Fitness Tracker kaufen 2019 ⌚ ➡️ Die 9 besten Fitness Armbänder im Vergleich [3 Preisklassen]

Hi, in this video we compare the currently
9 best fitness trackers. Tested by the most honest critics – the
Customers themselves. 1. Cheap fitness trackers under 50 €
Second Good fitness tracker between 50 and 100 €
Third High quality fitness tracker over 100 € The fitness bracelets have 3 levels
the waterproofness: IP67 means sweat, rain and splash proof
IP68 means it is suitable for showering And with bands up to “5 ATM” you can
go swimming and dive up to 50m. How waterproof the selected fitness tracker
are, I’ll show you the same in the comparison tables. After the intro, it goes with the first category
Come on. Cheap fitness trackers under 50 €
# 1 is the Fitness Tracker by Xiaomi: The Mi Band 3
That’s what satisfied customers wrote: – By far the best fitness bracelet under
50 €! – It is very light and falls while wearing
also almost not on. – Beautiful design, in my opinion the most beautiful
“Band” at the market. – The official app is good and offers many
useful information. – The Fitness Tracker has over 200 5-stars
Reviews on Amazon. This caused problems for customers:
– Most of the problems mentioned are that the pulse measurement is inaccurate and that it is partial
massive connection problems. The conclusion:
Great value for money. Customers are excited about what they do with the
Get band 3 for their money. Fitness Tracker App Comparison: What sports the fitness bracelets in
Be able to track the combination with the apps, I show you after every band presented. Because there is hardly complete information on the internet
I have the apps installed and even tested, which sports are set
left. The Mi Fit App: Here can not be different between
Sports are recorded – recorded only the time, the pulse and the
consumed calories. Number 2 is Willful’s fitness bracelet
These are its advantages: – The bracelet was on some fitness trackers
Tests of the test winner in the low price range. – Someone wrote: The many features of
Fitness wristbands really made me feel positive surprised. – The workmanship is good. The displayed vital signs are reliable
and the wearing comfort can also be seen to let. – For a customer, the long-term test
over 6 months passed. It’s a good fitness watch for a fair price. The following disadvantages are mentioned:
– Some complained that the heart rate monitor not exactly and the number of steps completely
is wrong. The conclusion:
It has over 180 5-star ratings. This fitness bracelet by Willful is in the
lower price range with the front here! The VeryFitPro app offers you 14 training modes:
Namely, running, jogging, cycling, hiking, Fitness, Treadmill, Basketball, Tennis, Rock Climbing,
Badminton, dynamic training, yoga, football and dance. Number 3 is the fitness bracelet from YAMAY. That’s what happy customers say:
– In the first tests, everything has flawless works and the pulse values ​​were too
right. – The clock looks really chic, will
updated regularly by the manufacturer and the included software is on top of that
Price included. – The app is easy to use and lets
Easily connect to the Fitness Tracker. The following did not please:
– Get the most negative reviews on the sometimes extremely inaccurate step counting. There were also connection problems and some
Fitness bracelets were quickly broken. The conclusion: Most are the customers
thrilled by the price-performance ratio. This bracelet also runs with the “VeryFitPro”
App. That means you also have the above mentioned ones
14 training modes to choose from. Here you can see the most important features
in a comparison table. I mark you a few striking deviations. The current prices can be found on our
Website or directly at the shop. Both I link you in the video description. If you compare the fitness tracker in peace
would like to pause the video. Good fitness tracker between 50 and 100 €
Number 1 is Honor Band 4. Honor is a subsidiary of Huawai
That’s what customers say about fitness Tracker:
– It’s a very nice band, has a good one Display with sharp presentation, so everything
well readable. – It is comfortable to wear, has a soft
Band that sits firmly and stably. – The battery life is great – depending on
Activity one to two weeks. – Great product, very fast delivery. In the meantime we have covered the family with it. That did not like:
– The basic language setting is Chinese, but it adapts when you do that
Honor Band 4 for the first time with your smartphone connect. Someone found the pulse measurement very inaccurate. The conclusion: The majority holds the fitness
Bracelet for a “great device”. If you like a nice display, here is
precisely. For the right app, we come right away, because:
Number 2 is the Huawei Band 3 Pro That pleased the customers:
– It is an excellent, contemporary Design, with good to excellent quality. – The GPS reception is excellent and im
Connection to my jogging runs I get Details of mileage, pulse, step quantity,
consumed calories etc. – Great device. Has now been tested for a week and are with
Satisfied with the performance for so little money. These are mentioned disadvantages:
– The operating instructions are not in German. In addition, some customers complained about connection breakdowns,
whereby data is not synchronized could and thus they were lost. The conclusion:
The customers keep the price performance ratio for very good. Perfect for the occasional amateur athlete
suitable. On your smartphone you need for the
two fitness trackers the “Huawai Health App” and this offers you the following sports:
Running, walking, cycling, running on the treadmill and swimming in the pool, like you on one here
