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but it's so nice to you that you guys weren't watched you know a bond stream she needs friends it's very nice that you guys are here Connor time so video subject me like that's crazy you know like when you guys are watching mice you like this is what I'm on that's so weird oh okay this is like a classic okay wait wait a fucking minute fuck the fuck up let me make sure that you are on there we go okay here you go chat ah let me see here I'll link it to you there you go it's in our discord okay so nice to meet you nice to meet you too I'm pokey by the way yes I know you are oh don't I've been following you for a minute Wow look at the comments okay you're gonna see some of the repeated words that like it might look weird cuz there's just a bunch of repeated words and capitals but they're actually emotes you just can't see them yes yeah it's so nice to meet you Lola's was on Polk stream yeah what were they doing I saw that thing this morning where he was announced for twitchcon it's pretty cool but like what is he doing at twitchcon I looked at I'm like oh that's pretty dope like that's a big name the fuck is he doing what are you gonna go sing like what headlining what does have one mean you think twitch concert concert this kinds gonna be so fun I'm excited have you ever been yeah no I just know like everybody gets together and do a lot of drugs and this is gonna be cool oh yeah I don't think there's any drugs at twitchcon but there is a lot of getting together that's for sure when I think of like okay we're gonna go do something I'm like old fence down probably you know and then like from there like there are like people who are done but it's a little bit harder to get people out now that TFT zone feels like fed we'll say yes to pretty much I need yet yeah exactly he's a down friend the DEA be the down feds the dab what he's the dab and that's good like every group needs a dab I'm amazing an amazing shot your ball every time I see you it's not wobbly mr. a while we appreciate I'm hungry where the food Giver to you yeah doesn't fit Wow holy dude you're bad at TFT I have more wins than you and our whole family combined I can also bench you how do you feel we're right now I could literally just go down and I couldn't finish your ass your fat ass I can get you your Giga delusional you're toxic winner I came into my chat you do CACO dudes can pull up to my jock I've got no you're a fat fuck ugly sack of shit due to ass head your shit at League trash at life and if I'm like damn bro fuck you y'all got damn mo you toxic shut your ass up bro he came out my life for no reason him in my life all right I was defending my honor so usually do I have like a cord right here to plug into the charger into but I don't have my charger because I watch man now it's Spice's but in other words one story don't be a we realize how dare you say that penis pump so scared where are they coming from so fed out plays and scarcely dude fed is so good at scaring women okay that fed is okay fed is so good at coming out from unexpected places and terrifying went okay that doesn't sound better fed is a scary note fed is a cool dude doesn't afraid of anything show these other athletes what it's like down on the field and then your next team it's gonna be led by Chuck o Barnes longside Quinn Richardson and Clinton Yates then you see you've actually casted chocobar before she's actually completed quite a bit within some of those rich arrivals eight metallurgist competitions and things up the light and she has been able to perform pretty well I do think that there are some bigger names here but absolutely looking to set the tone for this one I also think Chuck bars needs to watch out because she has a narrow narrow head earlier she's a good friend of mine she's looking to throw down at Kings Canyon X team it's gonna be team fat that ster that's right and it will be Naomi Kyle and Shawne Merriman along with bed this is a great squad here looking fo oh okay we're getting into this one I like the horns I love Naomi's Bo have you thought that was intimidating I've gotten more intimidating snap deer for this roster Shawne Merriman is was nicknamed lights out because at Frederick Douglass High School he rendered for opposing players unconscious Tori Lily resources my ass you're talking about that broom you can't trust a broom I tell you Oh what's your why did big guy let us hear about the knows what the pokey thank you for the hose you're about to see some shitty ass gameplay shit that's what unfortunate for you guys not for me I get the host I get viewers I got money I get it all hope he's gonna get roasted by her viewers for hosting me and then you gotta get to see shitty gameplay so welcome alright I set out to wait after this and I'm gonna fully level you know that you search for the hosts Congrats on your loan Naz Expo ki main twitch Conte and still not sure what that's all about not alive but that's on that house Garban I've been friends with pokey for three years just for the host let's go it's all paid off all the torture oh wait I just saw the fit I was like what are you guys talking you could've made it think fast on your feet soldier where'd they go look at all the people [Applause] and a train just left where are they going where does that I go to that side goes outside of Tokyo that's why hello working people are going outside thank you water gun for the water and wave for the under bolt like ten thousand for example would do ten seconds of shopping yes that sounds amazing has anyone done it so far only you why I haven't done it though don't you dare but like do people know what it is so maybe if they see it they'll want to do it that's what it does guys your love oh my god you're welcome by the way fat ass it's not fat I've been hitting the gym it's I need the protein bro how much how much let's look at the stats I'm a full chicken I mean dinners she did Howry stuff okay 1100 calories I get 50 grams of fat how much of protein hold ready to yell 165 grams of protein this shit like you already know start with the wings always or the drumsticks I mean that's tough [Laughter] ok-hee use this one and momentum

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  1. I'm a doctor (plastic surgeon) and you all need to realize how stupid and potentially dangerous self induced electricity is. Please stop.

  2. Peters humor: says something “wait wait wait I didn’t mean it that way!” proceeds to correct himself cue laugh track

  3. The song that Jaime play in the background can anyone tell me the name of it? I know the song but cannot remember the name

  4. This man got a girlfriend and still is looking up Fairy Tail cleavage.. but I guess it is better than him looking at humans right? Lol

  5. About Jake's clip, that is at Akihabara station, and that track goes to Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo during evening rush hour. It's usually not that bad but it looks like train delays are clogging the platform.

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