Food In Commercials VS In Real Life !

if you think this is steaming hot potato you're wrong just steaming hot tampons these commercials literally microwave tampons and make it look like the mashed potatoes were steaming I'm gonna expose all the hacks that commercials use right now like this sponge and you're like Ozzie why would they put toothpicks in a sponge that's because they put french fries in the toothpicks to make them look perfect like this I know I know I know they look perfect and that's why that's why you see the commercial versus the real-life I feel a little scared but I'm also a little impressed that they thought of this here we have aspirin and soda they use the aspirin to make the soda look fizzy and you know what it's working because I'm looking at this and ruling I'm thirsty all the commercials just so much more refreshing it's real here we have some orange soda and you can use a napkin to swirl it around and it will literally pick up all the coloring all the coloring all the chemical not all the chemicals but look at the water it's almost see-through it's literally full of coloring and chemicals no even pancakes aren't safe they use cardboard to add a height to the pancakes they make them look thick thick and look at this it's more oil motor oil I am offended because I love pancakes and I love maple syrup on my pancakes but here they're using motor oil like literally if you tried to eat these you'd get sick but the reason that uses is because it doesn't absorb into the pancakes here we got a burger they use a heat gun to melt the cheese some patties some more cheese being melted and then they literally toothpick the ingredients into the burger so it stays put look at that it's just saying the space is that a makeup sponge literally a makeup sponge to make that burger look thick you know when you got a burger and it's this small you look at the ad and it's this big that's because they use makeup sponges the more you know then they use vegetable oil to make that burger look shot and you seem just and then they carefully put a catch up where it needs to be and this is what it really looks like this is what the commercial looks like bro we getting scammed out here this one's great so you get cello you put some glue on top of the jello and then you put your cereal on top of the glue and this is so that the cereal doesn't get soggy and it doesn't sink to the bottom it looks so pretty and nice and the real one looks so bad but the fake one would not be edible isn't that strange here we have chicken they literally use superglue to repair the tears in the skin and then this part gets even better you know they put the parts together reciprocally wait it gets better it takes some browning sauce some bitters some yellow food coloring dish soap they mix it together and make a little concoction and then they literally paint the chicken brown so it looks like it's been cooked it saves them six hours of cooking six hours and it looks perfect every time literally they wasted a chicken okay so we got some cardboard we cut out a triangle and then we put cake inside some shaving foam not even whipped cream shaving foam some icing on the top some sprinkles and then you got yourself a cake that is nice and fluffy because let's be honest the whipped cream it's gonna smush at Harvard though that cardboard is forever so we got another burger hack over here okay so they heat up a little rod and that's how they make it look like it's been cooked they put it down strategically in the right spots you would think it'd be easier to just you know cook it properly but not apparently not it looks so good like I want to eat it but I know there's toothpicks in there and you would prick yourself okay so because I'm baby powder why do I need put baby powder on the grapes this one I don't know there's one more unit together and then they sprayed why what does the baby power – Oh makes the water stick I guess I don't know got some glycerol okay well they use it to make it look like it's condensing like the water is so cold and refreshing you wouldn't believe it okay so we got some dish show which creates longer lasts phone for beer cuz no people like the one that's foamy but look at the real one now but also this person just doesn't know how to pour like you're supposed to put on the side even I know that and I hate you okay so we got some instant mashed potatoes up in here we're gonna pour in some and then we got some food colouring we mix it all together and guys know where this is going if it's going somewhere that doesn't taste like mashed potatoes scoop it up does this look familiar yet literally ice cream out of mashed potatoes isn't that kind of discussing but mashed potatoes doesn't melts you know imagine trying to shoot ice cream under hot lights it would melt right away you wouldn't be able to get the picture in time but now you can look at it at melting the real stuff melting but I'd rather have the real stuff than mashed potato imagine just the leaky mashed potato ice cream okay so this is the cool little hack they're both mayonnaise and you put a little bit iodine in it and you mix them up to find out how toxic one is so the one on the left has starch and the one on the right doesn't and the one on the right is natural and much more healthier for you remember Lassen they prepared the chicken this time they're gonna use self tanning spray the stuff