Extreme Hip Pain Gone INSTANTLY!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous
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Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We’re the real most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today our title is Extreme
Hip Pain Gone Instantly! Boy that’s asking a lot, Brad. – Right, it’s a mouthful and
we’re going to get into it. And it’s a relatively simple
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is the Renpho Foot Massager. So, this thing is, this
device is really cool. So, you can stick your feet in these. Brad is going to demonstrate here. – Well I’m not going to
put my feet in there. – Yeah, and it’s got different settings, it gives, you know, compression and it’ll also kind of roll on the bottom of your foot. – Right, it’s got a little
massage ball in there. – And to me, like the highest setting is just barely tolerable. Some younger people will probably think, “Oh, that’s perfect.” – Right. – But, so it’s got something for everybody so our patients love it. – What about the hip, Bob? – Oh, let’s get to the hip now. I’m hip! – So extreme hip pain. You know, we’ve dealt, Bob
and I’ve dealt with hip pain, well, personally myself– – I’ve had it myself too. – Sure. – And I’ve did some of
these, Brad, by the way. – Okay, yeah, this is
something we do in a clinic on a regular basis, for
some of the hip pain. Now we’re gonna look at the hip first, here we got Sam
– Sam. – And if we look at the hip joint, here we have the ball in the socket, we don’t have metal pieces in there, at least most of us don’t, hopefully, but there is some connective
tissue in the capsule, and a number of other soft tissues– – [Bob] That’s what the brown represents. – [Brad] Right. – [Bob] That’s what we call the capsule, it’s this tough ligamenta stuff that helps hold the hip in place. – [Brad] Exactly, so
there’s potential there for that it pinched, there’s
other tissues in there, I’m not gonna go through them all, they could get pinched in the hip that can cause severe pain. Also and most commonly it’s arthritis. – [Bob] Right, or the labrum,
part of it can break off. – [Brad] There you go, yep, that’s another part of
the cartilage in there. But what we’re going to do now, if the hip pain is consistently
with weight bearing, when you walk, when you put
weight through the joint, which is very common, can you
see that, Liz, can we zoom in? Excellent work. – [Bob] Again, we have
the ball in the socket. – [Brad] So what I’m gonna do,
if it’s with weight bearing, that means weight is
going through the femur, pushing the ball into the
socket, which is normal, but if there’s pain associated with that, often times it will go
the opposite direction, and pull, and separate it, that can relieve the pain instantly, and that’s where we got the title from, because you do that and the person says, “Oh, my goodness, that feels better,” you’re onto something and
you’re gonna work with that. – It’s a sign of what’s
going on a little bit too. There’s something in the joint itself that’s giving you trouble. – So I’ve mentioned that
this is relatively easy, and to do this, Liz
volunteered to be our– – I would say two of them are easy, one of them you’ll
probably need a therapist. – Yeah, probably for the
clinic, we’ll show you– – Yeah, we’ll show it to you anyway. – You bet. – We’ll give you the whole schmear. All right, we’re gonna switch places. – Okay, now, I would expect
you’ll see the camera shake and everything else going
around with Bob back there, but just be patient. – That’s right
– Everything will work out. – [Bob] Rookie, already shooked. – Okay, Liz isn’t mic’d
up, so she may talk, but you may not hear, it’s not
that we don’t want to hear, but for this purpose, this is okay. Are you ready, Bob? – [Bob] I’m ready, let’s roll. – Okay, so, you know, with
the person laying down, you can do it on the
floor, it’s kinda hard, on a bed is a best place, just like this. Liz will be completely relaxed, her right hip is the one with pain, when she walks it goes up and down steps usually gives that sharp pain . Simply what you’re gonna do
is have the person relax, and grab the ankles, I’ll just kind of wiggle
the leg a little bit to make sure they’re
relaxed and not tense, and then gently pull this direction so we’re putting traction on it. And I’ll do this and say,
“How does that feel?” With a little pressure, and
I mean just a little bit, and if the person says, “Oh,
that feels kind of good,” then I’ll pull a little bit more and if that feels better, I’m never gonna get to the point where I’m pulling aggressively. – [Bob] Brad, I wanna make
sure that the people know too, you would never do this with
a total hip replacement. – Right, this is, you
wouldn’t have arthritis from a total hip, yeah,
if it’s a total hip, it’s time to go to the doctor. – [Bob] Right. – And get the orthopedic
surgeon to look at, they’ll probably take x-rays and whatnot. So, I’ll do that,
sometimes I’ll pull on it, but it really won’t respond well, so then I’ll take the toes, or the leg and internally
rotate it slightly, just a little bit, not gonna twist hard, just a little bit till it stops, and then I’ll pull again and
see how it responds there, and then I may go the other
