Faces of Change: Emily’s Health Care Story

34 thoughts on “Faces of Change: Emily’s Health Care Story

  1. The Tea Party and the GOP want to rip that health insurance card right out of her hands. That is why I WILL NOT vote for them.

  2. What an amazing story! As a very healthy college student myself this truly impacted me. I just wanted to thank the entire Obama Team for all you do! Thank you so much! I'm ready to continue the progress we began in 2008! Yes we can! <3

  3. I do not believe in individual mandates, including health. At the same time, it would be more acceptable to put more money into universal healthcare than to spend billions dropping bombs hoping to hit terrorists in their basements.
    Welfare > Warfare.

  4. @MHawk2013 Agreed, this video seems like propaganda to me. Its like a soap opera or reality show trying to motivate absent minded people to agree that it is a great thing.

  5. @MHawk2013 Well there is competition now and clearly it doesnt help someone like Emily. How is she suppose to get health insurance when she is no longer a dependent and with a pre-existing condition?

  6. The best way to make health care and insurance cheaper is to keep government as far away from them as possible. That does not mean government cannot interact with either one, just that you keep the influence to a minimum.

    "Progressives' (Regressives, more appropriately) know this but they cannot accept the reality and historical lessons that prove government is not the solution, it is the problem.

  7. Dear Emily, you are an exceptionally brave and amazing young woman and I applaud your decision to go into health policy as a career field. I am an aging Baby Boomer who is discovering that you are right, your health is your wealth, and when you do not have it, it's very scary. I have almost no insurance left and pay for all of my own health care expenses out of my own pocket and that's tough in this economy when I no longer even get cost-of-living raises. Blessings to you and stay strong.

  8. So your saying that it is okay for me to pay for your medical expenses? Not sure what you're trying to say here. But no matter the reason, noone should pay your own medical bills but you or your parents. I'm sorry for your problems, but PAY YOUR OWN WAY.

  9. How many people who spout that they don't want single-payer euro style health system have ever lived in Canada, France, or Britain? btw – The Affordable Health Care act IS NOT single-payer (medicare for all). it's just regulation so that people like Emily can't be dropped

  10. @TheUrbanRevolution Saying "…it's just regulation so that people like Emily can't be dropped" is such a sad way of over-simplifying reality to fit an ideal. The "Affordable" Care Act/Obamacare consists of 906 pages…do you really think they needed 906 pages to say that people can't be dropped by their insurer? You should be more concerned about what you don't know than what you think you do…with all due respect. No one in Congress even read the bill….THAT'S scary.

  11. @5headsproductions … Taxpayers would pay for your sickness too, idiot. If this was repealed, just think what would happen to people.

    Eventually, at some point in your miserable life, you will get sick. And it will happen when you can't afford to do anything about it. When that happens, you will complain about America's flawed insurance system and will die without even a chance at treatment. So congrats for being a selfish bastard.

  12. @5headsproductions What if someone cannot afford the burden of something that they have no control over? What if dealing with that burden seriously effects their ability to go anywhere in life? The financial burden of maintaining a universal healthcare system is marginal, and don't forget that they are also paying for this. Everyone should have the ability to maintain their health without compromising their financial well being.

  13. @TheUrbanRevolution That's a lie, people in those countries have rationing, the elites are coming here for operations.

  14. @dossettmichael and thank you, for supporting a man who has destroyed my nation… where are the jobs? the broken promises are endless.. i voted for this fraud

  15. Vote for Obama… and save this young woman's life… and the lives of many others much less fortunate. It's up to all of us, America. Yes We CAN!

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