I used to make myself again this time I'm gonna put it on a chicken this is so weird this is not look as good though not gonna lie this is gonna need some photoshop some face soon if you know what I mean well the action kind of looks okay well then they blot it they got this figured out commercials they don't mess around look at it compared to the real thing okay here we got some corn syrup some shortening food coloring we're gonna mix it all together then we're gonna get scammed again okay are you waiting for this it looks like ice cream right it's not ice cream but it's supposed to be ice cream look at that this is better than the mashed potatoes not gonna lie here we got some shaving cream and look at that what does that look like it looks like the swirl of a cupcake right or a cake that's exactly what it is they've replaced it for whipped cream because it's easier to get a swirl right and it doesn't melt disgusting okay so we put this into the soup you know why would you need to put a bowl instead of a bowl that's so that you could put the garnishes on top and they don't sink to the bottom we don't need no stinking garnishes we need them on the top or they look beautiful oh no don't bite into the Apple no I did it okay it's a fun little fact most apples are covered in wax it keeps them shiny and it keeps them from going bad so basically you should always wash your apples because they might have wax on them are you gonna die no but you know you might as well they have wax on them they might have pesticides on them it's always good to wash your fruit okay so we got a little muffin I love muffins okay why are we watching the muffin for washing the muffin washing the muffin and then what is that Oh what is this or they don't let us know synthetic fibers why are we eating synthetic fibers form what is this okay here we got some fake honey okay we put some cold water in there and then we swish it around and we switch it around honey is diluted with sugary syrup so let's see what happens we may use natural honey okay we do the exact same thing but we swish it around if you look really close you can see the honey home still oh that's so cool genetic memory of honey okay so we got some hot water and both we have some butter and margarine okay so when we mix the butter it starts to melt when you mix the margarine oh that's so weird that's so weird it doesn't melt it creates these little circles like look at that ah that freaks me out looks like a science experiment okay we got some Mountain Dew we're gonna put in the lid look it comes out clear does this mean it's technically healthier I wonder if it tastes the same though like I really want to do this and I want to try this mountain Dew but I also don't want to ruin a perfectly good filter no I'm feel dude do you really want to drink soda I don't know if I do anymore Oh a big cup of ramen I already know what's gonna happen here it's secretly small they'd be lying to us here we got some cottage cheese again we're gonna figure out which one's fake and which ones fine for you this one it's horrible turns black this one looks gross but it's natural okay this is another way that they make things look like they're hot some dry ice some hot water and then they put it behind some point watches amazing except you can't even see the scene here they should have made us so we can see the steam come on guys come on I mean it looks pretty okay they're pretty good right so you got some greasy snow filters you know coke is so acidic you can use it to clean them facts literally I mean I would use other things to clean it I wouldn't just be Weis and coke to clean your stuff but you could if you wanted to if you guys ever seen that thing where people put like a tooth in a glass of coke and it just dissolves terrifying rags you're like what does it do to my teeth okay now they're taking it too far like we really don't need to use coke to clean our counters imagine us dick you'd be this is the worst high ever literally anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome space me and don't forgive you now each other hey bye

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  1. My dad used to do photography for adds and I showed him this and he confirmed that they are truuueeeee!!!!

  2. My mom bought us happy meals because sh e was tired that day. And she asked for plain cheese Burger and we got a Patty and cheese

  3. Ok the soup one where the put a bowl in the soup that’s not true I have been to a restaurant and the Basil stayed at the top of my soup

  4. Usually people don't use regular items not good e.g. Lipstick on strawberries to make it look really red

  5. Azzy didn't exposed it. The one who posted the video that azzy's watching……………………

  6. Also Coca-Cola can clean rust on cars so yeah every time you get a Coca-Cola you're drinking essentially a cleaning product reply if you ever will drinking a Coca- Cola for the rest of your life?!!

  7. Aztec it tastes the same 8:28 I tried this at home and it tastes the same . Also you can just flirter it with paper towels and switch glasses back and forth. That’s how I did it


  9. When the grapes came up on the screen I started smelling grapes as if the smell was coming out of my ipad

  10. Everything is true but the cupcake with that thing in it I saw a vid in FBE and yea I found out about it

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