Exercise to Reduce Buttocks | How to Reduce Butt Fat

How to lose butt fat Before After 1. Eat balance diet is they key for lossing butt fat. Reducing or Removing sugary & fatty foods beverages that can helps to cut calories fast also No More soda, no more fast foods, no oily foods, no junk foods, anything unhealthy fat avoid them all. 2. Eat healthy low calories foods. You Need to reduce or burn 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. eat at least 1200 a day to stay fit and loss fat healthily. Eat vegetable and fruits because the low in calories, high nutrients, fiber to fell more full, sugar in fruits will not store fat and prevent blood sugar rise. 3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Drink more water helps your stay hydrated and control from getting hunger. 4. Choose best exercise such as squats. Go as low as your can, thinking like sitting on chair. Do this 2 sets of 18 to 24 repetitions for 3 times a week. 5. Best exercise such as lunges Make sure front leg knee do not go pass your toes to prevent injury. Also make sure rear leg knee to prevent from touching the floor. Repeat for each leg. Do 1 sets of 18 to 24 repetitions, do it for 3 times a week. 6. Best exercise such as bridge. Push your butt up and hold, then butt down and repeat. Remember to squeeze your butt tight. Do 2 sets of 15 to 20 repetition, do it for 3 times a week. 7. Walking up stairs next time instead use lift or escalator. Walk up using stairs instead using elevator or escalator which helps to burn more calories without intensive exercise. 8. Do more physical activities. Do sports like hiking, running, walking, cycling, helps in burning fat calories on your butt area. 9. Get enough sleep. Getting not enough sleep will affect appetite controlling hormones which can then leads to overeating. Warning! Consult your doctor before making huge lifestyle change including new diets and exercise routine. Especially if having an injury, inactive physically or health condition. If you like our video, pls give a thumbsup, subscribe, and comment below suggest type of video you want.

100 thoughts on “Exercise to Reduce Buttocks | How to Reduce Butt Fat

  1. Hi can i do this execise every day for a good and fast result coz i have big buttocks and thighs and thin upper body. And is there any kind of sport that have effect to lower body pls answere 👍😯🙁

  2. Wait guys let me correct somthing thing. Believe me squats wont work promise, its just for hips to look bigger. I did that everyday before but my upper legs got big😂. Its true do lungs work out😁😊♥️

  3. If you are a sexy lady with a gorgeous butt and you want to reduce it then you have serious issues. Why ruin such a beautiful thing?!

  4. I have 37 kg and I'm 11 almost 12.I'm not fat and you can see my bones but I have a big ass that make boys like me and slap my ass.Help I don't want to have anorexia I just want a small ass

  5. Pls refer my blog and product link which shall help you to get excellent results on hips/ buts/ glutes/bum.

  6. My Butt is too big and it Pops out very much and i hatte it, it’s the pertof my Body wehre y del more unconfortable 🙁

  7. Am I the only one who hates it when people don't understand what you're going through with your butt and decide to say "You're thicc! Be thankful!"? I accidentally did an exercise that makes my butt bigger in 6th grade. I had a perfect medium butt back then in 5th grade. I want that butt back. Is there any exercise that can make your butt make to its original size? It's really frustrating when all you see on the internet is people saying "Noo, don't shrink your butt! Blah, blah, blah!" "You're blessed!" It's easy for them to say because they don't have a butt that is literally bigger than their head and pokes out farther than their entire body. (I have abs, btw) Just tell us the fricken exercise I'm so stressed! I can't find anything! I ALSO HATE it when boys in all of my classes stare at my butt. You need to learn to respect that and just give HELPFUL advice!

  8. I'm so fat and my butt is so big in fact, I'm only 10 years old but its just like I want my butt to be smaller and also my legs

  9. I feel all these cmts so much! I really want small hips, legs and a small butt and I'm trying super hard bc of all these encouraging cmts 🙂

  10. Its funny how people think you are not human or some kind of alien just because you want a smaller butt lol. Like i just only want to lose the fat on my butt and have a more porportionate body, sorry i dont want to grab men's attention on my body or fit in with today's trends!!

