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true to life such a beautiful thing no Jake you guys enjoyed this content don't forget the like this content here also might be a part of the notification first things first guys I want to say this I'm not trying to disrespect anybody I'm trying to follow this recipe as perfect as possible I just don't want to disrespect anybody alright I came across this video guys where China McAfee has a little chimey Gaza he's a Chinese rapper down in New York City there he's very popular I seen him do a video on prison food and I want to do I'm not gonna do my twist my take on it I'm just gonna do his recipe I'm gonna do it as perfect as he did I'm gonna leave the link down the description guys if you guys want to see the original one but I'm pumped to try this guy's let me show you how easy it is to make the best of the best prison food ever go quick i watch the video guys and china mac said this was like gourmet I think he said it was gourmet prison food is like the creme of the creme creme I think I said I'm not a manager I apologize again so first things first you get to get Uncle Ben's rice but I got this Uncle Ben instant rice here but they did have instant rice of some sort I try to fight it as much Hulse recipe as I can I'm not even sure how much they put in but I'm just gonna do this I think this is instant rice I think I goofed it guys you know what it just cooked in eight minutes quick cook still off this quick cooked I mean it's all good okay rice trying to Mack also threw in ramen well yeah top ramen I couldn't find any top ramen here Canada I think this is our version of Top Ramen called mr. noodle but he took one of this package here or the was it was this cold chicken bouillon or chicken powder like this he had calamari and squid too this only could find calamari in its ink form so I'm not even sure how this tastes but I found it guys I don't know if I want to use that liquid though I think that it smells really bad though oh we're gonna do it we're gonna do it jack it smells really old guys oh okay the one China Mac hat China Mike had something really more good-looking than this one yes it smells guys okay this is probably very bad and smell right now guys I'm not even sure we can eat this but it smells it smells like fish smell like fish sauce it smells like smells like Vietnam like my aunt is my aunt she has a like a fermented fish place or a fermented fish company that she does brew and a smells exactly this is terrible it's delicious but it smells back okay this one Wendy you're just gonna chop it down guys 15 China Mac hat guys was more delicious looking than this it had like oil and all the sorts things in there that looked really good this it's in its weird form a very weird seasoning okay there's one Lindy take this do my best stir it in guys I don't think I want a lot of that but it's all good oh did I say this is dirty rice sorry my bad guys not sure if I don't want something that look good Oh guys a whiff of this smell it okay okay that's all over goofy that's the worst but not my counter smells like this all right nice and clean cake what's this the one-china Mack had put some oil in it so I'm just gonna add extra oil in there just do spice it up a bit or something I don't notice okay this all you did was to mixes in okay it's not dirty right sighs maybe I have to put some liquid in just to make it a little brown on the dark color okay you're in a bag or a grocery bag I'm not gonna use for bait guys I'm just no use a nice a ziplock bag so I'm gonna add some hot water just hope this cooks perfectly guys I'm not even sure how much water to put to you you look big there I think that's enough does China Mac took a towel which I don't have a towel right now guys I got a sweater I'm just gonna put in like so we thought the spill and this is our oven that's China Mac said this is the oven guys well food cooks – I think I did it wrong I don't know maybe I had a little too much water less water okay take this over to the side next dish it's called pepperoni and sausage so I cut up some pepperoni from last night guys which I'm just want to reuse or not reuse or use all so pepperoni peppers I got some more peppers here some garlic I've got some carrots and peas China Mac didn't put any Peas but I know guys I didn't buy any carrots just because I'm you I have some frozen so I'm just gonna add a little touch my twist my take on that everybody put that time Mac you cool with that I apologize let's do this Chen I'm actually in a can of black beans film I feel guys and some booyah seasoning this is this when you guys watch the video to China Mac and his friend there had a can and they cooked it in the can I just didn't want to cook it in a can I'm not even sure if it's safe to cook it in again is this safe to cook and I can I'm not even sure guys but I just decided just to cook it in wrong spots here guys alright next thing on the list it's called Jack Mac Jack Mac I'm not too sure what a Jack Mac is but I think it's Jack macro hopefully I got right guys but ten macro in tomato sauce and I kind of just clean off the tomato sauce in here this is what he did he took this dipped it into this what did you do that yes he did do that so this into plain white flour those decide if this he does this you add a little water into this guy's just to make it a nice little batter put some three those guys up the Dorito get our Jack Mac that is nice and battery ready we're gonna dip it into our batter I'm gonna shake off any excess we gotta take this throw it into our was this three don't cut three toes we're gonna pack it in guys and I'm packing it very well rolls nice and hot we're gonna toss them into the pool I don't care for this because it's already cooked it's their dessert so this dessert it's called salt pork pie so pork pie so what they did was chopped off the crust it felt like a big piece of bread here or big piece of dough here this fruits so those bananas and apples I got some Jam as well double fruit it kind of spoiling myself right now just take this it's a jam in with the