Five Ways to Wellbeing at University– Take Notice

– For me, taking notice has a lot of practical applications for what we do, what we can just do every day. For me, taking notice is, instead of walking to school with my headphones in, music blaring, looking down at my phone, taking them out once in awhile and just listening to the birds, listening to the traffic, making eye contact with people, maybe giving them a smile. It doesn’t take much, but it can have a big impact in someone else’s life. – Take notice applies to my university life in the way that, if I need to relax or have some downtime, I will go bushwalking in parts of Tasmania to sort of clear my head. Helps me to think straight and helps me to sort of ease my nerves when assignments are coming up. – I try to find the good in amongst all the bad. It might be a terrible rainy day and absolutely storming, but just laying in bed listening to the rain, taking notice of the way it sounds when it hits the tin and just the smell and making sure that I take those small breaks to take in what’s around me, I find really important. – Taking notice of people, taking notice of how they may be feeling, genuinely caring about people and just dropping a smile here and there. I think those are things we can do that make an impact in other people’s lives and they don’t take much from us, either. (inspirational music)

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