Four tips to manage exam stress

Exams are only a very short part of a
person’s life and studies show that stress can reduce performance in exams.
It’s really important to understand that we need to manage stress to ensure we
have good performance and also to focus on there’s much more on a person’s
future than exams. I’m Dr Mandie Shean, I’m a teacher and
psychologist and lecturer and researcher in the School of Education at Edith
Cowan University, and I’m going to give you four tips on how to manage exam
stress. So my first tip is that it’s normal to feel stressed, whenever you do
something that’s challenging, feelings of stress are showing you that it’s just
something that’s a little bit outside of your comfort zone, so those uncomfortable
feelings, I want you to know that they are normal, that everybody else feels
them and they’re not a flag to say stop what you’re doing and retreat, they’re a
flag to say that you’re going to grow and learn and be a better person at the
end of it, so push through those feelings. When we’re doing something challenging
we can often fear failure and that leads to stress but it’s important to remember
there’s multiple pathways to success and one of any failure doesn’t define your
life. When we’re stressed we tend to think about the bad thing over and over
and what’s that’s doing is actually telling your body that you are under
threat. It’s important to distract yourself to think about something positive
and to take control of your thoughts. A really good way to reduce
exam stress is to be prepared, make yourself a really good study schedule,
work out whether you like to study alone or with friends, eat well, drink lots of
water, sleep well, preparation really helps reduce our sense of threat before
the event.

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