Fitness Fanatic Gorges On Monstrous 4000 Calorie Junk Food Meals

BLAKE HORTON: What’s up guys! Giant McGriddles time. Let’s go. BLAKE HORTON: It’s like you are an unchaperoned child in the kitchen, allowed to make whatever
you want. COMM: 34-year-old Blake Horton has made a name for himself by gorging on an average
of 4,000 calories worth of junk food inspired meals, broadcasting his late night feasting daily to his thousands of followers on social media. BLAKE HORTON: It’s pouring, if it drips, it’s pouring. BLAKE HORTON: I basically save up all my calories and spend them all in one shot. BLAKE HORTON: Most people eat three meals a day. I do everything in one meal a day,
getting all my nutrients, carbs, fats, proteins, everything all in that one big meal. Monstrous
meal if you will. COMM: Blake earns his daily spread from being a dedicated gym bunny, spending hours working
out every day. BLAKE HORTON: I’m gonna scale this wall. BLAKE HORTON: Well, right, ripped my pants. BLAKE HORTON: My training, mainly body weight based. I am also into cycling. Not too much
in to body building. COMM: Although these meals might look more like a fitness fanatic’s nightmare, Blake
insists the he meticulously plans them to make sure they adhere to his strict calorie
counting rules. BLAKE HORTON: We are making giant McGriddles today. It’s going to be just like McDonald’s,
except much larger, pancake buns, egg in the middle with, cheese and bacon, and syrup.
Oh, with a giant hash brown. BLAKE HORTON: A lot of my meals don’t look healthy to the untrained human eye. For me
personally, you can eat clean all you want and you can end up hitting nutritional blind
spots and end up unhealthy. So, I focus on getting the proper nutrients and I do that
with foods which are really enjoyable. People are like, “What’s the point?” It’s
like because you want to hold a giant McGriddle. It’s the best feeling in the world and you
wouldn’t understand it unless you have actually held one. COMM: Looking at Blake’s rippling abs now, you’d never guess that just 4 years ago
he wasn’t such an Adonis. BLAKE HORTON: When I turned 30 years old, I lost 60 pounds. A big portion of it was
through eating small meals, spread out throughout the day. I was miserable. I was constantly
watching the clock, waiting for my next meal. I was hungry all the time. I read about intermittent
fasting. So this claims that you don’t get hungry anymore. You get to eat huge monstrous
meals, just basically like enjoy life again. So, I figured, you know what, let me give
it a shot. BLAKE HORTON: Giant McGriddles. This is a regular McDonald’s McGriddle. This is my
McGriddle. COMM: As well as his countless Insta-fans, Blake’s girlfriend Jenni also watches the
action unfold every night. BLAKE HORTON : What’s up, guys! Giant McGriddle time. Let’s go. JENNI HIRALDO: People ask me, “How do you, you know, how are you in a relationship with
guy who eats this much?” BLAKE HORTON: I don’t share my food, but she gets her own massive meal in relation to her. BLAKE HORTON: She is 104 pounds. So, a massive meal her is a lot smaller than a massive meal
for me. JENNI HIRALDO: And I’m not intermittent fasting, but I do count my calories, count
my macro and micro nutrients and I do eat lighter during the week so that I can eat
bigger in the weekends. So, you know, if we go out for drinks on the weekends and to eat,
you know, bigger meals and have fun with sprinkles and all this stuff. COMM: As you can imagine eating such a gigantic meal is a tiring thing to do. BLAKE HORTON: Time out. BLAKE HORTON: And how do I physically feel? Yeah, I feel great. You still, actually you
can still kind of see abs under there. I believe the body is meant to digest while resting.
I make sure eating is the last thing I am going to do. Later guys, have a good night. BLAKE HORTON: You see my food baby, it’s monstrous. I just want to go to sleep after
that. JENNI HIRALDO: We don’t haves sex after he eats. Not after I eat either. I mean, we
are stuffed, think about it, you want to go to rest, after you stuff your face, you can’t
even walk, let alone do physical activities. Grown up physical activities. BLAKE HORTON: I enjoy myself a lot more now and my health is perfect. People are like,
“Do you really enjoy that?” I am like, “Why would I do this every day if i didn’t
enjoy my meals?”

100 thoughts on “Fitness Fanatic Gorges On Monstrous 4000 Calorie Junk Food Meals

  1. He is so sexyyyyyy! and looks so happy. I love intermittent fasting, but do not recommend eating that kind of food. Especially portions that large.

  2. I bet the endothelial cells lining the walls of his arteries are inflamed, cracked, and riddled with plaque. If not now, they will be soon.

  3. One word: Dumb. Sadly this is not good practice, and it may be harmful and confusing to those looking into getting in shape and being healthy…..

  4. He might follow the calorie intake rule, but he is consuming a lot of sugar and processed foods with tons of additives. It’s not healthy for the overall health in terms of heart and blood

  5. Why would u limit yourself to one geant meal iff ur stomach cant afford it i mean ur stomach has a size so !?

  6. Out of anything I seen on barcroft I honestly would do this…………. Or At least try😂😁🙉

  7. It’s not just fat loss, you’re giving the body a rest so it can focus on healing and regeneration (there's also a cognitive benefit)

  8. Lmao I was eating 3000 calories a day , i was underweight and eating that much calories still didn’t put my weight up lmao

  9. Arteries are about to explode, CHF, Diabetes Failing Kidneys, Fatty Liver….and what would you know??? That's Far From HEALTHY!!!! Gorging is a mental illness and exercising to offset your gorging is just sickening!

  10. Hes pretty healthy as proven on dr oz. Hes just being smart with his calorie intake and timing it perfectly. Something new i guess😂😃

  11. 😒That hotdog looks a little of a lot undercooked or am I the only one that likes my burnt big and Black⁉..😌🌑🍆💦


  13. You know why this is actually works. Cuz I learned when you eat an unsatisfied meal you want way more of it and thru the day but if you eat something satisfying you will eat less.

  14. 👍 bro. I honestly thought that i was the only one who had the philosophy if i may say. I eat exactly the same way. 😎

  15. I am doing GOMAD right now, which is already 2500 kcal without eating a single thing.
    Combine that with breakfast, lunch and supper and you have 4000 calories.
    Of course GOMAD should not be done for a long time, but it helps to get things started.

  16. I’m curious to see where this guy will be in 2 years.. will he still be maintaining this diet? Will he gain weight? Will he develop health problems?!

  17. As a clinical nutritionist student, I am just interested in the data, the evidence of his health in his bloods and cholesterol. There is lots of positive evidence in OMAD eating

  18. Gather round, children. This is what is well known as dirty bulking. The idea is simply to eat as much as possible without focusing on nutrition to bulk up and gain weight quickly, but still work out very often in order to maintain muscles and a good figure. Sadly common.

  19. Its really not that crazy. I know people who are on 6-8k calories and still look as lean as this guy. Its all about that metabolism so genetics plays a big role in this too.

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