Go365: Making Wellness Work at WorldVentures (Plano, TX)

LENA: WorldVentures is a direct-sales travel
company headquartered in Plano, Texas. I think Go365 is such a great fit for
WorldVentures because of our culture. WorldVentures was recognized as #24 on the
list of America’s healthiest employers, and employees are constantly being provided with
resources and information designed to help them lead healthier lifestyles. EMILIE: It’s great to know that you work for
a company that really does care about your health
and well-being and wanting you to be the healthiest person you could be because the healthier
you are the more productive you are at work and the better lifestyle that you’ll be living. With the Wellness Committee, we meet
monthly and we talk about what can we focus on to help our employees achieve the best
in their life. BOGDAN: We discuss whatever we’ll do health-wise,
and we build the plan for the entire year. EMILIE: It may be designing a 5k for them;
it may be just encouraging them to engage more with the Go365 program. LENA: We do healthy wellness talks. We do the biometric screenings right here
on-site to make it convenient for our employees to be able
to take care of that. BOGDAN: Also, on each floor of the company
we have either a bike or we have a treadmill, and
we implemented the stand-up offices. LENA: And our Champs are our ambassadors for
the program. They can encourage others to do
small things on a daily basis that will impact a healthier lifestyle. BOGDAN: We go and we pass the message forward
to our teams. It’s on a more personal level. LENA: One of the most satisfying parts of
my job is being able to see how our employees are embracing this program. And so when budgets are being reviewed, Go365
is one of those line items that’s really providing a return on

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