See screenshot of the app. Number 3 is the fitness tracker “vivosport”
from Garmin That’s what happy customers wrote: – Super fitness tracker for women! My wife does not turn off the clock, exactly
what she always wanted as a sports watch. – The app of Garmin is also good, there can
you can see all his data nicely. The data transfer works without problems. – Good fit, light on the wrist, great
Graphic on the phone The disadvantages:
– Partly there were problems with the synchronization and the GPS data is in training in the Feien
pretty inaccurate. Overall, the price-performance ratio
According to most customers “good” to “very Well”. Compatible is the tracker with the “Garmin
Connect App ” The adjustable sports are: running,
Cycling, walking, swimming, golf, and activities inside the building. Here, too, of course, you get the comparison table
the 3 fitness tracker. Pause the video if you like the features
to watch in peace. High quality fitness tracker over 100 €
# 1 is the Fitbit Charge 3 Your advantages:
– She was test winner in some fitness Tracker tests
– Satisfied customers wrote: The best tracker we had until now. Price is completely reasonable. Easy to use. – Super cool and stylish watch with great features. Perfect day companion for a fair price. – Works flawlessly and through the interchangeable
Bracelets are practically always a fitting one Outfit to clothes. Can only recommend the Fitbit Charge 3. The following disadvantages are mentioned:
– Many have synchronization issues with the smartphone. – There is an App Requirement, even for standard features
such as “count steps” and “heart rate measurement”. – Partially the display went after some
Time is broken. Overall, there are split opinions too
the Fitbit Charge 3. One side may be the bad reviews
do not understand, the other side is disappointed with the fitness tracker. The trackable sports of Fitbit App are:
Running, Walking, Cycling, Spinning, Yoga, Stepper, elliptical, aerobics, swimming,
Circuit Training, Bootcamp, Pilates, Tennis Martial Arts, Golf, Kickboxing, Hiking, Spinning
and the good old treadmill. No. 2 in this price category is the Polar
– A360 That’s what happy customers wrote:
– Heart rate and calorie consumption roughly match the cardio equipment. Top! – Modern and beautiful tracker, simple
Operation and can be quickly with the Connect mobile phone. – Perfect training and everyday companion! He is my daily companion and motivator
in terms of movement. These disadvantages brought the bracelet with it:
– Some customers gave the fitness tracker after 1 – 1,5 years the spirit on. – Again, there were some customers with synchronization problems
to the smartphone. – Also here is the Polar Flow app
Duty, as well as the registration at Polar itself. The conclusion:
Also with the Polar A360 fitness tracker is it’s a tug of war between 1 and 5 star ratings. The Polar Flow app offers a total of over
130 sport profiles to adjust: In addition to the standards, there are sports such as:
Riding, Road Bike, Roller Skating, Wheelchair Race, Rowing, rugby, weight training, tennis, ballet,
Badminton, volleyball, skiing etc. No. 3 is the Samsung – Gear Fit2 Pro
– According to some fitness tracker tests he is with the best sports tracker. – These advantages were what customers called: He recognizes
many sports independently, is waterproof and also nice. – Answering SMS, WhatsApp and others
Messenger is a default short message possible. – I’m excited! The Gear Fit Pro motivates me through her
Functions. – Various beautiful colors are adjustable. These disadvantages were mentioned:
– Many complained about the quality of the bracelet and the battery lasts in comparison
to other fitness trackers in the same price range only a very short time. – The pedometer should be partially inaccurate
his. The conclusion:
Over 200 5-star reviews on Amazon. But also in this fitness tracker split
the opinions. Also with the Samsung Health App you have a lot
many sports to choose from. During my research, I noticed
that Samsung updates very customer-oriented performs. Where sports were lacking recently,
These were based on customer requests added. By now you can do almost any sport
choose. In addition to the standards, I want you to follow
call: American Football, Badminton, Ballet, Bench Press,
Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Mountaineering, Archery, Bowling, Boxing, Cricket, Hang Gliding,
Ice hockey, ice skating, ice dancing, frisbee, golf, Inline skating, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding,
Squash, Water aerobics, Dancing, Pilates, Deadlift and much more Here you can like to pause the video and
the characteristics of the 3 fitness trackers with each other to compare. The same table with always current prices
you can find on our website. Which fitness tracker is suitable for you? If you do not care what your personal
Data happens, a favorable fitness ranges Tracker. The privacy statements are partial
spongy written and partly not at all to translate from Chinese. What exactly your record including statistics
used or even resold to third parties is here is pretty unclear. All the products mentioned in the video and the
Link the privacy statements of the apps I you in the video description, so you
you can read it if necessary. – If you track a special sport
would like to offer you the high quality Tracker. (The Samsung Health was especially good for me
App liked. There you can choose whether you are personal
Want to receive advertising and what about yours Data happens.) Thank you for watching! If I could help you, I’m glad
me over a thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel to see no comparisons in the future
to miss the best sports products. Until then, all the best!

