Fire and Rescue Candidate Physical Abilities Test

we’ve got a firefighter fairfax county fire
rescue department could start with the reasons that what do you think that’s really critical one of the most important part of the application
process because the pack it’s the president’s for the physical ability
to that in the purpose of is of the park or it the revolving door what was that incident it hired the best candidate the on average than two hundred forty dollars
a year about fifty percent of those that’s the here throughout the country the
you lack of physical fitness war korea related that’s the that’s where the most of our park
word of god if you think about it you hire someone that
people would want to know obviously physically capable you could have looked into the trees let’s go a long time but that’s the part for a much better department ticket service the community yeah i think that anything for too many anything
credibility want the entire country we got into pat’s really gotten that must
be completed within canada important factor is that one we start with the that helped out and what that simulates is the fourth quarter and forth here what’s their past with the guns that we had a beautiful twenty five pounds to the fifty pound that’s
what they are in trouble with that simulates the retooled is that if this lasts three minutes the complete that to remove the twenty five to you could count that’s all today to detective that you did too it’s the hoopla the purpose for that is the you he ran a hose lines from the fire apparatus the best three then the next witness go to the topiary which simulates that you’re taking schools
or the courtroom they carry them back into the building that after the flood we move over to the latter which would simulate here that the tests that
are has directed toward the latter totally with the window the move over to the next letter york city’s
than the latter and wildlife at the incidents that you’re on the program from the latter profit-taking there to that spot the next big move through it the forcible
entry the to break the total war most of the world we’ve had strike the eyes of white no but it was all a to make so that’s it we want to do next and that what is the sort
of that we’ve we also think that the you at the problem what on environment what occurred or department to that gives us a little bit of a test the
to be able to effectively to overcome obstacles in their that you have to overcome students that what’s the effect that that they the surface walk around within a decade the delays that you may have failed the difference is that you have to read did you have to drag me anything one of the devices that that were examined
at him they’ve been be what the figures that you can bet on the court
over to where we have this evening breeze simulator which stipulates that the fire itself surfers that of a fire that by means of that
if people see what’s there the destructive fires though and once that’s completed yes one of the most common mistake absolutely
point in time you can’t fault him for anything i’ll tell what happens to come to our practices
me you are estate walking away don’t think they’re wrong this small steps do you think what it’s all do what they’re
going to continue growing is easy to trap they fall off of that equipment you have to
take a break come back it is important and get active session you feel defeats that way there are times when people can’t i can’t
do this i want to see what went wrong and that a lot
of processes technique you think pat is only part of the application
process of becoming a firefighter i think this is the current don’t want to
thank all of that and psychological evaluation one thing to me simply think the application
process it will be placed on a waiting list to be
considered fairly predictable first and foremost looking for a local citizens
and continuing education when it occurs to me something i think was the pinnacle it seeks ratification i think he’d be more
diplomatic of course keeping physical condition would you hire highly qualified physically fit which is which is the positive selling for
us but also the community for more and police contacted fairfax county
i’m absolutely convinced that at seven twenty to thwart thing i mean i think home visit fairfax county not
go up flanked by life

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