– Jeremy Day from Germany. – Whereabouts in Germany? – Huh? – Where in Germany? – Frankfurt, Wiesbaden. – Okay so if you’re from
Frankfurt or nearby– – Wiesbaden. – Wiesbaden, should they
come here and train? – Yeah, they should. It’s very cool. (upbeat music) – Good morning guys, 24th of October 2019. Welcome back to the Fitness Street series but specifically Tiger
Muay Thai Beachside, which is about a 10 minute motorbike ride from Fitness Streets. So just waking up here. 7:30 in the morning. This is where we’re staying if you haven’t seen the previous videos just walking down stairs walk
or down this ramp rather. This is the Hivetel. (clears throat) I have a sore throat. I think I’m coming down
with something actually. This is the Hivetel and it’s
really, really peaceful. There’s actually no
one really staying here as I’ve already mentioned. I’m just waking up now and this is exactly what you’ll wake up to if
you decide to stay here. 7:30 in the morning at the training day. First Muay Thai, good morning. First training day, sorry
first training session starts at eight o’clock this morning so anyway this is just
a quick introduction into our daily video series and we were going to do
some training this morning and film it for you but… Rob I were not feeling too good so we’re just slowing
it down this morning. There was an incredible
thunderstorm last night, it was just insane lightning,
thunder, it was intense. And it was really, really cool. So if you love thunderstorms, you’ll definitely get your
fair share of thunderstorm experiences out here. So that’s the mascot here, the dog and then obviously
the training floor for Muay Thai is just over there, but (roosters crowing) hear those roosters. The pool, I was about to
fill my water bottle up. Anyway so without rambling on too much, not sure exactly what
I wanna give you today in terms of content but we are gonna have breakfast downstairs here as per usual, 150 baht per person for a
buffet breakfast downstairs here at the Hivetel. When I say buffet, I’m
not a big buffet person. It just so happened to be a buffet, but I usually get like three eggs and slice of toast, coffee and I’m happy with that. I’m filling up my water
bottle here so anyway, and then after that we’ll
head over to Fitness Street, which is about a 10 minute ride from here. 15, 20 minutes on the bicycle and then we’ll go and
show you some more stuff. Anyway just stick around guys. This afternoon should be more interesting, but we’re just waking up. I’m pretty tired so apologise
for the poor energy, but sometimes end of
the week, it’s Thursday, you feel tired just training all week and so it’s time to back
it off a little bit. Anyway, see you soon. Oh man, you just headbutt yourself, so stay there, stay there. You just headbutt yourself,
why would you do that? Welcome Robs. – Thanks guys. Sorry, a bit of a slow one. I think I sprained my
toe, I’ve hit my head. – She banged her head, it was funny. – I’m really tired. – That was really funny. – I’m really stiff. – Yeah, me too. – Today is a slow one. – It’s a slow one, so tired. I have a sore throat every… – You have a sore throat? – Yeah. – Oh, dear. – Yeah. Run down, run down. All right, there’s this
breakfast restaurant here. The restaurant. – [Robyn] It’s all steamed up in there. – [Brad] It’s all steamed up, yeah. – [Robyn] Should we write
something on the window? – Yeah, I reckon we should, yeah. All right, do it. What are you writing? B love… B and R. B love R. Brad loves Robyn. Clearly Robyn doesn’t love Brad. How come it’s only one way? Ah, there we go. Oh, I see. (playful music) (laughing) That’s pretty funny actually. My website. Casual plug right there. Thanks Rob, thanks for thinking of me. Breakfast at Hivetel. It changes every morning. The fruit does anyway. We got dragon fruit this
morning on the menu, look. I wanna get that. Yes. we’re gonna eat all of that too and of course, it’s time for coffee. My favourite part of the breakfast area is the coffee machine. Good morning guys, it
is 10:30 in the morning. I’m at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. Right now there is a big class
happening at the moment here with MFT, Marshall Fitness Training. All these guys have come from China. They’re here to do a Muay Thai class. There’s a team of videographers here. This man, name and from.
