100 thoughts on “Forensic Files – Season 9, Episode 8: Bad Medicine

  1. Complete narcissist to do this, and I just typed this before I saw what he did to his wife and daughter. She seems to lack sensitivity as well though (his wife). I am sorry for what happened to her, however….she seems to not register a woman died and her family left bereft. That doctor seems a very, very good man.

  2. He didn’t complete the med school so technically he’s not a doctor? If his wife stupid ? There’s no technically there. He never was.

  3. I don't understand why the judge is so lenient to tony; at first he killed a person and just got only 6 months prison for the negligence crime. then he wanted to killed his wife intentionally by poisoning her which is again attempting to homicide, convicted and got only 15 years of prison! When he release from the prison he will kill another person. He deserve life in sentence without parole.

  4. This episode didn't mention, did his wife have a life insurance policy on herself? Most doctor's and there family members are heavily insured !

  5. 8:34 The lethal blood arsenic level for an adult is actually 300 migrograms per deciliter. So on that animated graph, in comparison to the height of the red bar, the height of the yellow bar would actually be the height of the green bar. Or close enough to 1/100th of Debbie's blood arsenic level. The height of the yellow bar in the animation is more consistent with 37 times the lethal level. The height of the green [normal level] bar, in comparison to the height of the red bar, would normally had been 60 times lower than the green bar in the animation.

  6. Why did it matter if he lost his medical license if he was practicing medicine that he wasn't certified to do in the first place?! Clearly his illegal medical practice financially provided generously for the lifestyle the whole family lived, was his wife unaware that her husband didn't have proper certification to do the procedures he was doing?? To take someone's life & receive 6 monthes in jail, a $5000 fine & your pretend medical licence taken away ( even though it wasn't certified for what you were practicing to begin with) seems like nothing, not even a slap on the wrist for the crime he committed. Its not surprising that this self absorbed, arrogant, piece of 💩 of a man, who had such a lack of concern for the health & well being of his patients, had no problem in killing his wife to prove his point. A person like that is capable of doing absolutely anything to anyone for his own benefit, in my opinion.

  7. Sanddox In episode Stick 'Em Up, 2 bank robbers got life in prison just for the robbery alone. Although one of them got another life sentence for the murder. And in episode Naughty or Nyce, a man who murdered his wife got only 8 years. In comparison, in episode Bound for Jail, a man was convicted of attempted kidnapping. It was only an attempt. He didn't even hurt her. The struggle lasted not even a minute. And she didn't escape. He fled the scene after another car drove by. Yet, in comparison to 8 years for a man killing his wife, this attempting kidnapper got 40 years. And in episode Doktor Visit, an accomplice in a burglary, following a murder, although the accomplice waited outside in the truck during the murder and so he wasn't convicted of murder, or even manslaughter, he still got 25 years, just for burglary. He didn't even kill or hurt anyone or caused anyone's death, did not threaten anyone and did not commit robbery or any financial fraud or arson or drug dealing or drug trafficking or drug production or drug posession, or drug intoxication. So that prison sentence was unusually lengthy. And the 8 years for another man killing his wife with full attempt, was less like prison and more like detention.

  8. Wow, that initial prison sentence is a scandal! A woman died due to his cavalier attitude, fraud and incompetence.

  9. This story always stuck with me..Snap on hair!!!! Ewwwwe!
    Toupenstien ….That guys skull will be a marvel when he is dug up 1000 after he dies!

  10. So basically he loves his job more that he loves his wife to the point he'd kill her to possibly get his job back. This is not the kind of guy who should be aloud to work in any hospital.

  11. He gets a pass and we all know why… Killed one person by lying/scamming and tried to kill another one, the very woman who birthed his children under the guise of "taking care of her". Yet he will be free in a few years… That's the American "JustUs" system for you… 🤷🏾

    WHOOPS! He's already FREE… 😠

  12. he was released from prison in 2013, Pignataro legally changed his name to Anthony Haute, and filed papers creating a business in the area called "Tony Haute Cosmetique LLC."
    The 7 Eyewitness investigative team uncovered public records showing Pignataro to be the true operator of the business. They also found "Dr. Tony Haute's" website, on which he refers to himself as a doctor or M.D. multiple times, despite having been ordered to never practice medicine again.

