FAST EASY Hummingbird Recipe Nectar feeding Hundreds of Birds

hi-oh some of you asked how I do my hummingbird feeder you know how I would I use for Anna my nectar and I use white sugar and then keep up its down boiling let me shut that off because what is good is when you're making your hummingbird food it's really good to let it boil and then let it sit for a minute or so kind of let it cool down a little bit because I have literally hundreds of hummingbirds I make eight cups of nectar at a time I don't say a day because I'm going through this two and three times a day so eight cups at a time and what I do is I know this is eight cups so and I've washed it so the best thing and easiest thing for me is to come in here and here's an open bag of sugar and I put in one chip now I've got two cups that's one cup per four cups now I don't need to measure anything else my water's hot you heard the tea kettle it's just starting to cool down and I just brand Oh probably maybe one to two cups no measurement you can do more you could do less and then I just start to stir and I stir it until it's completely clear that means all the crystals from the sugar has melted and it's gone into the water and that's it it's actually I clear already see how clear is that this is really the easiest way to do it now I can top this with tap water on tap waters okay so I'm going to use tap water you can use bottled water I don't bother I do not put any food coloring in it there's no reason to put food coloring they're going to come no matter what whether there's food coloring or not nerds some people say it's toxic if you put in one or two drops believe you me it's not gonna be toxic but there's no reason to they know there's food in there and they will come but now it's very simple now I'm just talking it all the way up to the top because I know it's eight cups in here if you wanted you you can of course make less than eight cups if you were making one cup which probably would be that much but if you were making one cup you put a quarter of a cup of sugar if you were gonna make one cup of course if you were going to make let's say use a four cup then it would be one cup of sugar and whatever's left over you can put it in a jar I would put it in a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator you know last for probably a week for me it won't last at all see they're all waiting I think it's empty and what I'm going to do is just top it off I normally if the fever's hasn't been washed this day I will wash it a little bleach and water this one I did this morning so I know it's clean but that's it I mean it's that simple the reason I like doing it this way is I don't have to measure because they've already measured I know there's 8 cups of water I know I need 2 cups of sugar so I just pouring some boiling water it's cool Mel because that most of it was cold that went in if it's a little warm it isn't gonna hurt them and that's it and now they've got their fear and they can all come in and start eating and this I do all day and some people said oh you're giving them sugar it's no good this is not their main source of food this is supplementing them and there are literally hundreds now and they're having babies last year and for two years I had one nest right here on the hook right on the hook yes I had to swing her in and change the feeder but she nested right there on the hook and now this year she changed her nest she took her part she came and she guarded it and then she decided to take it apart and she moved it just around the corner on the other side of the house on the cable lines the TV cable line coming into the house she's got her nest there and she's got babies maybe I'll put a bit put a little piece of clip on the end of this video so you can see it it's amazing but we've got literally hundreds of hummingbirds so many feeders set up and I have to be careful because I don't want them coming in the house I don't know if you can see them there but that theater will be full there can literally be 1015 Birds surrounding it now we do know every time you see birds there it's not the same Birds which is really really interesting we had a pied and we would time it and the pied one would come feed and every 10 to 15 minutes it would come back so when you see birds feeding at your hummingbird theater and you think wow they're eating all day they're not they're feeding they're leaving and then they're coming back this supplement look at that isn't that beautiful and this is amazing I'm hoping you can see that they're so so tamed that when their feeders are empty they'll follow me around the yard they'll dive-bomb me because they know I'm putting food in there I put up a video a week or so ago and somebody came back and said it was disturbing they were having a hard time watching the video because of all the hummingbirds buzzing around my head the feeders must not have all been full because I've got this feeder I've got one here on the other window I've got I'm hanging out there I've got him in my garden so when they start to run low and they're not all full they'll follow me don't even come into the house normally there's a better screen there but they've come through the doggie door literally going under and going into the doggie door and buzz around the house waiting and then I have to open the door since Trish mount and they're waiting for more food so there are some flowers and of course they could find probably enough in the wild that this helps them and it's probably helped them to raise so many more babies and I have talked to some of my neighbors who are now putting on me bird feeders out and they told me the other day they've seen so many and I said yeah because they're having babies now and they're quick they will build a nest within days it's amazing how fast they'll build a nest and then they'll have the legs and within 14 days they've got two babies and in 14 days – maybe a few more days give or take they're gone the babies are gone and she's back on the nest they'll do three clutches and though each bird will raise six babies but isn't that amazing I love them so I just wanted to show you that so simple once you decide how you're going to do it you don't have to measure if you were gonna use this just put a cup of sugar into this because this is four cups a lot of people have a pyrex four cup put one cup in there and the same thing I can even make it again to show you how cuz this is clear this is one cup see you just put one cup in there there's four cups of water going here I don't need to measure anything else just pour a little bit in not a whole lot and then start stirring and with hot water it dissolves right away and the reason I want you to use hot water you know and it's got to be just under boiling is because if you put the sugar in cold water a lot of times it will not melt and you'll end up with gritty hummingbird food or it will separate some people said it separates why is it separate because it never fully melted it's kind of like making candy see how it's nice and clear it is now and now I couldn't top this up with water to the top and this one's good to go and I could store it in the refrigerator which I have so many theaters I'm not use this right away if you so desire and you really really want to put a drop or two of food coloring in it go ahead and do it but I really would say don't do it I could probably add a little bit more I would say don't do it you don't need it at the birds don't meet the fake food coming and this is just perfect the way it is but that's it that's how easy it is so it's a quarter to one so if you were doing one cup you would put in a quarter cup of sugar but I would say make four cups this is the easiest way one cup of sugar 4 cups of water do it this way so you don't have to measure you just measure the one cup you know your containers four cups you put in your boiling water so does its melting you don't need a whole lot of water in there top it up with cold water see it's barely warm and now you're ready to go and you can store this in the refrigerator it's that easy if you have problems with ants there are some people that are selling ant guards I make my own once in a while I will get ants and they'll come down the feeder I made this it's a little plastic cup and took some wire out of the garage for my husband and with a hot needle I made a hole I slipped the water what the wire in and then I curled it on each end I think you can see that and I did put a little piece of duct tape down here to hold it and then I put a little bit of glue you'll have to get an epoxy glue or sport or aquarium sealer put some aquarium sealer in there and you get really fancy put a couple of rocks in there I have one with a little Yorkie in it and then you can hang this from the hook and your feet are under here and you fill this with water the ants can't get to it so you won't have any ants getting to your hummingbird feeder and that's only if you have a problem we tend to give an ant problem usually in the fall I think they're looking for water and more food and different things so really easy to make one or like I said they sold me aunt cards online I've seen different places selling so with that I think I'm done Jase hey you want to say hello yeah she's been sitting here watching me you were sleeping now see I dare be all you guys want to say anything you sit and watch the hummingbirds yeah yeah hummingbird food so with that I hope I answered some of your questions on how to make hummingbird food don't give it to your dogs that's not good for them they have a different metabolisms so sugar is not good for them sugar is fine for hummingbirds and butterflies sometimes on your butterflies come to that and they'll feed out of a hummingbird feeder of course the Orioles couple feed out of the hummingbird feeders those holes are big enough for them and once in a while you'll get some honeybees but not too often so with that have a great day and don't forget to eat when she grows bye-bye oh you just woke up you were sleeping no your broken leg is all healed that did a wonderful job if we only do have your broken yeah I don't know everybody then don't forget to eat what you go buh-bye you