– Peace. – Name and from? – Jeremy Dave from Germany. – Whereabouts in Germany? – Huh? – Where in Germany? – Frankfurt, Wiesbaden. – Okay so if you’re from
Frankfurt or nearby– – Wiesbaden. – Wiesbaden, should they
come here and train? – Yeah, they should. It’s very cool, very very cool. – How long have you been here for? – 10 years, uh 10 days. (laughing) 10 years, shit. I love to be 10 years here but 10 days. – You hear that guys? He’s stating his desires this man. Yeah, no it’s good to have you man. Nice to meet you. – Thanks. – Friendly face. – See you this evening in yoga. – That’s right. – Peace. – All right so what I’ll do guys, this is actually not a
typical Muay Thai class here, Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. MFT come here I believe twice
a year, April and October and they come in big crowds such as this and so right now they’re
doing a big class here at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. So this is not a reflection of the classes that we typically or that
I’ve typically seen here at Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. It just seems to be like
a one-off sort of thing but I wanna show you some
clips of these guys training and yeah, to give you an idea I guess of Muay Thai training in general and how they’re structuring
their training for these guys. So yeah, I’ll move over
and use this camera and I’ll show you a couple of clips and then we’ll move
over to Fitness Street, which is a 10, 15, 20 minute bicycle ride. A 15, 20 minute bicycle ride from here and then we’ll go from there. – One, two, lift left up, second. And after that you have to step back and swing your leg back like this and flow with the right low kick. – It’s just a bit of basic combinations and things like that with Muay Thai. Great fitness, so even if
you’re not into Muay Thai, you should definitely do a beginner class. Just try it. Come out here and try it. Hey Robs. Robs is not a fighter and she’s
done iy, haven’t you Robs? – Yeah. – I’m not a fighter and
I’ve done it, but I love it. It’s good fun but I love
it mainly for fitness so– – Yeah it does as well,
which is quite nice. – Helps you remain present. – That’s it. – I knew you’re gonna say that. – No, it’s true though. – Make you have to think.
– Because you actually realise how busy your mind and you’re forced to be thinking about what you’re
doing in the moment. – That’s right. – That’s right it makes you forget about all the other shit that’s
going on around you. – In our classes we’ve
like forgotten steps and we like lose ourselves and the instructor has to bring you back. – Yeah, the trainer’s like come on. – And even a couple times they say, present, present.
– They wake you up. – Get your mind in this space.
– Get your mind, wake up. They point to you like wake up. Yeah, so it’s great for that. Like it’s kind of a meditation really. Yeah, it’s kind of like
a meditation in a way. The whole mindfulness thing. Everyone talks about mindfulness. – Well it’s true. – Muay Thai like that. You gotta think. All right so we’re gonna
get some bicycles here from Beachside and we’re gonna
ride over to Fitness Street. – In the midday heat. – And it’s freakin’ hot. Ooh, ooh.
– Whew! – Oy.
– Whew. – What’s your name and where are you from? – It’s Simon from New Zealand mate. – New Zealand mate? – Yeah. – We’re neighbours. It’s a small body of
water that separates us. – Just a cheeky three hour flight. (laughing) – Cheeky three hour flight. So what’ve you been up to though? What you’ve been doing, what’s going on? – Just trying Muay Thai in the morning and went down to grab food, now I’m gonna chill by the pool. – What do you plan on doing
for the rest of the day? – Oh we got poolside
and then probably go to the CrossFit class, 3:30 man. – So that’s kind of the
culture here, right? You wake up, you do a morning
Muay Thai class at Beachside, you come back, either jump in the pool or in your case you take a bicycle and go for a ride ’cause
two hours of Muay Thai is not enough fitness for you. You gotta jump on a bicycle
and ride for 20 minutes, come back and then chill by the pool and then a CrossFit class. – Why not, you know? – Love it man. I’ll see you back here. – Yeah. – We’re going to Fitness Street too. – Oh, enjoy man. Good morning world. We’re leaving Tiger Muay
Thai Beachside at 11:30 on our bicycles, our rental bicycles from Tiger Muay Thai Beachside. We’re actually riding
past really a cool cafe, little cool cafe restaurant. Make sure you go in there
and check that place out. It’s pretty cool, that place right there. We had coffee in there yesterday and it’s literally like a
five-second bicycle ride from Beachside so be sure
to check that place out and let me know what you think. It’s like literally walking
into an antique store. Yeah, anyway continue the ride and show you some more
cool places along here between Tiger Muay Thai
Beachside and Fitness Street. So if you decide you want
to come and check out a zoo during your Fitness vacation
here in Phuket, Thailand, there’s a zoo right here. – Hello! – Hey, how are you? Very good. And obviously they’re very friendly. Buh-bye. Yeah anyway, so if you’re
staying near Fitness Street or Tiger Muay Thai Beachside then yeah, I mean the zoo is just there if you want to go check out the zoo here. I’ve never been in there. I don’t do zoos personally
but everyone’s different and I understand, some
