Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content Version 3.0 – Web Demo

Hello and welcome to the Fishbowl Solutions
GSA connector web demo. In this video, I’ll show you how you can transform the WebCenter
search experience using the Google Search Appliance and Fishbowl’s GSA Connector version
3.0 for Oracle WebCenter Content. I’ll begin at the home page. Version 3.0 includes
an optional Google-like search page that can be used as the WebCenter Content home screen.
Now I’ll enter a search: In this case I’m looking for “information technology policy”.
When I start typing my search you’ll see I’m presented with search suggestions similar
to what you would see on These suggestions help guide users to what they’re
looking for. From here I’m presented with my results.
These results are generated using Google’s world-class relevancy algorithms to find the
most relevant things based on my search. Here’s the result I’m looking for. Now I can see a preview of the
document. Document Previews are something that Google introduced in version 7 and we
now expose them inside WebCenter Content so I can make sure this is, in fact, the document
I’m looking for. Once I find the document I’m looking for, I can perform the usual WebCenter
actions such as check out or get native file. If I don’t see the document I’m looking for
initially, the GSA also provides several ways to filter down my results. One of those is
dynamic navigation which is built out with metadata of you choosing. Here I can filter
down by “Policy”, since I’m looking for policies, and I can also search by Author. One of the
things we introduced in version 3.0 is the ability to use type ahead in dynamic navigation,
so if I have a long list of maybe a hundred authors I can easily narrow that down to locate
the one I’m looking for. Another filtering capability we’ve introduced
is search category segments. If I know “information technology policy” is specifically in the title,
I can apply my search terms to only title. This can also be done with other metadata
fields. Lastly, you still have the metadata search capabilities that you’re used to in
WebCenter and you can continue to use this type of functionality with the Google Search
Appliance. One of the great benefits of the GSA is not
only that you can search WebCenter but many enterprise repositories.
What I’m going to do now is search for “project management” and I’m going to include SharePoint
and filesystem content within my search. When I do that what I’m going to see is not only
search results from WebCenter but also other places where the GSA has indexed content. Right from
WebCenter I can see a preview of the document and also a preview of a document
stored in SharePoint and a preview of a document stored on the filesystem. In addition you’ll notice this
People Search module over here. Now for example if I just search for “management” I can see
different people in management and I can page through them right within WebCenter to find
contact information, phone numbers, send them an email… so it’s not only content I can
search for but people as well, and these are just some of the ways you can search for information
with the GSA and Fishbowl’s GSA Connector. What I’m going to do now is show you how users
can contribute to the search experience – so I’m going to search for benefits and what you’ll
see over here is something called User-Added Results and here I have two user added results
that already exist in the system contributed by Laura and Ron. I’ll show you how you can add new results. So I’ll add
“Health insurance — UHC” and type in my URL. Now I can see my result that I contributed
shows up alongside my picture and my name. and I can edit or delete results that I’ve contributed.
Administrators can also configure this to require moderation before results would display
to end users. The last thing I want to show is another way
users can contribute to the search experience and that’s through Related Queries. What this
does is provides alternate terms to help people find what they’re looking for, so when someone
searches for benefits I can suggest that they also search for “health insurance”… and I’ll
save that, and now when I preform my search I will see “You could also try: health insurance”.
What you’ve just seen is a brief demonstration of how you can improve the WebCenter search
experience with the Google Search Appliance using the interface provided out-of-the-box by Fishbowl’s
GSA Connector version 3.0. All of the search functionality that you’ve seen can also
be exposed in SiteStudio websites or WebCenter Portal using Fishbowl’s Connector. To learn
more about searching Oracle WebCenter and other repositories with the GSA or to schedule
an in-depth demonstration, send an email to [email protected] or visit us on
the web at Thanks for watching!

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