  11. One side of my butt is much bigger than the other. I get called a fatass at school wayyyy more than I should. I developed an eating disorder. I’ve lost 27 pounds. My butt is still huge.

  12. is this really work??can u please tell me and how many days will show the result??and also I’m thin but my butt is big😩 so will this help my butt to be slimmer

  13. It's working boys and girls. I do this every day in the morning and evening..in a month i can see result. So bridge, leg rise, plank.. be careful with squat, there is a technique to do that.

  14. I hate my butt and I 'm skinny and my mom keeps saying I should be thankful for my butt but I was like GURL NO I CAN'T WEAR THE CLOTHES I WANT

  15. My boyfriend just told me that my butt looks like a full grown woman. I’m actually really offended since I’m 12

  16. i look like cardi b and im under like 14 imagine i look like niki minaj also bigget then theres but like slim waist but my nummm nooooo who eles want to have no ass

  17. Girls, what are you doing? Don't you know us men prefer girls with a big bootie because it's a muscle, don't you girls want to be like Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce and get those muscles in your bum! Don't get rid of those muscles! It's a sign you are great with your health, having a flat bum means you will have greater health problems, are you sure girls you wanna give up the only chance of being healthy, the only chance to have that big bootie everybody envies, that bootie that every man desires, are you girls sure you wanna do that?

  18. I read plenty of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Clegenatur Methods (search on google)can help you have bigger and firmer breast naturally. Has any one tried this popular breast enhancement secrets?

  19. What happens was that I lost a lot of weight but my big bum stayed the same so I want my bum equal to my body

  20. Thanks! Because all the other videos are making it bigger, I want smaller, thin people don’t realize it’s very hard to find clothes that fit when your butt is huge. So thanks, I will try this out.

  21. I am the skinny one but the problem is that my butt growing faster than my body which looks so weird when i put up jeans of my size they did not get fit and get over thight and when i want to wear jeans of my butt size my legs look so thin this is my problem i have only fat in the butt area and not in legs . I have very skinny legs when i workout for legs my legs not growing but my butt is growing. 🤣🤣🤣What should I do ?

  22. Here ya go :

    Drink 8-6 glasses of water
    2 sets of to 24 squats do three times a week
    Lunges 1set of to 24 reps do 3 times a week
    Bridge 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps do 3 times a week
    Walking up the stairs
    Do more physical activity
    Running, walking, hiking, cycling
    Get enough sleep

  23. I hate it because every time I feel like people stare at my butt. They always chase me so they can hit it and it’s annoying. It’s so uncomfortable just walking around feeling someone behind you looking there.

  24. for people that doesn't understand why we want to reduce our butt: i don't know if everybody here feels the same but for me it's mainly because everytime somebody looks at it, i feel an uncomfortable feeling like litterally it gaves me anxiety, i also hate when guys whisper together "wow look at that ass", you know it's really not pleasant, i feel like meat and that's the part that is horrific because i know we should love our body but it's just not possible. i would really like to wear the clothes i want but everytime i just look at my butt in the mirror and it's the only thing people will see so i just wear the same big jacket or my bag for it to be hide. you can't understand the problems a big butt leads to. that's why i want to reduce it.

  25. I don’t like my big butt I don’t look good in clothes I started to do exercise in the middle of 7th grade and then i realized that my butt got bigger and I hate it so much help I want a flat ass…ik this is weird but mostly every girl in my school has a flat ass and I’m here with this fat ass that girl want but I don’t HELPPPPP

  26. I know that more than half the women of the world jut wants a bubble butt and just want to get rid of flat butt but I want a flat buttt 😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😫😫😖😖😖😣😣I really wnaaat flat but like if u agree

  27. my butt is really huge because i did like 50 to 100 squats a day and i always see people looking at me and im really embarresed to wear a dress or a skirt

  28. My butt isn’t huge but it’s pretty big I’d rather have it smaller since my legs are thinner it makes me look weird

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