people love zoos so. ♪ I saw the city passing by my window ♪ ♪ Was in the crowd but I felt so low ♪ ♪ Looked at my phone
like every other second ♪ ♪ My future was blurry and numb ♪ ♪ A tunnel where there’s no light ♪ – All right, it’s almost lunch
time, we’re at Fitness Street Soi Taied, just pulling into
a, hi, protein shake hut. I like to call it the bamboo hut right next to Unit 27,
strength and conditioning. This is it right here. With big protein tubs out
on the front facing part of the bamboo hut, it’s pretty cool. Anyway let’s pull up our
bikes and get a protein shake, before we head up to Tiger Muay Thai and check out their strength
and conditioning class and shoot some highlights there. So you get to see the
highlights of the strength and conditioning class
over Tiger Muay Thai. Anyway, let’s get a protein shake. This is what it looks like. I love this little place. This is the first place we rolled up to when we first arrived
here early last week. Look at the setting. We love this place, don’t we? Well where should we sit? The same place we sat
when we first arrived? Over in the corner. Vanilla, this one right here, vanilla. Thank you, yeah. Ordering to protein shakes
with vanilla and coconut, coconut water with a banana
right here on the street. Right here on Fitness Street guys, right next to Unit 27 and
telling in Tiger Muay Thai. This is the menu and
literally you pay 80 baht or 100 bahts, which is nothing. It’s like three, four Australian dollars. And I’ll stand back and I’ll show you what it looks like from afar. That’s it right there. Don’t forget this place. And there’s another protein
shake hut just there as well. Guess what has just arrived. Protein shakes on Fitness Street. Cheers Robs. It’s a nice hot sunny day for 200 bahts, protein shakes, vanilla protein
shakes with coconut water and banana, you can pick
the fruit that you want on the front counter. I’ve gone with banana. – Good choice. – [Brad] Let’s go. – Cheers.
– Cheers to us. We just finished at the protein shake bar, we’re now on our way to Tiger Muay Thai, the main campus here on Fitness Street. We’re just rolling up to
it on our bicycles here in this hot sun. We’re gonna give you the
highlights of the strength and conditioning class here
that starts at 1:00 p.m. So if you’re looking to
coming to Tiger Muay Tha and checking out the BEAST class, this next couple minutes might
be very beneficial to you. You get to see what it’s all about So we are here, Tiger Muay
Thai, the main campus. There are no classes
happening here at the moment except private classes. We spent a lot of time here last year and myself, the year before. This is what it looks, raw and uncut. The main walkway through here. – Hi, how are you. – How are you man? – Ay camera!
– Ah, good to see you. Come. Good to see you man. (yelling) 2019! – Everything good? – We all remember this guy, don’t we? Hey. This guy, we trained with
him so many times last year. We went to his fight last year and then he broke his foot. (laughing) And he broke it again, when? – Two months ago. – Two months ago, broke it again. Aw, dude. – [Robyn] Soldier, solider. – Aw man that is nuts. So good to see you again. It’s so good to see you again.
– Yeah. – All right guys it’s one
o’clock in the afternoon here at Tiger Muay Thai. I am just filming some highlights and some videos of big BEAST class here, the strength and conditioning class here at Tiger Muay Thai. I’m gonna show you what the class is like so if you’re looking at
coming here and train, and do CrossFit or strength
and conditioning classes, you get a good idea of
what it’s all about here. Shaun Kober is the
instructor, the teacher, the coach for this class. I will link up his details to this video, so if you have any questions
you can ask him directly. So this should be really fun class. There’s probably about
30 people in the class and it’s very hot today here in Thailand. So you’re gonna see a lot
of sweat in this class. All right it’s time to film
this and have some fun. (upbeat music) (yelling) All right my friends it is
two o’clock in the afternoon, here Thursday, Fitness Street Soi Taied. I just done the bicycle, I just finished shooting
some clips at Shaun’s who’s the head strength
and conditioning coach at Tiger Muay Thai. The BEAST class and I hope you enjoyed, I had to run out real quick because I got a private Muay
Thai class right now actually at Evolve, which we’re
going to be filming that and then Robyn has hers at three o’clock, so with another trainer Ashkan and it’s a bit of a rush right now so gotta get to my class, but I hope you enjoyed that class, that strength and conditioning class at Tiger Muay Thai with Shaun. Anyways, he’s a great dude. He’s the head coach there. I’ll link his details up,
you can check him out, ask him questions. Anyway it’s for everybody,
all fitness levels. You don’t have to be super
shredded to do that class, anyone could do it. Yeah, just go in there,
it’s a great community, you meet people from everywhere
and you just have a blast. So yeah, if you decide to
sign up to the BEAST class and you yeah, let me know, I’m curious. I’m gonna get ready for my class. Oh. Hey, sorry bit late. Ready to start a private
Muay Thai session here at Evolve Health Club. 700 bahts with this
little ninja right here, Phongsiri, look at him. He’s got the noodles out. We’re gonna go to the beach, yeah? We’re going to the beach? – The beach?
