Fitness Superstore’s Remanufacturing Process

The Remanufacturing Process In stage 1, a machine arrives in our warehouse and is tested by one of our certified technicians he tests the heart rate monitor the display console the LED lights the resistance, speed, and incline levels to make sure all are performing perfectly. In stage 2, our technicians inspect the motion of the machine and test for clicking, grinding, or squeaking to ensure a noise free workout Any system flaws are repaired or replaced with new parts. In stage 3, the machine is completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for internal issues. Parts are tested and any mechanical part that is worn more than 25 percent is replaced. Drive belts are replaced on all units regardless of wear. Treadmill walking belt are also replaced
on all machines, except on Woodways. All hardware, chains, pulleys, cables and wheels are inspected and replaced if needed. Batteries are replaced on all units. In stage 5, the machine is reassembled to match
factory specifications and begins the restoration process to a
close to new cosmetic condition In stages 6, machines are sandblasted to
original steel for heavy wear or sanded by hand for
light scratches. Machines are repainted with the latest
technology to eliminate imperfections and prevent
discoloration All stickers, logos, and display
overlays that are worn or faded are replaced. Power cords are inspected for wear and replaced if necessary. Stage 7 is our final step in the manufacturing process. Our
certified technicians reinspect every machine and retest
every element to guarantee quality. Fitness Superstore, brands you trust for less.

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