FULL McDonalds Happy Meal Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Toy Collection Unboxing!

hey stop dragging me where are we going we're almost there you gotta check this out I found McDonald's Happy Meals lying around what a happy meal I love Happy Meals whoa that's weird it doesn't smell like there's any food in there are you sure it's a real happy meal I mean look at the box it has to be a real happy meal it even has our movie on the front there's only one thing to do we've got to open it up and see what's inside okay step aside bunny and ducky I'll help you open this McDonald's Happy Meal box well they are right I don't smell cheese burgers and fries but let's see what's inside whoa you were right ducky there's no food in here but there are a bunch of Happy Meal toys see I told you it didn't smell like food but man that is a lot of toys I wonder what's in the other Happy Meal well let's open it up and find out what's inside here let me help whoa okay buddy and ducky found a bunch of Happy Meal toys whoa there's even more Happy Meal toys I wanted some food but getting all these toys from the Happy Meals might be better well what are we waiting for let's open up all these Happy Meal toys all right let's help funny and ducky open all these toys let's start by opening this Toy Story 4 back with the number 1 on it oh nice it looks like we can build our own RV here are the step by step instructions bag number one had Buzz Lightyear in it all right so it looks like we have to attach Buzz Lightyear to this hammer game perfect oh you went flying let's try it one more time tuck it away the first carnival game is fun oh look we even get some raffle tickets and here are some stickers let me quickly stick these on and it looks like this hammer game is also the front part of the RV okay now let's open bag number two oh we got the green aliens and before we find out what this part is it looks like this is a whack-a-mole game and actually it's a Wacka alien game let's see if I can whack all the aliens impossible let's attach the stickers this looks like part of the roof and the windshield perfect okay let's open bag number three oh look we got Bo Peep and here are some pieces for the game awesome this is the bottle knockin game hang tight for a bit I have to make these cow bottles perfect place all the bottles over here and instead of using a baseball we could use Bo Peep let's give it a try here we go yeah knocked all three bottles down all right and it looks like this part is one of the rear tires for the RV now let's open bag number four oh how cool it's a little water dunking game and looks like one of the members will sit right here oh well look who it is it's four key let's pick his rainbow toe right here all right four key are you ready you might be dunked in water sued okay let's give this a shot Oh Oh porky got lucky let's try it again oh there we go and this piece is also the back of the RV okay let's check out bag number five Oh awesome it's a balloon-popping game and we'll be able to check out Woody's skill soon here are six different colored balloons let's attach three to the board all right woody show us what you got and this game is also the back of the RV okay let's open bag number six awesome it's a Ski ball ramp well if there's a ramp that means our surprise character is Duke kaboom and I have a feeling this guy won't be throwing any balls into a hole he's going to be blasting off from this ramp whoa did you see him fly let's try that again off you go and this Ski ball ramp is also the other rear tire now let's check out bag number seven hey look it's Jessie and her carnival attraction is the jump house all right Jessie we're ready to check out your skills Oh No look at who jump that looks really fun and this jump house is also the RV door okay now let's check out bag number eight awesome it's a bunny and duckie race game you have to spin this wheel and the squirrel that gets the Acorn first wins oh the orange squirrel almost had it it's a pretty close race now its neck and neck oh the blue squirrel takes the lead now it's the orange squirrel and the orange squirrel is the winner okay now let's check out bag number nine check out this carnival right it's Rex and Trixie's hammer time we just have to move this purple switch up and down to move the right look how fast it's spinning I hope Rex and Trixie aren't dizzy and this ride is another piece for the RV last but not least let's check out bag number ten it looks like we got another carnival right oh it's Gabi Gabi spitting teacup and all we have to do is turn this black wheel and Gabby Gabby will spin she's probably really dizzy and here's the passenger side okay now let's attach all the pieces to make one giant RV how cool if you look at it this way it's a carnival and this way it's the side of an RV here's the other side of the carnival and here's the other side of the Toy Story for RV now all we have to do is attach both sides give me a second perfect we almost have the same RV from the movie you just have to attach a few more pieces all right the back is finished awesome the carnival is all packed up and we're ready to move to a new city this McDonald's Happy Meal set is pretty cool well hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to click that subscribe button for more awesome videos see up you

7 thoughts on “FULL McDonalds Happy Meal Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Toy Collection Unboxing!

  1. I didn't even know McDonald's had all those! I love Toy Story!
    I wonder how many Happy Meals it took to get all those toys?!?

  2. I love MC Donnalds !!!

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