46 thoughts on “FAST EASY Hummingbird Recipe Nectar feeding Hundreds of Birds

  1. Great recipe, the only thing I would suggest is using a pyrex dish to dissolve the sugar in the hot water. Plastic has chemicals that leach into the hot (esp boiling) water.

  2. Wow! When I saw 100's in the title, I had to watch. Where do you live? I'm in the city, in SC and I don't see near that amount. I love watching them. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Firstly let me say I love you. Secondly I would like to know if I could use brown sugar instead. Thirdly how often do you change the water in the feeder. I know you have lots of birds but I don't,How often should I change the sugar water.

  4. How in the world… Our hummers fight each other off. They will not tolerate any other hummer near the feeder.

  5. for ants just rub vic vapor rub about half way up the pole . the ants wont cross it. what area do you live to have that many humming birds?

  6. U ARE SOOO COOL! Thank you for loving God’s creatures, It truly is a pure joy to watch you! My first video was when that mama was nesting on the hook and you gave us an update from the very beginning to the end…

  7. I bought 2 feeders and used your recipe. I have had them up for a week but no hummingbirds. I live in New Jersey and I bought 3 more but I discoiraged. I clean the feeders every 3 days. Still nothing 😒

  8. I would recommend you switch to only using a glass measuring cup as pouring hot water into plastic will cause chemicals in the plastic to leech into hot water and could be harmful to the birds. 🙂

  9. Awwwwwww I wuv it! Thank you for the tips! Do you attract any other birdies with other feeders or just feed hummingbirds. I put my hummingbird feeder with all the other feeders but haven’t noticed hummingbirds yet…thinking I should move the feeder….

  10. Math ratio is off. Think about it, if you have one cup of sugar in a 4 cup container, that only leaves 3 cups of water. So YOUR ratio is actually 1:3 cups sugar to water. That explains why they like your ratio better than mine! Yours is sweeter. Lol thanks for the vid.

  11. I have a lot of hummingbirds. So many that I'm considering stopping feeding them after this year. I make my nectar a gallon at a time and I don't boil the water. I just use hot tap water and top it off with cold water just like she did. I go through about a gallon a day in the peak of the season. Probably about 150 to 200 lbs. of sugar per season.

  12. It's easier to just use the hot water from the tap and stir till clear rather than waiting for a pot to boil. 👍

  13. My first humming bird nest experience! And it was an absolutely beautiful thing to watch every day! The 2 babies finally flew away, but what an awesome momma she was! I miss them already. Thank you for your video: )

  14. I put my sugar and boiling water in a stainless steel pan because I don't know which plastic containers don't give off bad chemicals when boiling water is pored into them.

  15. Do you ever hand feed the hummingbirds? I have put out store bought necter in my feeders but I have rarely seen any hummingbirds the past 3 years. I mostly saw them in August. I change the feeder every 3 days. Do hummingbirds ever nest in bird houses? What types of materials do they prefer to nest in? Are there nesting materials that might attract them closer to my home to nest? Do hummingbirds ever eat insects (like the small ants attracted to the feeders)? Sorry for so many questions? I just came across your video. Thank you for your time.

  16. she likes her privacy now that she has been exposed so much, on the nest by your sink with her last collection. You were a constant intruder. She loves you…..

  17. I have seven that come to my house, had to get another feeder since there are only six holes!! I've got mine pretty tame, they buzz around me if I stand there and don't mind me walking near. 🙂

  18. Thank you ! They are my absolute favorite!!!! They seem to come to back yard hanging feeders than the front yard , I wonder why?

  19. What a joy! They certainly are for me! If the feeders get empty they will let me know…in my face if I’m outside…if I’m inside they dance back in forth at the windows! I would caution on one point. My BIL is a chemical engineer, he has warned me about using bleach on plastic. Strong alkaline cleaner will cause plastics to leach chemicals that are harmful. I use vinegar to disinfect plastics.

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