Get your English in shape – Fitness vocabulary & Phrasal verbs – English lesson to speak Fluently

Oh my gosh, I’ve just put on so much weight,
so I’m trying here to get into shape. What about you? Should you also try to also learn
some vocabulary about fitness? Yes you should but before that, let me get rid of these dumbbells. Today I’m really pumped up to do this lesson with you. So let’s start with the first one
here. Fit, what do we mean by fit? Is it a short for any other word? Yes, it is short
form for fitness. Have you heard of this before? Who is a fit person? A person who is healthy
and who has just the correct weight for their body. Yes so maybe you are fit. I’m sure
not fit. What about me? May be I’m in a bad shape. I think I’m overweight. Yes,
so who do you use this for? Somebody who has more weight than their body should have. In
other words we call them fat. But not such a nice word to use really. So I suggest that
you call them, may be they are in bad shape or they are overweight and if you have a friend
like that, you could just tell them, “hey Marc you are a bit overweight, may be you
want to get back into shape.” you can use that also. Get back into shape.
Now that we are done about the shape, let’s talk about being toned. Is this related to
being in a good shape? Not really, this is for a person who is already very fit and they
want to become muscular. Yes they want to have strong muscles. Maybe you are one of
them. To be muscular. So now you know just the right phrase that you can use when you
go to the gym and you can ask the coach to help you get toned, means to help you get
muscular. Let’s look at the next one. Abs, does that
sound familiar? It’s actually a part of our body which is between the chest and the hips,
this portion, it’s called as abs or it’s a short for abdomen. Do you know about any exercise
called abs. yes it’s a very common exercise, where we bring our knees and our head together
to crunch our body so that we can lose the fat on our abdomen.
Let’s look at the next one quickly. Ripped, ripped means? To tear away something. Have
you heard of ripped jeans, where you have certain cuts on the jeans? The same way, ripped
body is a body where you have defined cuts on your body which look spectacular. Trust
me most of the actors aim for that. Defined cuts on the body.
This one here, what is spare tyre? Spare means extra. Yes something that is extra and tyre
is what you use in your car. It’s usually inflated, sometimes flat but here we are talking
about a spare tyre which is inflated and unfortunately that tyre is not in your car, it’s here on
your stomach and it makes you look really fat and everyone wants to get rid of the spare
tyre. So if you’ve got one, you know what you need to get rid of. You can say get rid
of, you can use it as getting rid of a spare tyre. Getting rid of a, you know this reminds
me. You must have read this before or heard about abs. and there’s a very common idiom
related to abs. what’s that? Boys and may be even girls, I’m sure you have heard of
six pack abs. you have right? Everyone wants to have it these days. You see a lot of actors
carrying six pack abs. have you seen a pack of beer, beer that you drink? One, two, three,
four, five, six. Just like the abs, one, two, three, four, five, six, that’s what it is.
Quite simple, it comes from the pack of a beer, of beers, sorry. With this we have learnt
some terms and phrases that we can use related to our body and now we move on to some phrases
that we can use for fitness, the process of fitness, for exercising. For exercising.
So these are all actually phrasal verbs. What are phrasal verbs? Phrasal verbs are something
very simple not as complicated as the name. Warm here is a verb and up here is a preposition.
So a combination of a verb plus a preposition is called as a phrasal verb. Simple, isn’t
it? You don’t need to be worried about it. So warm up, let’s look at warm up. What is
warm up, really? You must know it; you must be knowing it, that when you go to the gym,
how do you start your exercising? Do you just straight away start with lifting weights?
No you don’t, what do you do first? You do some stretching and some mild exercises to
pump up your body, to heat up your body for the further exercise, that’s what warm up
is. Beginning exercises. Cool down, cool down is what comes at the
end of the exercise, like warm up is, you know you do the warm up to pep yourself up
for the you know harder exercises, the same way, cool down, we do cool down, I mean we
cool down our body, so that our heart rate comes lower and that we can go on with the
rest of our activities. It’s at the end of the workout.
Workout, very simple. It just talks about the process of exercising. Whenever you go
to the gym and all the time that you spend there, exercising is called as working out.
Process of exercising. Work off, yes it’s similar to work out, isn’t
it. But it doesn’t mean the same. So working off means getting rid of something. Last night
I went to my friend Ben’s party and I ate a lot of ice-cream there and what did I do
the next day at the gym? I worked it off. Means I got rid of the ice-cream through workout.
To get rid of something. Work out gear, what do we mean by work out
gear? Work out, you already know, it talks about the process of exercising and gear.
Gear is the tool kit that you need to work out. Yes tool kit. it’s usually in the form
of a gym bag, that you carry to the gym and using that bag, you put a lot of tools may
be some dumbbells or barbells or something that you need at the gym, you put there and
it’s really important just to remind you to carry some water in your workout gear, right?
Let’s look at the last one, reps and sets. Do you think this is also short for some other
words? Like fit and abs. you’ve got it right, it is short for repetitions
and this is actually sets, same as this. So what do we mean by repetitions? When you go
to your gym or when you are exercising at home, have you heard of this exercise called
squats? Where you bend down on your knees. Yes in that exercise if you do ten of those
that exercise ten times. If you repeat that exercise that is called a repetition or repeating
the exercise ten times. And if you do ten times, ten times, ten times again, thrice.
Ten times, ten repetitions thrice that’s called sets. Ten repetitions thrice. This is what
reps and sets are. Do you know there is another phrasal verb that you can use for fitness?
And that is called cut down. Trust me is the most important that you’ll ever know about
losing weight. I’ll write it here for you, to work out sorry, to cut down. Cut down,
cut something down, not really, it talks about cutting down on your food intake. So maybe
you eat a lot of sugar, you eat a lot of fat and if you want to lose weight, you might
want to cut down on your fat and sugar intake that would help you big time. Now you have
a tip and so much vocabulary for fitness, so don’t wait for anything, please go and
lose weight, talk about fitness and encourage your friends to lose weight using all of this
vocabulary and let me go to the gym and get back into shape.
I’ll see you all soon again with another lesson, till then you take care and workout.bye.

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