Furious World Tour | MOSCOW, RUSSIA Street Food, BEST Restaurants, Food CHALLENGE, Bunkers & More!

what's going on everybody welcome to another world tour episode this time could you tell where we are we are in Moscow we are in Russia and you guys are in for a treat let's start the show Moscow has lots of surprises including this a streetcar with a restaurant on top so with my time being limited I get a tour and I get to chow down let's do this this is pretty damn cool I like it so it's a it's a tramp and restaurant right yesterday please alright let's let's start the trap all right so just take a look all right little kitchen yeah go blue now passkey pew the taxi rank is criminal actually given as a booster its natural buuck is a local burger sauce doesn't radiation crab Leah pre wish how long have you had this point yeah that is our miserable Gouda cheese put the end of people that have sued in skateboarding for majority people have done it did not do much so what comes to this place who visits who's who's the one that's like eating and relaxing you really can't see all of Moscow just driving this tram around Kremlin now you can see all these iconic spots chuckles could fuel help us keep those structures just thank you very much for having me here yes look little spicy this is great this is what I would want to order but didn't think I could order you know it's good yes enemy child prostitution which store we provide you should buy the Volusia a variety infamous year that is the intimacy generations with emotional baggage to the drama well that was a very cool experience yes honey's foxy must be cheeky thank you very much for showing me around it was a lot of fun nice to meet you the busy man depend upon you alright guys so this morning we're meeting Alexi is going to show us around show us a thing or two about Russian cuisine and all the ingredients that you could actually get here in Moscow so let's do it Alexi all right oh I see there now I'm good I'm good this will get you actually you can do it so you're gonna show me around show me some Russian ingredients show me the Russian cuisine sure this is really popular here or yeah we have it with beer all this okay you boil it with Bailey's the mouth or crayfish and a cold beer this is like Russian tradition Walker this is a Japanese oyster right here and then this it's fresh the oyster Japanese always say Russian oyster I mean I see where the values are right there the beef is getting better and better here in Russia yes yeah so one kind is the farm me aha it's grown from echo farms and they're like they have a black angus what's the best steak you have best rib I think the rib eye okay let's do that not good very good so in North America we got the state game kinda under control we know what we're doing but it seems like here in Russia they're catching up and they're doing it really really well all thank you very much for sure so now I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can cook up especially that ice fish yeah so we'll see you later right okay good morning chef how are you good how are you I'm fine yeah I'm very excited to see all the dishes we're gonna cook up today hmm oh wow that's really good the juice here is just like you can taste the tomato and the cucumber Wow so many flavors the beef is fantastic very good very good to look very delicate can't really beat this amazing food an amazing view what's not to like I was fired by so many people that I have to check out the Metro and I was not disappointed every single station is different just look around I've never seen anything like this it's amazing so a number of my fans knew I was here in Moscow and they told me to check out this burger place you put on some black gloves to your burger let's check it out the most important thing in here is taking out your BlackBerry has some sweetness in there some nice meat in there pretty greasy as you can tell by my hands I like that concept and I think it should be it could be actually implemented into a lot of places all right we got another special one for you guys this restaurant treats you in different ways now whether that being good or bad we're gonna find out come on okay that's a good start have no idea what that what about good good I'm down that's gonna make me feel better I guess they're gonna treat me like I'm a patient and the guy hopefully treat me well cuz you know I got that shot right away definitely made me feel better I need an injection yeah very tasty food it seemed a larva with the deposit ratio as we right Marcia Cross Blue Shield which promo video is not slits Iike this one it's the Portuguese wait depo cheese Andrew Cohen instead of tuna soul I was actually pretty damn cool they took an apple to hollowed it out for the sauce and it's really good ah some part you never go wrong with some borscht I think that presentation that's very nice very nice very nice I don't know our rules women three circles present what more prisons I gotta take this off okay why am i letting him do this I don't understand okay this is proving to be quite difficult I got it okay we're heading to one of the best restaurants in town that takes a modern take on old Russian cuisine they say that right I think I did come on it hi nice to meet you thank you very much for having me so tell me about this place so a modern take on old Russian cuisine old Russian dishes you knew so a new take on all the Russian cuisine money deal them sooner sure you do is product of capital Brasilia mulling he fear muskie highest torque Italian producer editor salon very good oh really good creaminess the Dilip and top there really is a ton of flavors with everything I'm eating here and it's all fresh fresh fresh fresh what is this Noah's devastation wishing a dozen witness – who stop every dish in in this restaurant it's it's delicious like absolutely fantastic I'm not just saying that it really is every single dish has been like perfected will you look at the PCT enthusiam we do have the President Putin well I'm excited for this really unique experience we're going to a restaurant in a bunker thank you red carpet 65 meters this is actually a real bunker yes yes it is it was opened in 1953 and they built it by the order of Joseph Stalin okay so on how many people would be down here ah it could be could be yes that's a good question and that's not for just like regular people not for civilians right it's for the generals whoa that's cool that's that's really badass I got us [Applause] [Applause] all right it's over it's over no more bottles okay it's good it's good a scary sound and that is the train the metro okay okay yeah I guess if you didn't know because scares ya so close sometimes it release yeah yeah okay so right now let me show you our restaurant so this is an actual restaurant there's nobody knows about us because what yeah it's Underground so let's say you know something terrible happened in the world and there was a war that started right outside and you know knock on wood that doesn't happen but what really safe down here I don't think so because back then the the time they built the bunker it was a different time right now they have so much technology and they have like oh this weapon that could destroy like a whole continent in the middle or 65 meters underground but it's not enough right now right this is a chicken huh yeah okay well no chicken no way I guess hmm well thank you so much for showing me around it was a truly very cool experience uh but I want to go see the rest of Moscow I want to see what is above ground so we're just outside of Moscow and this is where all the wealthy people come to celebrate come to party come to relax we're gonna check it out hi hi this is my first time actually trying salmon caviar I've had like the black caviar before this is really good where's it from you know can try a little bit more is it okay or take it all what do you mean all all of it yes – a gravity requinto which is a vulnerable little story you toss toss that in rust my young man died mrs. push – on GDP ratio holla me neutral yeah Maggie with sustaining the preventive as well as a people so sure well take thank you very much for the wonderful lunch it was delicious and yeah thank you again [Applause]

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  1. Why are russians making jail themed restaurants when russia still has some of the lowest qualities in the world

    Just like at black dolphin superman

    Guard brutally – contsant beatings/toutre
    Poor hygienic/rats
    Minimal food
    High suidice rights


  2. откуда вы берете эту 2:37 6:36 7:00 18:08 дурацкую псевдо русскую музыку для своих видео о России?))

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