direction, ’cause sometimes, one direction, either inward or outward, can make a big difference
on the reduction– – [Bob] Yes, it can reproduce,
no, take away the pain is what I’m trying to say. – Abolish it, Bob. – [Bob] Abolish it, how’s that word? – If none of those work then I’ll do this, and I’ll abduct or go out
to the side, a little bit, and then I’ll put a little traction on it, and also I can rotate
outward or inward gently, and all of this is gentle. You do not need to pull
hard, if it’s gonna work, it’s gonna work really well,
and the person will say, “Oh, that feels good,” and then, I’ve done it where I’ve
just held people there for 30 seconds until I get too
tired, and then I’ll relax, and it can be real beneficial. If that works and the
person’s time to go home, and they don’t have anybody
at home that can, you know, reproduce a true treatment, – [Bob] Sure. – I’ll have the person,
why don’t you get up, Liz. If they have a stairway
or a stool at home… Now, Liz, we’re gonna
say it’s her left hip so you can see it, yep, Liz, I want you to stand here, with your sore leg you’re
gonna stand up, on your step, and hold onto the brail, or
here we got the buoy stick, just because it’s here and it works well, and really relax this leg, okay? And once you get it to
relax that’s the traction, the way the legs are
traction like me pulling, and then you’re gonna swing it forward and backwards gently, this is like the pendulum
exercise for the shoulder, almost identical, now, you
can put an ankle weight on, if it feels better. – [Bob] And that’s what Liz
has in place right there. – Now, a lot of people
don’t have an ankle weight, but if you happen to live in
a northern climate like we do, you can just put a pair
of winter boots on. (laughter) – They weigh about a pound
or two, or steel toe boots, if someone has some steel toe boots, anything it gives them weight, and the idea is to relax that leg and just swing it forward and backwards, there you go. How’s that feel, Liz? She say’s it’s incredible. – [Bob] Liz can have Wesley
hang onto her leg there, she’s got a little three-year-old. – Oh, yeah, that’d be great. – [Bob] You know, how
they hold onto your legs when you try to walk. – Now, we did mention there
was going to be a third way, but probably for the therapist to do. And it works best on a plank
that’s the right heighth, and if you have an adjustable
one that works better, but we’ll show you one of our tricks. So why don’t you bring that knee up, and actually when I was in PT school, this is one of the first
treatments I did on a real patient, she had severe arthritis
in her hip, she was young, she was like 40-years-old. – [Bob] Brad, you probably
wanna use a towel, too. – Yep, we’ve got it right
here, don’t worry, Bob. – [Bob] All right, you’re
getting me worried there. So he’s putting the towel around his waist and around Liz’s thigh. – Okay, so Liz is gonna put
the towel where it belongs. So we got it around her femur, okay? And what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna hold her knee and bring this up to 90
degrees, and she’s relaxed, you feel comfortable? This is kind of hard to see,
but it’s around my waist, and I’m gonna push outwards with my waist while I stabilize her knee, and that’s gonna put traction instead of in a sagittal plane, it’s gonna go in a lateral
plane or abduct it, and can you feel that, Liz? Does that feel good? Yeah, see, thumbs up. This does typically feel good, whether you got a good hip or a bad hip because we’re just gently stretching it, and I’ll stretch this way, I may hold it as long as it feels good, if the person says, “Oh, that feels good,” I’ll hold it usually as
long as I can, which is, you know, 30 seconds, a minute, and then I’ll need a little break. Sometimes I may go to
this angle, or straight, and I’ll work whichever works good, Sometimes I’ll move it
gently if it feels good, so we get some motion. Now, we mentioned if
there’s a pinched tissue, or the capsule might be pinched in there, if we can get it out
of there and unpinched, and we can move it so it stays out, then you’re successful and
you’ll be able to walk around, and, you know, as a therapist
you feel like (gasp) and the patient loves you
because you just cured their extremely sore hip. So this doesn’t work in
all the hips, of course, but it’s easy to do,
especially the traction and the standing, and there’s
no negative effects to it– – [Bob] Now I was actually
able to do this to myself. I took a belt and I put
it around a stable object, it was actually a weight bench. – Oh, really? – [Bob] And then I just
scooted myself away from it, yeah, and it actually
took away my hip pain, I was having troubles with it. – I’d like to see a video of that. (laughter) – [Bob] Again, that’s
a lot more technical, I wouldn’t expect people to try that one, I mean, you can mention it to a trainer or a therapist and see if they can– – Someone with a little
experience in anatomy and working with people. So, I don’t know, Bob, if
this has anything to do with– – [Bob] We can fix just about anything– – Except for, – [Bob] A broken heart. – What do you say, Liz? – [Bob] Yeah, she’s showing
the heart, all right.

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