100 thoughts on “Exercise Anatomy: Abs Workout | Pietro Boselli

  1. damn this abs workout is so intense, i train like this twice a week and its painfull! XD

  2. Just Focus on how he does the exercises & the anatomy of muscles that’s the main thing, not how he looks like. Be determine and professional about your opinions and try to be more serious in your life.

  3. Thanks bro you motivated me hella I’ve been on and off with the gym but these vids been helping me get my motivation up keep up the good work bro

  4. انا عندي عضلات بطن قويه لكن عندي اسفل السره دهون ابي اتخلص منها حاولت ومانفع

  5. I am beginner i want make abs in shape symmetrical 8 pack abs, please make a video of this how can make symmetrical abs in shape.
    Don't be uneven.

    I like abs mr 10 pack.
    It's possible can make everyone 10 pack abs in symmetrical in shape.
    Please please reply me.
    I will wait your answer.

  6. Hi, my friend, how are you? I want to tell you if I can make an application that shows your photos in an exercise

  7. To be honest, I don't like sets to failure… It's too vague number. I would feel like quiting after 20 reps; I'm more a fan of already planned number.

  8. Sit-ups |4 sets till failure /1 min break (Feet never touch the Ground)

    Lying leg raises | 4 sets till failure

    Crunches | 3 sets half fast and half slow squeeze and feel the burn

    Cable Twist | Medium heavy (3 sets/20 reps each side)

    Hanging leg raises | 3 sets till failure

    Cable Crunches | very heavy (about 15 reps , 5 sets)

  9. My reasons to say that video is the best
    It's accurate workout
    It's not complecated.
    Easy to do

  10. Brother feeling glad after seeing your abs and workout I also wants this type of physice and abs in future

  11. Hi.. you’re mistaking your serratus anterior for your external obliques, and your external obliques for your internal obliques. You can’t see your internal obliques, they lie beneath the external obliques with their fibers direction perpendicular to it.
    My best,
    Anonymous Med 2 student. (Name of the account is not accurate hahah)

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