fruit mix isn't that's what they did to a little coffee in as well we're gonna add a bit of coffee in as well a little too much but okay there is a clock I'm gonna pick some Jam again layer this on top yes this is the desert from support pack at some point pop some point pop pop it's over it's a South Point pie that's it let's check up on our dirty rice it's been sitting for about 30 to 40 minutes already and it feels awesome guys look at that oh it's amazing it actually worked wait it put a mount or the right amount of water in as well all kind of it's kind of still wet but the kernels or the rice grain seems to be cooked as it works guys nice little oven – that's beautiful that's a very beautiful okay gonna give this a good mix guys just get all the seasoning all around disrespect I'm not even sure it mates would be offended by this but I got this okay this is a traditional Indian dish or nut dish plain ghost call a techie techie I think it's called techie apologize gang guys apologize to the all the Indians pologize to everybody that is offended I just apologize guys I'm gonna use this for my prison presentation everybody cooled that okay Paul just the Indians apologize to anybody that's offended I'm gonna use this just apologize you guys count how many times I apologize okay what we're gonna do oh it smells like mom rule mom bro it's fermented shrimp I'm gonna do this move you guys in the back like this so push you guys up a bit like it says okay and then do a little rice on here nice you've got the pepperoni and black beads we've got the Jack Matt actually looks delicious guys next is the desert this has been sitting for about ten minutes max just fuck there guys come through who wants some this is China max prison food so this is salt pork pie Jack Mac dirty rice and pepperoni black bean I think it's gonna come to quick bang guys my first time ever trying gourmet prison food right I think it's gourmet person thing because in the video there of China Mac he said it's very hard to accumulate accumulate these ingredients but if you save up your meals you can make something like this so okay I actually just want to go on with this rice guys because it smells like my mom roof is pretty much fermented shrimp paste guys buy this this is dirty rice soup populace mm-hmm that's not bad the rice is kind of underdone yeah it's kind of under I should have left it in the oven a little more I don't like it was done but it's still a little raw mmm you know I'm gonna yeah I'm gonna be better now next pepperoni and black bean know what that it's got a nice soup pumpless mmm that's very nice this kind of has like a chili feel to it like a nice homey chili guys mmm one fried out hey this is pretty tasty i'ma say the pepperoni makes it because all that seasoning a minute mm-hmm listen this worth well together just by itself [Applause] that's alright thanks that looks like a chicken wing neck this is a Jacke map so this is was it macro yeah it's a macro deep frying Doritos good tap nice stew pump for this got crunch no it's not bad I think own bad no but that it's dry but it looks like a wing was like you're eating a vegan pretty much like they're eating that vegans Kittleman the outsides crunchy then when you get into the incisor site uh-huh and the prosper jet is really good maybe I'll give up took the wings out of this my son mm-hmm cross on this another thing is just the filling is kind of I can see it that'd be really delicious guys what ever been on the diet guys like a crazy diet where you've had a little strict yourself from just food that's even took a breath and plain broccoli day-in day-out and sometimes you get rice Google Map aqua that work you can off that diet to have an achievement or a treat or something like things like just little things like salt or seasoning like HSI times ten in your mind or times ten or times a hundred in your taste buds because you're so used to that playing Hayes right that's right when you see it you spit in this channel making these recipe up you know you being on a diet it's good do not on a diet trying to die food or their diet to know it's just okay you know take for instance chicken recipe just eaten plain chicken seasoned breasts every day for let's say a year same thing in and out you decide throw sauce on there everybody knows whoever's on the diet you know the feeling you throw in sauce I walk on it just changed the whole game value and you try to tell your friends and fabulous try and they're just like all right it's just chicken and salsa you know why me you guys know what I mean this crisis led you adult dessert time there's a lot crossing there so let's do it this banana coffee bread jam and apples in there trying to get a bite of everything I buy this with kappa where's this called Southport how port desert super pumped for this that's actually delicious that is not bad at all this kind of taste I'm going to say if you're craving an apple pie or a fruit pie this will what is that word this will what Perry Craven that's not bad at all this does not work with what you got right all right that's it guys hope you guys enjoy this one don't forget to subscribe you have it also don't forget pickle in your pockets I don't trust your shirt just shares please

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  1. Honestly the only item that came out looking like jail food is the dessert ๐Ÿฎ everything else was cooked too well to look like jail food. Presentation is key. Jail food needs to look more mushy, like to the point that it looks nasty. Good attempt tho lol

  2. โ€œEver been on a diet where you have to restrict yourself from …just foodโ€ ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Dieting is awful…and Prison food is awful…Quang gets it…he is just trying to try interesting food…Prison food is awful…period…

  4. you make the most repulsive eating noises that I have ever heard. how the fuck has no one in your life told you not to fucking do that… and the fucking way that you talk while you eat and slap your gums together.

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