– The beach, yeah. – Yeah, for sure. – Okay. (laughing) And yeah, just gonna do some
Muay Thai basic beginner stuff, fundamental boxing fundamentals. Yeah, he’s a cool guy and
yeah, so Robs is gonna film some clips here for this video. It’s on Fitness Street Soi
Taied Phuket, Thailand. He’s a great dude, check him out. I’ll link him up, this place is amazing. I’m trying to get on with
the class, I’m already late. (Celtic music) – Stop, stop. Right there, that’s good. Go. – All right, my friends
you’ve seen this face before. Phongsiri here at a Evolve Health Club. I’ll link him up, but man
he’s a legend this guy. He’s go so much energy
and we just finished the one hour private
session here, 700 bahts. Great session, I learned stuff that I’ve never learned before,
basic boxing fundamentals. Slip, slip, slip, you
know step, hook, hook, like twisting the foot,
things I’ve never learned so this man is incredible. He broke it down for me
and yeah, for everybody so if you’re just a
starting a fitness journey I say this in almost every video, come here, come to the
street, but look for this man and do a couple sessions with him. He’ll help you out, he’ll help you out. – I will. (laughing) – Remember this face. Robyn is doing, she’s just
had a private one-on-one Muay Thai session here
at a Evolve Health Club. I’m gonna give you the highlights to this particular one-on-one class. If you’re a female watching this and you wanna come to
Fitness Street or Soi Taied and you wanna learn a bit of Muay Thai, never done before in your life, or you just wanna, get
fit, lose some weight. You could watch this video. She’s started just now. She’s not a boxer or fighter,
she does Pilates online. Online Pilates instructor. She’s with Ashkan, he’s from Iran and super shredded, very flexible, but you’ll get to see her
learn some of the fundamentals so I apologise for the noise, it’s raining on the tin roof and there’s
another private class in the background, so I apologise
for the background noise, but it’s as real as you’re gonna get it. So raw, authentic Muay Thai. ♪ I won’t make it easy for you now ♪ ♪ You got two minutes of my time ♪ ♪ And I don’t really
break through easily ♪ ♪ But I’m worth it ’cause I’ll
slip into your dreams tonight ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ So gimme, so gimme your all ♪ ♪ I’ll take it, I’ll take it to Mars, oh ♪ ♪ I’ll stick like glue
inside your mind, oh ♪ – My second day of having
a private here at Evolve. Wow, it’s raining outside, which is probably the best
conditions you could wish for when you have a private. It’s just cools everything down. It’s so beautiful, such
an amazing environment. You guys gotta come here and try this out. You won’t regret it. You won’t. (upbeat music) ♪ I got you wrapped around my finger ♪ ♪ But don’t you try to call me tomorrow ♪ (yelling) – Oh, I just kicked you in the face! – It’s okay, no. – I’m so sorry.
– No. Again, again, again, again. – How was the session? – It was so cool man. – I don’t think I’ve ever
seen you train so hard before. – Man, I just love it so much.
– She’s trained so hard. – I could do this everyday. – I’ve mean I’ve seen you
train hard at Unit 27. If you ever decide to come out here, definitely private sessions,
it’s worth the money. If you’re an absolute
beginner, just get them. Maybe five sessions or something private or three sessions or whatever, get the fundamentals down and yeah, even if you have no interest
in like martial art, it’s great for fitness anyway. I mean look at this, I’m
sweating like crazy out here. Yeah, anyway.
