Exercise Ball Basics with King Athletic Fitness Ball – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. It’s product
review time again. The folks at King Athletic sent me their fitness ball. So let’s get started. This fitness ball is nice, from King Athletic, because on the back, they actually have some exercises you can do with the ball. They’re a little bit advanced, so I wouldn’t
recommend starting off with these the first time you do it if you haven’t worked with
a fitness ball, or swiss ball, before. I’ll show you some more basic stuff once we get
going. It also comes with a pump, which is really nice because sometimes if you don’t
have one and you’re just blowing it up by yourself it takes a really, really long time
to get it going. It also is really nice because it has this thick, thick casing which is called
anti-burst. When they first started coming out with the fitness balls, and the swiss
balls, they were a little thin and if you sat on them or kind of bounced on them a little
bit, sometimes they would pop, and especially if you’re rehabbing with something that’s
kind of scary because you don’t want to end up landing on the ground and hurting something
else. So, I’m gonna get going and pump this thing up. These are the pins you put in the
hole after everything’s filled up, to make sure that it doesn’t come back out. Let’s
see if I can do this in super warp speed!And when you’re pumping,
what you want to do is you want it to be pretty firm. If you need a different hight, like
if you need a little bit less height, you can leave it a little bit with the air out.
So you can go down further, but you want it to be pretty firm cause that’s gonna make
you work harder with the stability. If you feel really off balance, you can take some
air out of it and then it won’t be quite as hard to sit on. Think that’s probably gonna
be good enough. Now the tricky part is to get this out, and get one of the pins put
in so the air doesn’t come out. What I like to do is actually put my finger over it, and
then do a little quick push in. Make sure it’s nice and all the way in so it doesn’t
pop out on you. And then you flip it over, and there you see. Nice. You can push in a
little bit, but it’s pretty firm. Now I’m gonna show you come exercises. When you’re
sitting on a fitness ball, you want your knees and your hips to be at about a 90 degree angle.
So you don’t want to be up high and you don’t want to be crouched low. Pretty much 90 here
and 90 here. What that does is it gives you a good sitting posture because that’s how
you want to be. And that’s gonna help work your core. If you’re slouched down, then you’re
not working your core. So what I like to do is work the hips a little bit to warm everything
up in the core. Now a fitness ball, or swiss ball, some people call them a therapy ball,
is great for back exercises, core exercises, balance and stability in general. So you might
see them with yoga and Pilates. So what I like to do is start with my feet abut shoulder
width apart and that gives me some balance. And then just work my hips. We call it a pelvic
tilt. So you’re just gonna kind of roll back and come up. But your upper body is pretty
much staying in one spot. So you’re just working the hips from front to back. So it’s kind
of an embarrassing movement if you’re doing it in the gym, but it’s really working those
core and pelvic muscles. Then you can do a little side to side shift, or as some people
like to call it the Shakira. A little “the hips don’t lie.” But that’s again just loosening
everything up, working it, you can do about 10, 2-3 sets. But when you’re first starting
off with these fitness balls, you don’t want to do a whole lot cause it might not feel
like you’re doing a lot, but you’re doing a lot more than you think you are. So to finish
off, now I’m gonna do some balance with the stability exercises. So I’m actually gonna
bring my foot up this time and I have to use my core muscles to balance on the ball so
I don’t fall off. So if feel very unsteady, you might want to start off putting the ball
against the wall so you don’t end up falling off. But just bring your knee up. You don’t
have to crank it up, but go slow cause that’s what’s gonna make you work hard. So just bringing
it up and then coming back down. If you want to hold on to the ball you can. That will
give you a little more balance. Or you can just kind of place your hands in your lap.
Slowly come back down. Try not to lean a whole lot when you’re coming up to one side. You
really want your upper body to stay as much in one spot as you can. So again, these are
some simple, just basic exercises to start off. Kind of getting you used to the fitness
ball. Getting you used to the stability of it and how it throws you off a little bit.
There are some more advanced exercises that you can do. If you’re interested in some of
those, you can go to AskDoctorJo.com check out some more of those. If you’re interested
in checking out some more King Athletic products, go to KingAthletic.com If you’re interested
in purchasing the fitness ball, go to our product store at AskDoctorJo.com/products.
And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hey doctor Jo, I've been experiencing really bad IT band pain lately, usually while squatting, jumping, etc. is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

  2. Purchase a Swiss ball like the one used in this video here: https://amzn.to/2YcJJL5 (affiliate link)
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