Fat Free is Bad! Don’t Eat Fat Free Yogurt! Health Rant #3

what you have been told is wrong here’s what you need to know People can we stop the fat-free madness? next time you’re in the grocery store
checkout the yogurt aisle. All you see is zero-percent yogurt,
1%, low fat why do we have this hate on fat? we’ve been told for decades and decades
from some poor science that fat causes us to get fat and fat causes us
cardiovascular disease and other problems the food industry went nuts on this and
they started to remove fat from food and guess what they put in there instead? Sugar and lots of it! or even worse fake sugar! AKA poison – now back to the yogurt we’ve been told eat fat-free dairy
products. That isn’t really natural in fact we need fat as part of our diet we need more fat than most people are
getting and we need way less sugar so if you go and you buy your 0% yogurt
check next time at the ingredients and you will see all kinds of nasty stuff check this out look at all these extra
ingredients added we have starches added including cornstarch and all those nasty
artificial sweeteners. you will see things like cornstarch why don’t they just call it corn yogurt?
Put a cob of corn on the outside of the package! Of course no one would buy that
but you are eating corn yogurt or maybe they throw a bunch of sugar in there once you take the fat away it doesn’t
taste as good so you need to add some sweetener to
make it taste better that’s also why you put the corn starch
in to thicken it up as you remove fat you
remove the thick and creamy nature of yogurt bottom line when you’re in the yogurt
aisle next time look for a six percent fat or the
fattest. I try and find the fattest one I can that doesn’t have a list of a bunch of
ingredients when you look at the ingredients there should be maybe two
maximum three ingredients things like milk solids cream active bacterial
culture that’s about it now you might be saying to yourself I
don’t like the taste of plain yogurt though I like the fruit on the bottom how about this by your six percent
yogurt add some fresh berries to it personally I take a six percent plain yogurt and
then I add maybe a few berries or half a banana I put natural peanut butter and then
i’ll put some pecans, walnuts, or almonds some kind of nuts in there and it makes
for an amazing breakfast! my advice to you is if you are buying a
product that normally has fat than by the one that has fat in it don’t buy the fat-free version or look
at the label next time and see what kind of garbage they’ve added in there to try and make
it palatable again so get your fat on and eat fat because we need it! fat helps with brain development, it’s
good for our skin and it’s a component of all plasma membranes which is the
lining of all trillions of the cells inside your body fat also provides more energy and is
more satiating throughout the day so when I eat this breakfast, the
high-fat breakfast I can go six,seven hours without feeling
hungry my breakfast used to consist of high
carbs I would eat cereal very high in carbs
some milk on there some toast more carbs maybe drink some orange juice high carbs
again I’ve eliminated that – in fact sorry that
breakfast i just mentioned is part of a “complete breakfast” if you’ve ever seen any cereal
commercials that’s what they tell you so that’s complete nonsense stop
thinking that that’s a complete breakfast and start eating a better
healthier breakfast and you won’t get food cravings two minutes after you finish eating your
cereal and toast.

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I'm a dancer and I have trouble staying full–I'm always hungry. I recently started eating full fat yogurt after I wake up and I feel so much better!

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