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  1. ⬇️ Die Fitness Tracker aus dem Video: ⬇️

    Fitness Tracker unter 50 €
    1) Xiaomi – Mi Band 3 :

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    2) Willful – Fitness Armband:

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    3) YAMAY – Fitness Armband:

    * Amazon –

    Fitness Tracker zwischen 50 und 100 €
    1) Honor – Band 4:

    * Amazon –

    * eBay –

    2) Huawei – Band 3 Pro:

    * Amazon –

    3) Garmin – vívosport:

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    Fitness Tracker über 100 €
    1) Fitbit – Charge 3:

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    2) Polar – A360:

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    3) Samsung – Gear Fit2 Pro:

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    Immer die aktuellen Bestseller auf Amazon: *

  2. Bei dem willful fitnesstracker… da gibts bei Amazon an erster Stelle noch einen anderen, wo liegt denn da der Unterschied? Ich kann von den Daten nicht viel erkennen… kann mir da wer mal helfen?
    Danke 🙂

  3. Gutes Video allerdings ist die Schutzart die du angibst im Video nicht richtig, IP67 wäre zum Duschen geeignet (beschrieben als zeitweiliges Untertauchen) und IP68 ist zum Schwimmen geeignet (auch "dauerhaftes Untertauchen bis 1m" Tiefe genannt) <- nach der DIN EN 60529

  4. Aus eigener Erfahrung kann ich von Fitbits Charge3 nur abraten: zählt zu viele Schritte und Etagen. Selbst als der Tracker auf Trainingsart "Radfahren" eingestellt war, zählte er knapp 30 Stockwerke. Das Hilfeforum ist voll mit Klagen, die leider heruntergespielt werden. Wirkliche Hilfe zu den Problemen und effektive Lösungen gibt es nicht. Ich habe die Charge3 zurück geschickt.

  5. Also bei meinem Xiaomi band gibt es vier Auswahl Möglichkeiten; Laufen im freien, Laufband, Radfahren im freien und gehen! Ich habe zwar erst mein band 3 erst seit März aber schon beim ersten band welches ich über ein Jahr trug, war dies aber schon enthalten!
    Edit: Außerdem kann man auf dem band selbst Laufband und Übung auswählen

  6. Was mir wichtig ist das ein Tracker die Daten unkompliziert zu Google Fit überträgt. Warum finde ich keinen solchen Tracker. Bei Samsung oder Fitbit muss man das über eine 3 App machen. Sowas sollte bei Tests berücksichtigt werden.

  7. Hatte früher die Charge 2. Bin jetzt auf die Charge 3 umgestiegen. Preis Leistung ist da einfach best. 🤛👍👊

  8. Definition 5ATM: Die Uhr ist auf eine Wasserdichtigkeit bis 5 bar geprüft, was dem Druck einer angenommenen Wassersäule von 50 Metern entspricht. Damit ist sie geeignet für den täglichen Gebrauch wie z. B. Baden, Duschen oder Händewaschen. Verwirrend aber erst ab 20ATM ist Schnorchen und Tauchen möglich. Die Meter-Angabe bezieht sich nicht auf eine Tauchtiefe, sondern auf den Prüfdruck, das ist der Unterschied.

  9. gutes Video leider mit einigen Fehlern. Das Fitbit Charge 3 hat z.B. kein integriertes GPS, sondern kann nur auf das Smartphone GPS zurückgreifen wenn man es mitnimmt.

  10. Hi eigentlich sehr gutes Video.Kann aber nicht ganz nachvollziehen wieso in der über 100€ Preisklasse nicht die Garmin Vivoactive 3 dabei ist?

  11. Wenn ich mit dem Huawei Band 3 Pro zum laufen gehe muss ich dann mein Hamdy mitnehmen oder werden die Daten synchronisiert sobald sie sich wieder mit meinem Handy verbindet?

  12. Besitze die Samsung Gearfit 2 pro seit 3Monaten und bin mit dem Funktionsumfang sehr zufrieden. Die einzigste Kritik für mich ist die Akkuleistung…..die könnte etwas besser sein. Nach 2-3 Tagen je nach Gebrauch muss das Band an das Ladegerät. Aber wer damit leben kann und auf den sehr großen Funktionsumfang steht, oder eine der vielen Sportarten betreibt die in der App einstellbar sind, für den ist es das richtige Band.
    Muss leider meine Meinung korrigieren.
    Das Band lässt sich nicht mehr laden und der Support ist auch keine große Hilfe….schaue mich leider nach was anderem um und spare mir weiteren Ärger. Schade Samsung, aber das war leider nichts, bei dem Preis hätte ich was anderes erwartet.

  13. kennt vielleicht jemand ein Fitnissarmband, welches auch ohne Handy funktioniert, because nicht jeder dude soll meine daten haben haha😁😂

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