ll continue to not have a gym membership because it seems like
it’s working out for me. – I’m going to start challenging myself to set better goals and expectations, meet and surpass those so thanks FBI. – I got to work on my cardio, got to work on my speed. I feel like I could get there. – If anybody from the FBI is watching, I’ve never done drugs and I’m available to be hired. (light music)

100 thoughts on “Everyday Men Take The FBI Fitness Test

  1. It heart my eyes to watch those push-ups.And dose fbi really use sit ups chose those are like one of the worst ways to test your abs.

  2. 1:03 Hey, if you got 6 points doing sit ups, you could afford to coast along, and put in a relaxed effort until the end of the course, and then put in a more energetic effort at the end, depending on how many points you needed!!!! ;*D

  3. 3:07 I don't get it????/ At my peak of fitness, I could probably walk a mile and a half in like, fifteen minutes or so!!!!! So why do the FBI consider it amazing to be able to run that much in ten minutes????? Plus, bear in mind, at my "peak of fitness", I still had a protruding belly!!!1

  4. “””Average guys””” These are soyboys who have voices higher that an 8 year old. They probably can’t bench a bar with no weights.

  5. Why tf yall holdin each others feet on the sit ups?

    why yall sprintin in light shoes

    why them push ups garbage

    who tf runs a 10 minute mile

    bois did decent tho

  6. Its not difficult … its regular In the IDF test " Bar – Or "
    My best result is 100 in this test ( when I was in the army )
    and my 2 Kilomter record is 6.32 try break it 😉

    To Acceptable to commando force in my unit you need do more !

  7. Good video, but most of the pushups, and a large number of the situps shown, would not have been counted as they failed protocol. They all may have failed.

  8. Awesome! I am a PTI in the British Army and wonder if they could pass the BRITISH ARMY Test! Check it out on my channel

  9. The FBI need to change that sit-up test. People are going to get back problems if they do sit-ups like that

  10. “I had a good momentum up top.. but then, the last 20 seconds, my stomach just wanted to eat”
    Garrett is mood

  11. Bruh 15-year-old me (I'm 20 now) could have easily beaten these dudes. Maybe except the push-ups part. I could only do 20 legitimate push ups before my arms died

  12. I would barley pass it I do 50 military pushups a day 6 hours of bball half of it full court 120 mountain climbers 100 situps and I'm 13💪

  13. Wow that was surprisingly pathetic. If that were actually the “everyday man” we better pray another world war doesn’t break out.

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  15. I’m 14 and play a lot of football and I did better than all these grown ass men and I’m pretty sure I’m not too fit so these men were under average

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