Google Health: Achieving Your Health & Wellness Goals

Justine is 38 years old and
works for a local nonprofit outside of San Francisco,
where she lives with her seven-year-old son. Justine wants to stay healthy,
but with so many responsibilities she has a hard
time setting up and maintaining her fitness goals. A friend at the office told
her about Google Health. Google Health offers
personalized fitness and health trackers and a host of
integrated applications and devices that can help you
better manage your health, from your diet to tracking
your medications. You can even get customized
articles and information based on your personal
health summary. To try it out, Justine set
a goal of running five miles every two days. She tracked her progress toward
this goal in Google Health and used the personalized notes
feature to jot down how she felt on each run. Seeing her improvement over
time encouraged Justine to keep going and to set her goals
higher as she realized she could meet them. She even signed up for
a half-marathon in her neighborhood. At the request of her doctor,
Justine also started tracking her caffeine intake, as well
as her sleep patterns. Luckily, Google Health allows
her to create trackers for anything she likes. Over time, the data in
Justine’s Google Health profile started telling a story. It looks like Justine doesn’t
sleep as well when she drinks more than two cups
of coffee a day. For Justine, the information
in her Google Health profile empowered her to keep running
and make changes that help her sleep and feel better. Health and wellness goals are
easier to meet with accurate information at your fingertips.

6 thoughts on “Google Health: Achieving Your Health & Wellness Goals

  1. Omg, this sucks. This is just amazing hilarious. Are people really to stupid to reckon what is going wrong with their body on their own?!

  2. Google Health will be discontinued as a service.

    The product will continue service through January 1, 2012.

    After this date, you will no longer be able to view, enter or edit data stored in Google Health. You will be able to download the data you stored in Google Health, in a number of useful formats, through January 1, 2013.

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