Exercise Science with Domenick

[ Music ]>>We’re not just a brain. We are — we have bodies that
need to be taken care of. They need regular maintenance. [ Music ]>>Have more purpose
with each and every step. Every movement should
be with purpose, I want you to think consciously,
and it’s tough. [ Music ] My name is Dominic
Schiraldi-Irrera. I’m a student at Pennsylvania
College of Technology, graduating the fall of 2011
with an applied health major, emphasis on physical
fitness specialist. [ Music ] Reach forward with that heel. Heel contact forward, okay? Next thing is try and widen
your stride a little bit. I do love the hands
on aspect of training and exercise physiology. I’d like to either
work with a — maybe even a professional team, college-level team
doing athletic training. [ Music ] I had an injury that put — that set me back
for several months. I found out, after making a full
recovery, that – wake-up call — life has to change and I have
to be self-sufficient again. As I tried to immediately jump
right back into normal life and normal daily activity,
which involved being active in sports — I played
soccer, I ran, I snowboarded — trying to jump into all
those activities was painful. Gaining a lot of weight
and being an overweight kid in high school, society and
social norms will destroy you. Doctors and teachers,
you know, looking at you in a different way than they
would someone who is fit. It’s tough, and I decided
to do something about that. [ Music ] Think about the muscles that you’re actually
activating rather than just the motion your
feet need to be doing. There is a major on campus
called physical fitness specialist program. The teachers are very
knowledgeable, and there’s a lot of great exposure that
we received in relating to real-life scenarios. Understanding that I’m a
very hands-on kind of guy, it is a good fit for me. And I ended up falling
in love with it. My job really is to enlighten
people, and my job is to provide the wake-up call, and then the motivation
comes naturally. You’re getting a deeper
activation in the muscle tissue. You’re getting a greater
proprioception signal to the brain. Everyone needs help. There’s not a single person that
cannot benefit either in a very, very small manner or
in a life-changing way, and even to the point
of life saving. Go and get a heart rate for me. Heart rate is going to be
important, so you’re going to grab these metal — There’s always that
level to get better. There’s always the ability
to grow and progress. Physical is simple. I have a physical ailment. I have knee pain. I have back pain. And most people want to pop
a pill to get rid of it. Most people want to
have surgery, you know, have some specialist cut
them open, which, you know, are we really supposed to be
doing that kind of stuff instead of manage it and take
the easy way out. I realize that sometimes maybe
taking the harder direction, taking the harder path
is the better one. What doesn’t kill us
will make us stronger. That’s not just a cliche. That’s real. [ Music ]

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