  13. Not attempted murder?! Not assault, but ATTEMPTED assault?! And ONLY 15 YEARS?! WTF?!?! That's not justice! In episode Metal Business, the man who poisoned his victim severely but not enough to kill his victim, at least not prior to his conviction… He was convicted of first degree attempted MURDER and was sentenced to at least 25 years for the attempted murder charge by itself! But Anthony Pignataro's assault charge and sentence of only 15 years, WITH a chance of parole, THAT'S NOT JUSTICE!

  14. "It was taken away from him, from all of us." Because you and your husband murdered a young woman, you fat idiot!! She has no regard for the woman she helped her husband killed. All she cares about is loosing her husband's money. Hard to have pity for this woman.

  15. every time they have to break down how the arsenic can be traced through hair follicles, IT'S A HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATE GUYS WE KNOWWWWWW

  16. Wow. He told her to get gall bladder surgery he knew she wouldn’t survive. He was willing to let her die in surgery just to clear his own name. What a conniving bastard.

  17. What He Did Was Bad, bad, bad. But she shouldn't be assisting him knowing that he was licensed to be a cosmetic surgeon.

  18. Yet the wife wasn't angry when the lady died yet wanted to give him arsenic the same as he'd given her ! If he can operate with license and kill the wife should of known he was dangerous!

  19. My God. There are those feminists who refuse to take on their husband's last name and here's this bimbo who keeps her murdering husband's last name. The world is a strange place indeed.

  20. (Sorry my english)

    I think it is ridicoulus how his wife could go free and why she was not sent to jail.

    She knew her husband did not had the correct medical license to be a surgent, and she still kept helping him with the surgery business. She should have gotten prison sentence.

    (I do feel sorry for her that she got cyanid poisened, but she should have been sent to prison, because she was also guilty for that womens death)

  21. What goes around comes around. The wife went along with him killing another female. She didn't realize the same thing came around to hunt her.

  22. Let me point one small thing out. Yes he was wrong and shouldn't have poisoned her but it amazes me when these things happen just like in this case the woman says i have no idea why he did it well lets look back and see if we can figure it out. From what I understand she was happy with this doctor that was able to give her whatever she wanted but as soon as he lost his license to practice medicine and lost the money coming in hand over fist what did she do? You guessed it left his ass high and dry money gone family gone but she still just can't understand why he would poison her.

  23. Please go ahead and drill some holes in my head for a toupee. I just want to feel the drill vibrate thru my skull. That sound and smell of the skull burning.

  24. I read Ann Rule's book "Last Dance, Last Chance". It is fascinating and gives you a lot of detail including how the mother in law abandoned her grand children due to her hatred of Debbie, her daughter in law who had the audacity to testify against her precious son.

  25. Before, I like Fbi files. But now, I like u, Forensic files. The narration and story is more exciting. It suits my taste regarding crime stories. Kudos to you.

  26. Sodium pentathol for pain?? That might make his patients tell the truth but it is not for continuous anesthesia use during surgery. It can be administered at the beginning as to induce anesthesia but holy hell, not for pain.

  27. After killing a woman he receives just 6 months nd only 5000 € payable.
    Might think of killing someone

  28. a slow release arsenic toupee needs to be screwed to his head. He should have got 50 years like in the last episode of the policeman bank robber.

  29. They never said How many patients died from this doctor and his wife assistance? He lost his license just because last patient’s relatives made it public, but in his defense he said that patients die once in a while… so that means it was more.

  30. Only 15 years for trying to kill his wife to prove a point? Really. Something really wrong with this case and this criminal bastard.

  31. Does she not realize that her husband's action killed a human being? How can she say they took his licence away. He should have still been in prison and you with him for aiding, in which case he wouldn't have attempted to murder you

  32. What a great story. And I learn so much from watching this show, it is almost like a class to me. Thank you for the upload!

