Fitness Preparation – Police Foundations – Algonquin College

[MUSIC] We’re known as P121 where most of our fitness training occurs The way we prepare our students is every
semester they have fitness classes and we have them run
through different drills usually we have a circuit training and we have minnie circuits that students run through that allows them to to prepare themselves for the prep and for that test so the commissioning exercise better done here are relevant to be actual test themselves and we also make use of the equipment that is utilized in prep
and pare to prepare our students during these circuit training hi I’m Alison, I’m in the 3rd semester of the Police Foundations program here at Algonquin and demonstrate here the pair test and being in this fitness class has
really help me prepare do the pair test and get ready for my policing career because I mean doing all the
things multiple times gets you comfortable with the machine because you don’t find these in a gym so I mean I’m able to practice it feel confident and then when I do the actual test I pass no problem I’ll feel comfortable and help me get into my career faster because I only have to do it once Hi, my name is Jason Frederick a fourth
semester student here at Algonquin College in the Police Foundation program I just demonstrated the prep test here
in the gym This gets you ready to be a
police constable in the province of Ontario – here at Algonquin the faculty really helped me achieve the goals I want to achieve with
this testing because they don’t have this kind of stuff offered inside of regular gyms this is a different kind of physical
evaluation that regular lifting weights won’t really
prepare you for so with a knowledgeable staff here its helped me cut my time in half with this
test and feel alot more confident about it

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