– It is so challenging. – Props, you’re a legend. – Aw, thanks. – The ladies out there–
– Thanks Brad. I mean Brad introduced me to this. I mean, I used to watch
Kill Bill when I was younger but that was, just stay with the TV. – Kill Bill.
– Yeah. (laughing) And now I’m back here, it’s so cool. – Yeah anyway, see you guys later. It’s almost 4:30 and I’ve
got to pick up a pass and then we’re gonna go somewhere for, where we going tonight? – We haven’t eaten. – We haven’t eaten guys, we
had like bit of breakfast this morning at Hivetel at
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, but I don’t know guys,
we’ll bring you along– – We’ll let you know, when we know. – We’ll show you what we
eat along Fitness Street. All right, let’s go. See you soon. Okay guys, it is getting
closer to 5:00 p.m. Thursday the 24th of October. We’ve finished all of
our training for the day here on Fitness Street/Soi
Taied Phuket, Thailand. We’re at Thai Thai
restaurant on Fitness Street. I wanted to kind of shoot
this video specifically at this restaurant because
I’ve never done a proper video at this fresh hut here on Fitness Street. I highly recommend coming here. We’ve been coming here for a while now, like after training and between training. This food is absolutely incredible, like authentic Thai
food, it’s super cheap, very fresh, like these
coconuts, they just rolled up. Like look how amazing, you just can’t get much better than that. This place is around
a two-minute walk from Tiger Muay Thai and Dragon Muay Thai and all of the Cross, like for example, I’ll turn the camera around There is one of Unit 27’s
training campuses right there. There’s the sign for Thai Thai, that’s the sign to look for. Big block of land right here and Unit 27 on the top of the hill. So just kind of little references for you, if you need help finding this place. This is the menu, right? I’ll show you. So have a look. So I’ll show you, so I usually get the
omelette, this here 50 baht. It’s like $2.50 Australian like
$2.50 mate for an omelette. Look at this, amazing goodness right here. Of course rice is rice. That’s the Thai egg omelette. You gotta try the Thai egg omelette. It’s really amazing. You can get it with chicken
or prawns or I think. Thai egg omelette. That’s the chicken cashew. This is the Morning Glory right here. Morning Glory, I’ll get that. The Morning Glory is one
of my favourite dishes, one of my favourite Thai dishes. It’s just I love my
veggies, I love my greens, and when I’m in Thailand,
the Morning Glory and the papaya salad, are my two favourite
vegetable-based Thai dishes. So I’ll show you. This is the Morning Glory,
you have to try that and and then of course
we’ve got chicken skewers, which is that peanut sauce? – [Woman] Yes. – Yeah, peanut sauce guys. You gotta try the chicken skewers here, like you have to try that. It is absolutely incredible. Anyway when you come to Thai Thai this is what the food looks
like to give you an idea so anyway, bon appetit,
we’re gonna eat this and were gonna get back to
Tiger Muay Thai Beachside for a yoga class at 6:30. Look guys 5:30 in the evening Thursday, just on our bicycles now riding back to Tiger Muay Thai Beachside, where we’re staying for
another couple of nights and then we check out on Sunday but as I said, big thank
you for watching the videos and following this through the whole day. I never know really what I’m
gonna do one day to the next, just depends on my injury
and now I feel and you know? And that’s what’s great about this place is you get so much freedom here and you just feel really
alive and it feels really good so we’re riding back now and we’re gonna try and
make the yoga class tonight. The Tiger Muay Thai
Beachside has a yoga class at 6:30 to 7:30 and I’m
gonna miss the light and yeah, I missed the light. Yeah so Tiger Muay Thai
Beachside had the yoga class every night 6:30 to 7:30. Monday to Saturday, no
Monday to Friday I think. Check their thing on their website. We like to make it because
after training for a full day you just want to stretch out
and it’s good for your body, like my flexibility is terrible and I know I need to do more of it. But if you get the all
inclusive fitness package then you have a choice of doing that. So guys, thank you so much,
have an amazing night or day or wherever you’re watching from. If you have any questions, let me know. And can’t wait to have you
guys here on Fitness Street, this is the beginning of Fitness
Street actually right here. All the signs right here, Tiger Muay Thai, Top Team, Titan Fitness. Yeah, there’s plenty here,
something for everyone. All right, have a good night and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s vlog. Good night. (upbeat music)


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