  33. Murder and an attempt to murder 15 years. I just watched another episode where a man ( Black) robbed a bank and he got 50 years and it was his first time ever being in trouble

  34. This is a very messed up thing to say, but this guy was HORRIBLE at everything he tried to do in life, even poisoning his own wife. Poisoning anyone is the dirtiest trick you could ever do to anyone – what a scum of the earth this guy is!!!! If he thinks this life is bad, he is going to be surprised at what's waiting for him on the other side. We all judge ourselves sooner or later…

  35. As far as Dr. Anthony Pignataro killing his wife through arsenic poisoning, it’s obviously reprehensible and vile but it’s also a medical mystery that she’s still alive. I don’t buy (18:34) that Debbie Pignataro bought a tolerance to arsenic poisoning. Arsenic dosage is not something you can build a tolerance to. But the fact that he could have killed his daughter by leaving the soup on the stove just adds to his negligence and recklessness. Dr. Pignataro could have easily gotten away with killing his wife. I can bet you that he’s sitting in prison with his only regret being not adding the most lethal dosage of arsenic in that soup. And I don’t know why he didn’t…it was like a half-assed job. It could be because too much arsenic and the food would be very discerning.

  36. This episode was pretty predictable from the beginning being that they never interviewed Dr. Anthony Pignataro. It was very revealing that he was in prison arrested for his crimes during the making of this episode. And does he deserve to be in prison? As much as I sympathize with his circumstances, Dr. Pignataro definitely deserves to be in prison. He sorta reminds me of Dr. Nicholas Riviera from the Simpsons…lacks total ethics and just an incredibly reckless surgeon despite coming from a highly reputable family (father who was a respected surgeon). He was not certified to be a plastic surgeon nor did he have the proper resuscitation equipment that could have saved Sarah Smith’s life. So, it was inevitability that he would kill one of his patients eventually and that’s something Dr. Pignataro fails to understand. He thinks that Sarah Smith was the unfortunate patient who ruined his career when the onus is entirely on him. I don’t care for 26 yr old Sarah Smith who died pursuing breast implants (and I can just about bet she was a blonde bimbo). However, getting breasts implants should not mean a dead sentence.

  37. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and defend Dr. Pignataro here since he’s the obvious victim to 99% of the Forensic Files audience. The dude was a bad reckless surgeon who lacked ethics and lost his medical license which absolutely devastated considering how much money and time he lost through medical school, residency and income as a doctor. But, that is a huge part of the business. No medical license in the world says your medical license can never be revoked. His best solution would have been to go to Europe or Middle East to practice medicine. But, that fat cow Debbie Pignataro was totally useless and unsupportive of him when he needed her. She was dick-riding him hard when he was a high-income doctor and she was a measly housewife. When he lost his medical license, I can bet you she ridiculed him and did nothing to support him which is why they separated. What Debbie could have done was get a full time job for once in her life and support her husband which would have alleviated stress. The woman has never worked for anything in her life and not remotely aware how much her husband was suffering to support them and regrets of all the time and money it cost him to be a doctor just to have nothing to show for it. I can bet you Dr. Pignataro attempted to kill Debbie because he resented her treatment towards him in the most grave time. I can bet you his mistress was far more supportive of him. Dr. Pignataro could have been a great successful doctor like his dad had he just the basic code of ethics. Instead, he’s a divorced failed doctor with a revoked medical license spending the rest of his life in prison.

  38. Arsenic poisoning is a terrible way to die and signs of poisoning can be found through examining the victims hair ! Tony the husband had a plan to get back his medical licence back and get rid of wife at the same time !

  39. https://www.wkbw.com/news/i-team/i-team-deceitful-doctor-pignataro-is-back-this-time-in-florida Oh my goodness.

  40. He changed his name and is now trying to do elderly care. He’s insane and lives in south Florida.


  41. ok, snap-on toupe secured with holes drilled into the skull and a so-called doctor…at this point I checked out of another slice of zany U.S. culture where everyone can be anything and you print your own degree certificate to prove it….

  42. Why did his wife stand by him and how come she didn't serve any time after they Killed Sarah Smith ?
    The only person in his office who was certified was the Nurse "

  43. The motive was probably to have kids with him, as he knew the divorce would be imminent soon again. Then it would had been an attemted murder + other possible charges and a longer sentence. Wich he would had deserved. This other stupid motive was made up for lesser sentence.

  44. Just think of the fun you could have with someone who wears that snap on wig when they have passed out drunk by attaching all manner of inappropriate items to their head.

  45. When you hear someone describing these symptoms and you think: "My God, why didn't they think of arsenic right away?", you just know, you're watching WAY to many of these shows…….

  46. Their FIRST thought is she did it to herself?! Fuuuuuuck that. On what planet does a person sicken themselves to this degree for no reason? It doesn't even fit with Munchausen's.

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