34 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Paleo Diets May Negate Benefits of Exercise

  1. Could you talk about GABA and vegan diets … it's one of the arguments against vegan diets so I am curious to see research

  2. I’m always amazed at how fearful vegans are of keto and paleo. The three aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be all three. Or two. Or one. Or none. Nothing but straw man arguments.

  3. I am going to research the insulin index, that feels like a focal point of research to connect with people on going plant-based!

  4. Not to mention the ancient Paleo folks probably didn't even eat modern day steak, pork and chicken and probably didn't even eat as much meat at all as these modern Paleo proponents claim.

  5. can someone help me with this question. I know I've read the answer somewhere but can't remember where. People on keto diets do have a drop in A1C. I thought it was because they ate zero carbs. But this says that the meat and fat should spike insulin production. How does their A1C drop to normal if they are increasing their insulin production? TIA

  6. If I can't afford to eat a servings of berries every day, would a scoop of amla powder provide the same benefits? I know, obviously it's a bit processed and lacks the water content.

  7. Wow, meat raises insulin just as much as pure sugar. This is gold man, you're going to mess a lot of people's heads up with this truth talk! Of course you've been saying it for decades it seems like. But your tenacity is breaking through the blood-brain barrier of ignorance! You are a godsend man and I don't even believe in the metaphysical! I can't wait till you get that Nobel Peace Prize that you've long deserved 🙂

  8. Insulin is demonized for no particular reason. For one its the most anabolic hormone in your body therefore if you want to build muscle if anything you should be eating meat for the extra insulin (when compared to vegan diets)

  9. I think veganism lose credibility by bashing meat that much, I understand your ethic, I'm plant based ( reduced a lot of my meat consumption) but cherry picking all study possible to show that any kind of meat eaten in any amount have a net negative impact on your body is purely not objective, whole food is way to go, lean meat in moderation maybe, but you should seriously think about moderate your message, this all in carnivore or all in vegan thing start to be annoying. You will not die eating legumes because of lectins or other antinutrient thing, neither you will have health problem eating lean piece of meat here and there. You will actualy find good stuff inside in a pur nutritionnal point of view IMHO

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  11. this… was brilliant back in the day, still great to pass around today, this one should be in everyone's top recommended suggestion

  12. Thanks for bringing this one back to remind us of this again. All of your videos are absolutely amazing! It's so insane that meat spikes your insulin that much. I knew that protien in general spikes your insulin, but I didn't know that it would be that much!

  13. 1:14 WOW ! I am all about high carb/vegan lifestyle but always assumed that meat would not spike insulin as much as high carb food. Crazy!!

  14. Thanks doc: nice to hear. Unfortunately meat is physically addictive and facts matter little in the face of addiction. A heroin addict will come up with one story after another to deny reality and believe themselves even though they know better. Flesh addicts are no different.

  15. There HAS to be more going on in the body when someone eats a burger compared to pure sugar. It can't be like for like even with the insulin spike.

  16. This is why some keto docs recommend high fat keto- avoid the insulin. But then you have the issue of intramyocellular lipids.

  17. The healthy individuals who had a 20 percent rise in LDL would still be in the normal range according to harvard health:
    "Aim for an LDL of 100 or lower, ideally through lifestyle changes such as weight loss, a healthy diet, and exercise, plus cholesterol-lowering statins, if indicated. "

    The others probably shouldn't be working out that strenuously because they are too overweight.

    This is not something to worry about and sounds more like an apples and oranges argument where meat has a slightly different effect on cholesterol, just as carbs tend to raise blood sugar more which is considered bad by some people even when it's in the normal range. It's people making a big deal out of something perfectly normal because it's not their chosen diet.

    If this diet helps them get their bmi to a normal range and it's reasonably balanced, it's good thing, not a bad thing. A carnivore diet, that's an extreme that would have to be considered a temporary weight loss measure.

  18. I must disagree with rising of insulin because of eating meat, my wife is diabetic and she cannot rise his low level of insulin with meat, and often she has to eat "junk" food because insulin response is so slow

  19. The paleo diet exists just as much as, say the 10th century diet or the sixteenth century diet. It doesn't mean anything. The name should be the ignorant diet.

  20. The paleo diet is a joke. I see paleo meals at my grocery store that always include a big patty of meat. Paleo people might have eaten that way several times a year, but not every night given that they ate 150 grams of fiber a day!

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