Full Body Workout at Home Without Equipment || Tighten and tone – everything

Welcome to today’s full body workout. I am super excited to see you today. This workout is so special It’s for the special people only. Are you ready? Warmup arm rotations? You’re going to switch directions Make nice big circles with your arms. We want to make sure your whole body is warm and ready to work This workout is highly efficient, and I’ll tell you more about it as we go along chain directions Good go into an air squat Feet nice and wide toes pointed out to your booty back drop low Remember to squeeze your booty as you stand back up Core nice and tight Very good. You’re up to a good start Next up give me a lunge and reach we’re going to lunge forward and then reach maintain your balance go nice and slow That back knees should not touch the floor Step forward and just reach That was perfect give me some side reaches just reach from side to side Pop your foot out as you do this that looks good. Think about pulling a rope from each side of the room This is your last warm-up move and then we’re jumping straight into the workout. This first round is going to be all standing We like all standing. Let’s go Keep that March going in your legs tuck your abs in raise your arms up bring them parallel to the floor and then push back Very good keep that March going suck your abs in Beautiful raise those arms a little higher good keep your problems open. You got it You are doing it right keep going Raise Good Give me those Macarena hops if you’re unable to hop do the modification you see on the right, which has you Just sliding your feet. It’s electric Electric Slide Electric. Let’s just slide. What was that? Make a nice big circle with your waist and then hop your feet together or step them together Keep those arms nice and tight on your waist make that circle as big as you can possibly make it Did your rap just make a popping sound I hope not You’re almost there jump your feet together good Close to squat feet together and you’re going to drop low as low as your body will let you go Try to keep your knees together. It will help you Are you ready? Let’s go this exercise is really good to help you get into the groove of squeezing your booty when you’re standing up Suck your stomach and keep that core nice and hard Bring your arms forward go down stand up arms far go down stand up. I Love that You’re almost done You have two more moves and you get a break Penguin crunch your arms are going to be parallel to the floor fists closed you wants to raise your knee as high as you can Who remembers this move as hubba hubba? Comment below if you remember that Raise your knees Arms parallel to the floor This is so good it’s working your legs your abs and your arms cannot be beat You’re gonna feel this more and some muscles more than others that is perfectly normal Make sure your feet are flat on the floor when you put your foot back down And Time you’re doing great last move before the break we have lunges if you’re unable to do the lunges It is not here for the lunges do the modification. You see on the right are You ready jump in You’re doing good step out as far forward as you can make sure that back knee is not touching the floor Hands on the waist stomach sucked in I Just love how you’re doing your best. That’s all you ever need to do Keep going 3 2 1 catch your breath I’ll be back in just a few seconds Hi, just a kiss. You’re new here. I’m Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now we live in Texas I love pizza with no tomato sauce. I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website Kabocha fitness calm on there. You can find an All-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and this includes premium 30-minute workouts that are not available on YouTube My eight-week booty program my 21 day belly fat focus program and get this your whole year of workouts planned for you January Through December you never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or You can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place in your pocket It’s so convenient. Go ahead and check out my website cocoa fitness comp. It’s totally free to try. So give it a shot See if it’s right for you Welcome back. We are taking it to the plow with mountain climbers Are you ready? Let’s jump in pull your knees towards your elbows or toward your chest and Just keep moving Go at your own pace, you don’t have to race against anybody pull those knees in suck your stomach in Make sure your hips are as close to the floor as you can manage You got less than 10 seconds to go and Time that was good we’re doing all Senate races next This is a great exercise to work your back Which is extremely important to do if you’re doing booty exercises or ab exercises So let’s go raise your opposite arm and your opposite leg You’re going to raise them as high off of the mat as you can manage get those thighs off the mat I know I know the struggle is so real do your best. That’s all you can do It’s like you’re swimming on the floor you have less than 10 seconds to go Keep going. Keep going almost there one more good next up You’re going to just raise your body into a full plank You want your arms to be extended wrists underneath shoulder hips not sagging not hiking stomachs tucked in I’m feeling good. Let’s go You got 30 seconds that timer is there to encourage you not Discourage you you can experiment with what you put your feet The main thing is to make sure that you have a straight line going from your head all the way to your heel Suck your stomach in make sure your fingers are nice and wide on your mat. It will help you with your balance look down Look down at the mat. You can do it you have less than 10 seconds to go suck your abs in Bring your hips down just a little bit. Three two, one. Boom. You did that you did that You’re gonna flip over now and see you’re unto your back We have to do some chest presses cuz we’re not gonna forget the chest muscles the musculature of the testicles Let’s go if you have dumbbells, of course hold on to them. However, I will be doing body weight Really focus on squeezing your chest muscles as you raise your arms toward the ceiling Bring those arms all the way out Raise your elbows good your upper arm should be parallel Good last move of the day Glutes bridges if you have a dumbbell you want to use to make this more intense you can put it on your hip as you See me do on the right. Otherwise do the bodyweight version with me. It’s your last move of the day Arguably the most important move of the day Pure booty work squeeze your glutes as you raise your hip up and then release to come back down Make sure your ankles are directly underneath your knees You have done so many amazing exercises today Just incredible squeeze your booty when you go up and release when you come down Relax your arms on the floor Your arms should not be involved in this movement. Unless you’re using it to hold your dumbbell on your hips Almost there and time you did it you Worked out today, you did a whole full-body workout everything Give me a nice hip stretch. You just want to Get on your feet and stretch out those hips if you’re unable to get into this position. I don’t blame you It’s not easy do what you can you can do a cat cow instead of a hip stretch Breathe you have worked so hard Very good stand up very slowly and give me some good mornings Take your time when you’re standing up. You want your feet together hands on your waist AB sucked in and just bow That was awesome finally, I want you to put a slight bend in your knee and give yourself a big hug I just want to tell you today that you are somebody’s treasure. You are loved you are blessed You are amazing. You are strong and you will reach your goals because you are doing the work I am so proud of you Thank you for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I’ll see you in my next workout video

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  1. I love your workouts. My younger daughter who is 6 and myself just did this video exercises. I'm sweating. Wow. Your motivation is great. Love the inspirations at the end. Your my workout go to person. Keep the videos coming. God bless you🥰💓🤗🙏🏾

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