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(upbeat music) (Dedicated to a Higher Level of Medical Attention) (Heart Hospital of Austin’s Executive Wellness Program combines weeks worth of medical evaluation into one comfortable, comprehensive exam) – The philosophy of Executive Wellness is to take a program that really
would take weeks sometimes to get all the health results for somebody and package that into one day. And the idea is that with
executives in particular, they’re so crunched for time, that getting results of
all these different tests would take multiple visits and
a significant amount of time. So we’ve put that all in one day and made where you get a
package of all your results with the goal of
preventative care in mind. That’s the thing that really
the program is driven on is people don’t have time to go get all this preventative care. And so with Executive Wellness day, we’ve got from morning ’til mid-afternoon and we go through a battery of tests and the person ends up leaving with a package of their results, laboratory values and all the
other results of the test. And it turns out to be a terrific thing that most people just
don’t have time to do. – Most of our exams are on healthy people but on occasion we do find
very significant heart disease. I’ve found several of those. I did have a patient several months ago who had on his first sonography here, had a tumor on his right kidney. He had no evidence of that
in any of his blood work or his urinalysis. It turns out that that
was a renal cell carcinoma and if he had gone on and
not had any preventative care within a year he would’ve
been significantly ill and fighting a significant cancer. – The feedback that we
get about the program, we’ve taken care of a number
of corporate clients here for a long time. And the feedback that we get from people who have gone through
the program is sometimes it literally has helped save their life as we’ve found things that
they didn’t know they had. I’ve been through the program myself as literally just on the consumer end and the value of getting
all of the information that you got from your lab work, your diagnostic imaging test, we do an abdominal ultrasound,
a carotid ultrasound, all of these things that people
just wouldn’t normally get when they go to their doctor. The value in that and the
peace of mind that you get and I would say for most
executives, they’re really paying for the peace of mind to
know if something’s going on with their body and the value of that program is unbelievable. It’s worth the day, if
somebody can take the time to set aside the half a day that we do, they will absolutely
love that they did that. – There’s a lot of value
in coming every year, year after year because
the doctors and staff are familiar with you
they keep really accurate and good records about
what your issues are or what your progress has been. You’re able to see year
to year the improvement if you’re working on something
like your cholesterol or your weight. You’re able to see the
improvement year to year in the numbers. You’re able to ask questions like if you’re trying to
make lifestyle changes to help improve those things. You can ask questions and see
real time whether it’s helping or whether you need to
try something different. I don’t feel like I’m at
a hospital when I’m here, I feel like I’m at a spa. People take really good
care to be very friendly, be very professional, they
make you feel at home, I mean the food is
unbelievable for a hospital. I can’t even believe it’s hospital food. – We’ve found here and we can
actually show business owners that the state of health
of their employees improves from the ongoing care and the reevaluation of their lab values for instance and their exercise tolerance,
those things add up to good health for the next year and the next year and the next year. – Healthy person is gonna be
a much more productive person at any place of employment. But the people that are busy
at work and travel extensively tend to ignore their health. So when the company offers
them a day or a half day to come and do this sort
of comprehensive exam, they’re more likely to take
time out of a busy schedule to get things accomplished
in a short period of time. – I would tell someone
considering coming here to absolutely do it. You will not regret it. It is a very wise use of
your money, your time, and your (laughs) effort. It’s definitely a good thing. I’d recommend it to anyone. – This is the most unique kind of medicine I’ve ever practiced. I feel that this is a cut above anything that I’ve seen anywhere else. There are few if any
programs that rival this and we’re proud to be in the upper echelon of preventative medicine for executives. (soft music) (For more information please visit: www.execwellnessday.com)

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