53 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Best Kept Secret in Medicine

  1. I agree 100%. The body itself has amazing curative capacity. But to fully unlock that potential we need to eat the right stuff! The power of plants… Thanks again Dr Greger!!!

  2. I remember 20 some years ago talking to the old woman next door about diet and health. At the time, I was eating macrobiotic and walking. She seemed enthusiastic. A few months later I asked her about her program. She was coming along great, and was even spending the extra money on premium bologna.

  3. Love these frequent uploads!!!
    So many concentrate on smoking, forgetting that choice of food, source of nutrition comes first. They need to do the same with animal products what they did with smoking – rise the price.

  4. I'm confused…
    I switched to a plant based diet 9mths ago. I rarely use oil, I usually use water. I'm not perfect, yes, I consume some processed foods. Not often, but I have. Anyway, after completely eliminating meats & dairy, my results are opposite of all I've read.
    My agent lost any weight, but I haven't gained either. My bigger concern is that I've had a few cholesterol tests done &my numbers keep increasing. 😱 we hit 271 yesterday. My triglycerides r also 271. My doctor said, given u have hypertension as well combined w family history, I'd advise taking a cholesterol lowering pilll. Exactly what I was trying to avoid. I was also drinking amla powder, which was said to help lower cholesterol.
    I'm 56… 5'5 134lbs. Can someone explain why I'm the reverse result of all I'm striving for???

  5. Stop right there. In the "modern" American and even world health systems, people pay money for prescriptions and pills. Quick fixes and cures. They take the HAPPILY PAY FOR DO SOMETHING AND FIX ME UP OR I GO ELSEWHERE attitude. So hard to fight this. I have learned this after 40 years of primary care medicine in the USA.

  6. I always found this video interesting because Dr. G cites a Dr. Mark Hyman study at the beginning. The only thing Dr. Gregor and Dr. Hyman have in common as far as diet recommendations is dark green leafy vegetables. In fact, Dr. Hyman was actually a former vegetarian who now embraces whole fatty foods like nuts and seeds. They both advocate for a "better" diet of whole foods, but their approaches couldn't be further apart.

  7. The body heals itself only to a small extent. Flesh wounds. You get a wart… low likelihood your body heals that. You get Herpes, low likelihood it heals it self. You get cancer, not likely to heal itself. Dr Gregor needs to clarify so as to not mislead or be guilty of malpractice. Mental vegans may start to pray and say I’m only eating plants, my brain tumor will heal itself and then they die and then their momma sues your ass.

  8. So true! Our pediatrician went plant-based himself, and it inspired us to try it and now we are 2 years plant-based as well.

  9. I always found it embarrassingly cringe when I see doctors talk about nutrition and health when they are meat eaters themselves.

  10. I watched your video on lead in bone soup. You stoped short of saying if the risk/benifit was in favor or against bone soup??? Would cooking time have an bearing on the lead leached out or not. You droped the ball on this and I would like to know. I feel better when I bone broth fast and use it as a base for other soups. Your one of the very few that educates and not a wast of time. Except for this —love your, "put it to the test", approach.

  11. I have osteo arthritis and need a new hip as my cartilage is destroyed. What do suggest I do? Is there a way where my body can heal itself and grow new cartilage?

  12. By the way I bought your first book when it was first published and have adapted your recommended diet since that time. I destroyed my hip and my primary care physi

  13. Hey Doctor Greger, I was wondering if you could do a video on Bells Palsy and/or Ramsey Hunt I know it's not a common ailment but its something I suffer from and I'm trying to fix with nutrition, any information you could provide on the subject would be greatly appreciated 🙂 <3

  14. That's amazing really. These are after all, trained scientists! What did they study all those years at medical school? Great vid.

  15. I gave up depending on doctors for dietary guidance a long time ago. When I go to the doctor I don't ask and if they do tell it goes in one ear and out the other. I realize most doctors don't know or don't care about diet so why even bother?

  16. plant based deits are the nutritional equivalent to quitting smoking. who ever said that shouldnt be writing scientific papers cause that makes no sense. plants feed you nutrients but quitting smoking has zero nutritional value. if they meant it has the similar effects then its still wrong cause plants can still make you toxic.

  17. I do also agree by far! What goes in must come out in one way or the other. Although it’s not only to do with looking out for health and nutrition! It’s your mind and emotions too. Just like when you have too much sugar. #plantbased all the way 🧡

  18. God is truly amazing. He created man "in His image" (Genesis 1) and designed him to grow and heal naturally. Then gave mankind the perfect diet in the Garden of Eden, raw fruits and vegetables. What science has only recently discovered has been revealed in the Bible for thousands of years. What a Good God we serve.

  19. It's not plant based diet but the diet that works for your genetics, some react better to plants, other to meat, especially fat.

  20. I know two people one being a former vegan and the other wanting to be were both advised not to take up on the diet do to their low iron levels by their physician. It would be great to see a video that informs people that does not have to be the case

  21. Yes, but many doctors make good money from prescribing drugs. Ours for example owns the pharmacy lol. This needs to change.

  22. Excellent comparison, food and tobacco, since people are now figuring out that some foods can also be addictive and may shorten our lives. The “walk the talk” insight was really great. Congrats, Dr. Greger!

  23. Too little fat in a vegan diet? Aren't you vegan guys afraid of getting too little fat in your food? After all we humans need fat, even though less than today

  24. The power of nutrition as medicine indeed. I have recently been paying for a whole month's supply of all my 3 meals from an organic eatery place which makes salads I have not had before. Since doing this, I have survived winter like never before.

    My body is so strong that a nasty cold last but a day and is not as severe as it used to be before all this.

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