Floyd County Health Department works to protect community from Zika Virus

ZIKA VIRUS IN THE STATES AND WASHINGTON, D-C. VO KENTUCKY HAS SIX DOCUMENTED CASES OF THE VIRUS IN RESPONSE– THE FLOYD COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT IS MAKING AN EFFORT TO EDUCATE THE COMMUNITY ABOUT THE VIRUS…TO KEEP FOLKS SAFE. W-Y-M-T’S CHANDLER MARKIE SPOKE WITH NURSE ADMINSTRATORS ABOUT THEIR EFFORTS. PKG health officials prepared one thousand bags…each with information about the zika virus, condoms, and bug spray to fight the spread of zika virus. martha ellis, nurse administrator “IT HAS BEEN SEVERAL MONTHS THAT WE WERE NOTIFIED OF THE FIRST CASE IN KENTUCKY SO IMMEDIATELY PUBLIC HEALTH TOOK THE INITIATIVE TO GO AHEAD AND START DOING THE OUTREACH BEFORE IT GOT SO BAD” ellis says some folks who have the virus do not show symptoms… others get a fever, rash, head ache, and other symptoms. martha ellis, nurse administrator “NOW WITH PREGNANT WOMEN, THAT IS WHERE THE ISSUE IS. IF A PREGNANT WOMAN BECOMES INFECTED, THEIR CHILD COULD HAVE MICROCEPHALY WHICH IS A SMALL SKULL” health officials say people can contract zika through sexua contact or mosquoites. mayor les stapleton says many folks in the city have received bug spray or cream. les stapleton, mayor of prestonsburg “TO TRY TO ELIMINATE AS MANY OPPORTUNITIES AS WE CAN FOR THEM TO BE BITTEN BY MOSQUITOES. WE MADE THEM AVALIABLE TO DEPARTMENT HEADS AND THEY ARE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE WORKING OUTSIDE ESPECAILLY SO WE CAN TAKE AWAY ANY CHANCE THERE IS OF IT GETTING PASSED ALONG” once the zika information bags are ready– the public can pick one up free of charge. in floyd county, chandler markie, wmt mountain news. 1-SHOT HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY YOU SHOULD TRY ELIMINATING STANDING WATER AROUND YOUR HOME SINCE MOSQUITOES LAY EGGS IN THE WATER. 1-SHOT ANOTHER KIND OF CREATURE IS

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